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sf Designs 5Th Anniversary Gown and Tuxedo in Sage

I was flipping around through my addiction... also known as xstreetsl.com... and came across this cute matching gown/tux combo. And I have to say, I think Tavian and I Look darned good! I purchased the sage set for each of us. 600L a piece. It comes with shoes and everything. An absolute STEAL honestly. The set is offered in Red Berry, and a Goldi sh color. I chose the more subdued Sage, mostly because I don't have alot of green and it really is a fantastic shade.

So yeah, Here's JUST Tavian in the Anniversary tux. Doesn't he look all dapper :D Like a penguin who belly glided over some grass *laughs* No seriously, he looks darned good. And again, comes with the shoes. Has prim pant bottoms, and prim tie/collar. Whether you use these tuxes for a wedding or just a night on the town with your gal. The tux stands out.

Now, I couldn't very well buy Tavian an outfit to blog, without gettin' a little somethin' for myself too! So sf has created the matching Anniversary gown!! It's fabulous! No really it is. I love the, almost Victorian element this dress has. The bustle and full skirt is fantastic!It also comes with shoes. My only beef with this dress is the prim bust is hard to line up, especially if you don't have the typical SL bust line. Don't look at me like I'm crazy, you know the boobs I'm talking about :P

Here's your link to go to sf yourself and see the wonders they have to offer! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Penryn/90/113/36
I've also got on the Dahlinks long back pearls of uberhawtness... Yes that is what I said! The actual name of these BEAUTIFUL pearls Wrapped back Drop pearls and they come in an array of color options. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dahlinks/61/197/25

Mens Shoes - No really.

I was dragging my partner around checking out some new fashions for guys, largely because he doesn't have the greatest of wardrobes. You know how once upon a time you hit a certain SL age and went through your old freebies and cheapo outfits that you purchased as a fledgling avi... yeah .. He never did that. So his 3 almost 4 year old avi has a LARGE collection of undesired items. That little background history aside, I bring you UBER SNEAKERS from Kalnin's footwear!!!

These shoes have a re sizer script as well as 11 color change options (option 03 shown in photographs). They are easy to use are VERY well made. You can hardly tell these are virtual shoes the textures are so clear and crisp! But don't take my word for it. Check out the shop for yourself!

Halloween Pumpkins?

I love fall. No really, think about it. Fall is the prelude to some of the best cooked food! Fall = Pumpkins, which inevitably means a TON of pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin... Sorry for that Forrest Gump fest of pumpkin... Uhh anyway, Today I'm gonna feature a pumpkin! HA! This is the Fluffie's Designs Jack-O-Lantern costume!

Now, I've heard of carving pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns, I've seen people paint them, I've seen them used for sport. And of course there are those people who cut leg holes in the Jack-O-Lantern lawn leaf bags and make costumes out of them... Well.. here's the SL version of the pumpkin leaf bag. The SL version is much more.... uhhh perkier? And leaves cute little Jack-O-Lantern particles where you've stepped. It's A-Dor-A-Ble!!!

Now, Fluffies doesn't exactly have a store, yet; just a small booth in a rather vacant mall. I located this costume through SLX initially, but managed to track down the booth. Fluffies also sells other costumes as well :) Definitely something to check out for a unique costume for the Halloween themed events that are sure to come! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Secret%20Sky/64/93/35

What I want to know is: where'd they put the candle?

Ala-Folie Ala-Follahhhh!!

Greetings, fellow shopgasmers!!

As I sit in an airport awaiting my sky chariot home, I figured it best to make some good use of my time by yes..blogging *big grin* When I was asked to take a look at some dresses from hot store Ala Folie, I never imagined I'd find something with flowers on it that'd I'd actually want to wear *gasp*  Ok...ok...let me backpeddle just a scotche to alert you to something very specific about Kilo:  I DON'T DO FLOWER PRINTS.  *snickers*

Ok...so back to the story.  So I was looking through this stack of wonderful couture and came across this gorgeous find and HAD to have it.  No seriously!! It was like calling to me, dude: "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiloooo... weaaaaaaaaaar me!!!" Now who can resist a call to fashion such as this?  O.O  NO ONE.

Introducing the Brise D'ete - a wonderful flower patterned spring time dress. The full skirt swings out and plays along your curves without the flowers overwhelming your look. I'm not sure how flexi's work, but this dress's skirt is full of flexi, hitting your leg just at the knee with adds to the flirty feel of this springtime frock. So even when you stand still...you look like you're floating and it makes for a very hypnotizing gaze *smiles*  I can honestly say...I felt like an absolute girly-girl when I put this on and I didn't even mind the ruffled sleeves (though you can totally casual down the flirty by removing them LOL).

The bodice is similar to that of a strapless top (with the obvious exception of the sleeve :P), so it leads your eye to the cleavage without you having to actually bare your chest.  The orange outline to the outfit combined with the free orange heels to match ties the colors together to make for one cute dress.

And at L$450  you can afford to go out and get all blinged up or just keep it simple with a necklace and a pair of simple earrings.  Definitely not an outfit (or store, I might add) to miss!  Massive kudos to you AlaFolie.  I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Worn here:

Dress: Brise D'ete from Ala Folie
Hair: Samantha in Mohagony from Truth
Necklace: Initial Necklace (Gold K) from Dahlinks

Posed on: [LAP] Bump by Long Awkward Poses
Shout Out to our Male Model:  Thank you Darian for posing! (No idea what he was wearing fellas :P)

I'm Coo Coo for *CoCo*!

I always wanted to pimp slap that stupid bird when he started goin' all nuts with the crazy eyes n junk... No for real, think about it.. You're sittin' there eatin' your Cocoa Puffs with your little spoon in hand when all of a sudden, this giant frickin' bird jumps through your window with crazy eyes and his giant beak bouncin' around like a ping pong ball shoutin' "I'm Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!" You would NOT laugh and point, you'd be reachin' for somethin' to bludgeon the bird. Don't' lie. You know you would!

So yeah, that rant aside... I went shopping! Which of course is why we're here right? I went to *CoCo* and found this adorable Long Sleeve Tunic with belt. I think I would have liked it better in the black color, as the white doesn't blend the prims with the texture as well as it should. But I love it none the less! :P

It has prim sleeve attachments, now, for you neko's out there (or anyone else with a pelvis or stomach attachment) This dress covers both. The belt, and the skirt piece sit on pelvis and stomach, then there's the two side skirt pieces which sit on your left and right upper legs. So unless you use Emerald Viewer and have the multiple attachment points to the one location, you're a bit hurt for spots when wearin' this dress.

ONTO THE PICTURES! Who wants to read all this rambling anyway... Just look at the art! LMAO! Oh, and here's the SLURL to *CoCo* http://slurl.com/secondlife/COCO%20DESIGNS/86/118/521
I bought these a while back but, never got around to blogging about them so. Today's your lucky day! I'm full of it today... not that "it"... the other "it" :P These shoes are the UBER AWESOME J's Real Toe studded wedge sandals - in white. They have a toe color changer doohicky thingamabobber and nail changer and.. well shoot just go see for yourself! http://slurl.com/secondlife/TSUKISHIMA/211/198/22
OH! I nearly forgot. I also went to my hair haunt Deviant Kitties RAWR! And got this REALLY AWESOME HAIR!
I walked out with the Callie [Whites] hair pack. The bandana comes with its own hud with a ton of different bandana pattern and color options. It's fantastic!! The hair comes in a ton of colors with colored tip options too to suit your color of choice. here's the SLURL for Deviant Kitties http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deviant%20Kitties/124/67/28
♥Also Worn♥
~MaxEyez - Custom Prim Eyes ~
~ Dahlink's Monroe lip Piercing ~
~ Dahlink's Custom Twin Dog Tags ~
~Hybrid Hypod ear ~
~ Blitzed - Marauder Cuffs ~
HAPPY SHOPPING! And watch out for crazy birds tryin' to jack your cereal. Just sayin' it could happen!

OMG Halloween Is Upon Us With The Cute?

Hello Shop*gasmers!!!! It's Suite here, yush, I has too much coffee this am *blinks*

So here I was sitting at home, all my fellow troublemakers are out and about over this weekend, which has me lonely and trying to NOT spend oodles of money shopping. Logging in this morning, something tweaked my brain and reminded me that I might just need some new hair, and the fact that I have not checked out Deviant Kitties in quite some time.

So I proceed to teleport and OMG their entire store has been revamped. One bonus, it's LESS LAGGY FTW! That was my biggest complaint about DK. I mean there is some great hair, but was sooo frustrating sifting through the lagfest like you were in a giant sand trap being sucked to the pits of despair... ya know? Anyways I digress...

As I am walking up to DK fully intending to buy at least TWO hair styles, 4 photo frames started to rez... It caught my attention only because I had my mouse hovering in their general area, and it said something like "blah blah blah blah $0!!!!!!!" yes, I'm sure it said something else, but the $0L is what caught my eye.

I proceeded to purchase ALL FOUR boxes. Come home, and voila. Darlings, we have 4 incredibly cute Deviant Kitty Cuddlies for Halloween.

From Left to Right....
Witch, Pumpkinhead, Mummy and Diablo (my personal fave)
*click pic for larger view*

Photo Creds:

Toys... Deviant Kitties Witch Pumpkinhead, Mummy & Diablo

Hair... fri.day Dylan (Dramatic Red)

Jewelry... this girl only wears DAHLINKS! Jazz Baby Pearls Black, Stacked Silver Bracelets and Stage & Screen, Diamond & Gold Stud earrings

Skin & Shape... Nice try, some things are kept sacred *winks*

Outfit... [Cynful] Denim Retroromper in Karo

The NEW Me...(blog I forgot to post LOL)


So, this one time...I gave myself a little bit of a makeover!!  Call is very late spring cleaning, call it writing new chapters in my SL experience and RL experiences...I did it and man am I glad I did!! Whatever my reasons for all things new...leads to the best reason to blog: SHOPPINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!

So let's get started!!  The hair is the JaJay from Cheerno [a.C - STD.GloXhair JAJAY Trend (in black)] (currently in the MHOH2 hunt and the Mix N Mingle Hunt). It comes with an awesome 5 color choice hud to change the color patch of hair between pink, red, yellow, neon green and blue. The boots..BAXINESS of course! If you haven't been to Bax Boots...wooooow...you need to get out more.  I've officially decided that my 1st prim baby "Baby Bax". Add that to the rest of the ensemble and voila! But...no ensemble is complete for a girl in jeans without the Bitch Belt from Wicked Gear.  Equipped with lighter, handcuffs and more, this accessory is one not to be without, let alone one to be trifled with.  It's the nahmmy centerpiece of this entire look *swoon*.  So for a rundown...here ya go!

Skin:  I honestly forgot to grab the slurl...probably for the best (I like a little mystery *winks*)
Hair: a.C - STD.GloXhair JAJAY Trend (in black) - Cheerno
Earrings: GloMesh Hoop Earrings in Silver - Dahlinks
Necklace: Initial Necklace (K in Silver) - Dahlinks
Shirt: !WG! Sheer Tank in Black - Wicked Gear
Jeans: !WG! Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans in White - Wicked Gear
Belt: !WG! Bitch Belt - Wicked Gear
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots in Black - Bax

photo cred: Roselynn Darkstone for Simply Rdi

Happy shopping and if it makes you achieve the "O" face of the "ooh" sound...you've achieved your first shop*gasm.  Enjoy ;)

<3 Miss K

Fall into Autumn...with Kalnin's Shoes & Boots

So one night I was feeling a tad ... down in the mouth and my awesome sauce of a cousin, Beks simply typed the word "shopping?" into im.  Within minutes I was by her side looking at shop*gasmy goodness.

When you walk into the store, it's a bit unsuspecting in that, there doesn't seem to be a hole lot here. Mostly stuff for guys, but then...oooh..aah...ohhh *insert the typical opening hook of let's get it on* was all i could say as i turned and saw the yummy that is Kalnin's newest selection of shoes for the lovely ladies of Second Life.  Introducing Kalnin's Shoes...and their most recent addition: Kalnin's Fall Boot.

This glorious piece of footwear is the Fall Boot.  Coming in 11 fall colors, you get your standard black and white shades as well as browns, oranges, russets and even a funky purple and blue/green option...all in the celebration of Autumn. Though resizable, the smallest you'll get this boot to go is 2.00 and they look GREAT.

There are three sections you can color individually:

Area 1 (the heel)
Area 2 (the boot)
Area 3 (the straps)

At L$750 with this many options and the option of silver or gold metal, the possibilities are endless with how you can wear this gorgeous anklet!  Below is how I managed to find a way to rock the boot.  But....before you get to the rest of my ensemble, go to Kalnin's by clicking here, get on the subscribo and when you buy these boots (and you wiiiill), you'll receive an immediate discount of 20% off (or is it 30? can't remember *shrugs*) of every purchase.  Ok! now on to the oufit!!

Ok. So it's a rarity I will ever shoot in front of my house, but..yeah..I was being a lazy bum. Welcome to a glimpse of my sanctuary :P  Now on to the important details!!  Clothing and how to achieve the look!  This is a mix and match of many content creators inworld and a rather awesome effort if I do say so myself (and I do).  So yup...here we go (good luck all):

Hair: Pony - Magika
Shape & Skin: not telling...a girl's gotta have SOME secrets ^.^
Eyes: Lunar Eyes - ultra violet from << negaposi >>
Earrings: Glow Mesh Silver Hoop Earrings - Dahlinks
Necklace: Initial Necklace in Silver K - Dahlinks
Top: Urban Retro (top from outfit) - Grueling Designs
Belly Ring: Tribal Xcite Belly Ring - Xcite
Jeans: Faded ultra low rise boyfriend jeans - Wicked Gear
Boots: Kalnin's Fall Boots - Kalnin

Pose: [MJ + DADA] *Kriemhild*Pose04 [Free] by Mia Jinn for [MJ + DADA]

Happy shopping kids!! See you on the grid!

Gasping over +Grasp+

Recently, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Recently like 2 days ago. Anyway, I'm sitting here bored off my rocker because, well, I can't eat anything good (MY KINGDOM FOR A STEAK!) and, talking sorta hurts so... DJing is out... and I really haven't found any new stores to tell you about, though I have hunted down some not so good stores, but we all know those are a dime a dozen right... ANYWAY, I'm sitting' around with some friends of mine and accidentally TP'd to +grasp+... here's where your benefit comes in to all this un needed commentary about my life...

They've got a new release. Namely - The Fur Trimmed Hooded jacket.

It comes in a variety of colors, I purchased the black. EXCELLENT prim work, AWESOME textures, but then, I wouldn't expect less from this store.

After my exciting purchase of the new fur trimmed hooded jacket *RAWR* I stumbled across another gem, The Loose Style Cami, I purchased the leopard print and black. Naturally the prim off the shoulder arm strap is a bit of a pain when your avi moves if you have an AO but.. honestly, the shirt is really cute!!

I also purchased the Leather pants with Hot pants, these pants/shorts come with a variety of printed panties, which just so happen to match the Cami I purchased earlier. WIN! No really, These items can make a variety of different outfits.

I think that's the best part about +grasp+ fashion. Most if not all of their items coordinate. So you can mix and match everything as much as you want! Never mind that the items themselves are reasonably priced!!! How can you NOT want to tp there right now?!

Ala Folie: Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Hello Fellow Shop*gasmers! Have I got a treat for you! Are you or someone you know getting married? If so this blog is specifically for YOU!

Recently, we received a nudge about this wonderful lil store called "Ala Foile", and well ... we decided to check it out *grins* ALA FOILE LM [clickity]

The satellite store is very quaint, and fully decked out for Halloween. Upon entering the store you see a multitude of staircases taking you to different sections of the store. My first instinct was just to head to the back. On my way there, I came across the center desk and pillar. There they have items for $10L, $5L, and a freebie, along with a LM giver to the main store and a group joiner box!

Heading back out to the main landing on either side there are two sitting areas, with gorgeous comfy couches where you can peruse their hats, bracelets and shoes for sale. All high quality and so reasonably priced!

Now when you get into the core of the store you will see a multitude of the most GORGEOUS dresses I think I have ever seen. Again, reasonably priced, considering the amount of detail that is put into them. On the upper level there is also a lucky chair *winks* you know how we love those. Now... on to why I am here today....

The most beautiful, elegantly designed, highly detailed, stunningly simple wedding dress I have seen. For ONLY $1,500L, you get: the dress (and oh what a dress it is), the shoes, the bustle in 3 sizes, the bouquet, the veil and the stockings... you get the WHOLE shebang! I could sit here all day and talk about how gorgeous this dress is. And quite frankly my photos didn't even do this amazing piece of art the recognition it deserves. However, I must say, I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with this dress! I could totally walk about in SL forever and a day in it, it is just THAT pretty!


(please pay attention to the little details, the intricacy in the lace, the details in the flowers, the shoes, every little tid bit of this dress is just omg to-die-for)...

As you can plainly see this dress just oozes BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. And why should you have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous on your most special of days. I never thought that I would blog about a wedding dress, never mind one THIS pretty, but I am soooo glad that I did. I am so blessed to have been given the chance, time and opportunity to share it with you all.

ALA FOILE LM [clickity] and just before you enter, touch the little green vote box! This store is a MUST visit for any shopper looking to not spend a ton and still look fabulous!

Want to win L$100,000??? Well Second Style Mag & MoM tell ya how!!

So this wasn't exactly how I had planned on introducing myself on this blog, but now's a good a time as ever to post something right?  Why you ask?? Well here's a little backstory *insert 'Wayne's World' flashback diddlee oohs here*:

I was djing last night at Ladies Night Out for their sunglasses at night event when I received this random notecard from someone I had never heard from!  Odd?  Yes...ODD.  So I im'd the person and asked them what they gave it to me for only to find out it was intentional as they want everyone to spread the word. Two picks and a site referral later...we bring you the following announcement...

Second Style Magazine in conjunction with Ministry of Motion is giving away L$100,000 to one customer on Saturday October 31st 2009.

Now...I immediately start to think to myself "what the deuce?"  but then I saw THIS:

This is last month's winner.  By going to their promotion and following the tiny set of instructions listed below...homegirl won L$10,000!!! Man...I wanna be HER shopping buddy! (juuuuust kidding....well only a little).  Anyway...all this month, you will see the following plastered on blogs, in stores and DEFINITELY at Ministry of Motion where the magic is set to take place:

Sooo...just so YOU don't miss out...here are the rules!! Follow them to the LETTER!!  Good luck everyone :)


1. You must make at least one item purchase from Ministry of Motion to enter. You will receive one entry for each purchase between Oct 1st and Oct 31st 2009. Entry in to the draw will be automatic following each purchase.

2. On the day of the drawing Oct 31st you must have Ministry of Motion listed in your Profile Picks. (see instructions below)

3. No employee of either Second Style Magazine or Ministry of Motion will be eligible to enter the contest.

4. First Prize will be L$100,000.

5. Second Prize will be a copy of all Ministry of Motion Dance Animations (Transfer only)

6. Third prize will be Avatars choice of 10 Ministry of Motion Dance Animations (Transfer only) and one Nomasha Syaka Guitar.

7. By registering MoM in your picks, you will receive a free animation.


If you don't know how to put this in your picks, let me walk you through it...

Let's get started.

Step One: While anywhere on my sim, right click yourself and then left click on "Profile..." OR click "Edit" in the menu bar and then "Profile..."

Step Two: Click on the "Picks" tab in the list of profile tabs. It should be the 4th tab.

Step Three: Click the "New..." button. A new pick will be added to your profile. The image, title and description should be filled in already. No need to edit any of it!

Step Four: Click the "2nd Life" tab. It should be the 1st tab in the list. Step Five: At the bottom of the "2nd Life" tab, there's a checkbox marked "Show in search". Make sure this box has a check mark in it. If there's no check mark, just click the box to add one.

Step Five: Left click the "OK" button. Once all this is done, it can take around 24 hours to be reflected in the online database and you will be registered to win the prize. If you come back tomorrow and try again, you should get the free animation, no problem.

Thanks for your time and Good Luck!

Na Na Na Nayar!

"With every dawn there comes a new day of shopping."

No, Really, I'll bet if you google some famous historian somewhere down the line, one of them said that! The reality is that this morning, I was in need of a little shop therapy. Initially I had been on the hunt for poses (still looking for those). I got MAJORLY distracted though when I stumbled across this new place called "Nayar". Trendy, pop like attire, GREAT texture work, and prim cuffs/mini skirt = WIN! The great thing about Nayars clothing, is it's hip, cute, and doesn't give off that "I'm a hooker" vibe. There isn't anything hanging out of these that shouldn't be, and still allows you to show off your trendy side!

And oh yeah, The items INEXPENSIVE! You won't be paying 500L a pop for a shirt! Each item I purchased was under 200L!!!!

I went absolutely nuts in this store, I purchased two long halter tops which has a prim bow in the back, as well as a mini skirt, and capri pants. They're awesome. I couldn't be more happy with my purchases!

I also purchased the two dollarbees at the front entrance to the store. Fishnet sweaters. They're cute too :D WELL worth the 1L a piece if ya like fishnets!!

**Also shown in photos
~DeeTaleZ Gold Street Sneakers
~ETD Charley Hair
~Dahlinks Custom Twin Dog Tags
in the end. I think you should hop this Slurl to Nayar right now...
No Really... Now...

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