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So, I find myself sitting here torn about whether or not to write this post. Why? Well for one, it reveals something I consider personal, but in order to explain why I've chosen this outfit, I have to reveal something about myself... I am not your typical SL Mistress. I don't run around parading the fact that I have a submissive, nor do I command that other people call me Miss, Mistress, or anything else but Rose. So here we are. The "casual" Dominant revealed. I know, some of you are sitting back going WTF, while others are like, well you're not a real dome. Here's what I believe on the subject, D/s is what YOU are comfortable with. So if you're into kneeling at every one's feet calling them Miss, Sir, Mistress, Master, then that's totally your call.

You know when you go to the grocery store, or are sitting at a restaurant, and you look over at a couple and the gentleman is really attentive to the lady, and you think "Wow she's got him trained, or whipped" or something to that effect, that's the aire I like to give to others about my "status" in the D/s community. *grins*

At any rate... I am what I am... the problem however, which is why we're getting this little glimpse into my private life, is that in Second life, there either lacks the imaginative presence to be, or people just are so comfortable with the "norm" that I can't find some suitable "Dom my" clothes. Until recently... Oh sure there's tons of stuff out there, you just gotta find what works for you... wow we're back to that again!? Anyway, I'm not into Latex. In fact, I dislike latex so much that I have taken to calling it craptex. I know, not very creative of me... but then there it is... fitting into a D/s community though, when you're not wearing latex, a whip, and some really weird looking thigh high boots, is difficult. Because you're either wearing the aforementioned craptex, boots, and whip, or you're wearing silks and kneeling. That's it. Cut and dry.... So, I bring you my Hodge podge outfit that I've put together. I really like it... it's got a hint of whimsy with a bit of bad ass all mixed into one. I think I still look "Dom my"... What do you think?

The outfit is a bit of Husky GFX!!! , Silent Sparrow, and CoCo - I love Silent Sparrows stuff, sometimes it's a bit too much though, and Husky, well, I could spend a fortune there.

Also shown:
Those bad ass arm bracers rose is always wearing - nope still not gonna tell
MaxEyez - Custom Bi-Color Neko Eyes
Dahlinks - Monroe & lip piercings
So there we have it. One Dom outfit that includes no latex, no whips, and no boots up to your you know what. ENJOY!! Where do YOU like to shop for Dome Gear?


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