Just in Time for Halloween!! ... Oh Wait

So what had happened was...

Rose...our spunky DJ sissah had an event at the club she works for a couple days ago and the theme was Sci-Fi.  Any Sci-Fi.  So in our typical fashion, we tried to figure out what best ways to represent the strange and unsual and came up with different ideas. I remembered the "2010 - The Future Is Now Show - Greenies/Rezzable" Showcase and thought oooh...I can freak my sissah out with the awesome avi from Sn@tch (more on them in a future post ^.^) orrrrrrrrr get that really cool wing thing I saw.  So two shopping trips later...ooh a new look!

*click to enlarge*

Now, I will say this: I LOVE my costume. LOVE LOVE LOVE my costume. It's hella unique and I've never seen anything like it.  However...there is one minor thing that I was unsure of regarding where the designer was going.  On the wings (click to enlarge), if you look carefully where the "cup" (or the tiny little feather part that sticks out on the right wing) is, the wings are identical. Not in that "duh doofus...they're supposed to be" sort of way, but in that it's not a reflected wing.  It's an exact copy of the wing that never got mirrored.  So instead of the petals on the wings going in the same direction I'm unsure of whether or not the "cup" of the wings are supposed to facing backward or facing forward. They go in opposing directions.  It's also evident on the wire work as well. Again, I'm not sure if this was the designer's intention, but I love the costume nonetheless. The gold parts of the wings and collar (just under the ruffle) help create a unique contrast to the pure white of outfit as does the long black gloves (I think I might keep those on with everything *nods emphatically*)

Once we figured out what we were wearing, it was time to move on to skin.  And we were stumped.  With 15 mins to get ready and get to the event, we were all very conflicted/confused/discombobulated as to where we were gonna find good skin and then *BING* I remembered...FRICK!!  Well...more like I said the word "frick" and then *BING* remembered it's a store inworld as well (yay!).  So we went to Frick and I may have urfed the lucky board and won my skin.  Then we found the red room.  And immediately droooled all over it! New eyes, new skin, new look? Aye... new look and 10 minutes to spare!!

After we finished up our sci-fi/gothicy awesomeness we decided "group shot!"  So we hunkered down, grabbed our hunky cohort, Servire, forced him to tell us what he was wearing and *snap snap* here we are!!

*click to enlarge*

*smokes virtual cigarette*  yaaaaaaaaaay...another successful shopgasm *breathes happily*
DISCLAIMER: In no way, btw...are we promoting smoking. We don't do it...it just sounded fitting.


Suitelady (Left) is wearing:
 Hair: "Pompadour" from Mustache
 Skin & Eyes: "Bloody Decay & Mud" Skin & "Death" eyes from Frick
 Outfit: Satyra from Black Arts
 Shoes: Alicia Booties from Fancy Fashion

Servire (the hunky dude) is wearing:
 Sinner Kilt - Emo-tions
 Boots of Wulfric - Angry Monkey
 Cuffs of Wulfric - Angry Monkey
 Dark Hunter Talisman - Sinful Needs
 Northern Cross earring - happy hunting!!
 Multi-Earrings Skull - Groll Inn & Hideout
 Sawyer Coconut hair - Hairstyles by Tami McCoy
 Angst skin set {pale goth) - See No Evil

Rose (front) is wearing:
 Hair: Roach - Deviant Kitties

 Bracers: nuh uh - hers!!

 Skin & Eyes: "Vengeance - Cream - Lg Lips" skin & "Vengeance 1" eyes from Frick
 Outfit: Dark Temptation Black Leather Teddy Set from Blacklace

 Boots: Bax Prestige Boots Black (updated version) from Bax Boots

Kilolo (right) is wearing:
 Hair: Rocca Ebony from Tukinowaguma
 Skin: *~{Frick} Nymph - Goth from Frick
 Eyes: my signature - sorry foooor ya
 Glasses: Accord from Kalnins
 Outfit: Empress 2 by Agnes Finney (only available at the Greenies/Rezzable Showcase)
 Boots: Bax Prestige Boots Black (updated version) from Bax Boots
 Jewelry: Shoji Set for Haiti Relief by Adorn

Pose:  "Our Crew" by Kurt Mortensen, Owner of ~WDK~


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