Calling All "Posers" ... Calling Alllllllll Posemakers!!

(to the tune of "Soulja" by Destiny's Child)

We like them boys who be leanin' on the blue ball!
The girls who stand and sit when we call
Group shots wit alla my peeple
And all them poses be the poses that we liiiiike

If the poseball ain't piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink
I ain't sittin' fo' ya
Betta be green when ya sittin wit me
I need a posa...ball that's gonna look good on me
Snap da shot, switch the look ... come and pose wit me...

Ok...I know I know...bad Kilo for bastardizing one of THE most awesome Destiny's Child songs of the 21st centur....yeah...whaaaaaaaatever...I've deviated!!  This is just a quick lil announcement to let YOU know...


This awesome event is gonna be AMAZING!!! Posemakers from across the grid will unite to put on this here fair!!!  I don't know who's participating yet...but POSEMAKERS!!! (this is where you say 'yessssssssss Kilolo?')...if you want your stuff in this here event of a lifetime, please follow the instructions on the pick and IM Katey Coppola or Shana Pizzaro to grab more info. 

Photogs, Modeling Agencies, or just recreational shutterbugs...this event is for YOU. Need a new AO?  You'll be able to find some new ones here!!  Want a new anim for your bed....THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!

This fair will be working to benefit the charity Motivation - a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. A mobility charity is so appropriate to the work we do within Second Life, and we hope you agree!

I'm sure more info will be hitting the feeds as the fair draws closer...but I got so excited I had to post prematurely ;)

Ciao for now kids....I gotta find more songs to obliterate...and work on striking a pose *Vogues*


~ Miss K

Tiptoe Through The Tulips…

Spring is here finally *crosses fingers*, and as I sit and write this blog entry, I am greeted with the sweet sound of robins singing in the sky just outside my window.  Hoping for the day when the crocuses and tulips start to break the earth.  It is still cool outside, too cool to take my early morning coffee to the balcony and enjoy the morning sun, but I know it’s coming, and soon.

No complaints though, we had such a mild winter (in Toronto), and I couldn’t be happier that we didn’t have massive amounts of snow, and bone chilling cool like we Canadians are supposed to be “used” to, so for that Mother Nature, I am thankful.

This post was inspired by a wonderful Shop*gasm reader who answered my call about being stumped for something to write about.  Her name is Ashe Anthony, and she listed a few stores that I had rarely visited before she mentioned them.  One being Sand Shack Surf Co.  

Today I bring you lounging in the grass :)  When you have had a stressful day and everything has gotten on your last nerve, nothing is better than getting in a nice comfy pair of yoga pants, putting on that shapely but still oh-so-comfortable and still sexy shirt, some roughed up boots and heading to the backyard to just lay in the grass, toss your cares up to the sky, and let it all dissipate from your body.  I know completely almost zen-like, but it’s what I think about after a day from hell.  Thankfully all these amazing items can be found at Sand Shack Surf Co.  Their clothing is amazing, I bought a few more items than the ones I am blogging about, but make no mistake, their vision for sexy yet comfortable clothing is what caught my eye. 

So if you are looking for the perfect lounge wear, or something to dress down, or go to tai-chi in, or just want to be comfortable and sexy at the same time, it is completely do-able.  So head over to Sand Shack Surf Co., grab some items, and lay with me in the tall green grass as we welcome spring, and shake off the cold of winter.

Hair: Truth – Berri - Cranberry 
Top: Sand Shack Surf Co. – La Plage Tee Top - Plum
Bottom: Sand Shack Surf Co.-  Yoga Pants - Black
Shoes: Sand Shack Surf Co.- Elsa Boots – Original

Strike a Pose, Revive & Revitalize!!

You know...running a shopping/fashion blog can sometimes be construed as a rather big ... job.  You want to put looks together that not only express your personal style, but also want to bring things to the general public that are palpable.  And in doing end up spending ... a lot. And sometimes, you can't go and get the latest outfit...or sweater, dress, jeans...what have you. So you have to pimprovise (as a RL friend of mine likes to put it) by reviving an old look and revitalizing it with new accessories and/or new hair.

So...while pimprovising my favorite free kimono from an old hunt at Sassy Kitty, I found in my inventory some Native American-esque jewelry that I bought ages ago, put them together and even nabbed my brand new Kalnins just to round out the look and see if it worked out. While I did that...I surfed the web and came across a plus sized teen model that won some competition on Tyra Banks' website.  Well in looking at this stunning young lady, her scroll had some very cute poses I hadn't seen before, so I figured...oooh....let's find new poses too!! LOL

Enter Kurt Mortensen, owner of WDK, a new pose maker whose star is clearly on the rise.  This guy makes couples poses...good couples poses and while he has a few indy poses, he focuses more on his couple/group shots.  When I first happened upon his store, I immediately fell in love with it.  I mean c'mon...his group tag is called "dork"!  How can you not love a place like that? ^.^

Anyway, I asked if he did customs and ... HE DOES!! So I sent him the link, told him what I wanted and off he went.  24 hours later....he tells me it's ready. Forty eight hrs later, he was gracious enough to ask me to shoot with him for the ad and I got to bring one of my besties, specifically...the wifey...with me for the ride!! Such great fun!! Thanks Kurt for the pose...and the pick...and extra time w/ the awesome Quinny aka "Wifey".  Style notes below...

(click to enlarge - photo credit: kissez4u gossipgirl)

Zee looks

Kilolo (left) is wearing:

Hair: Jade in Black from Cake
Skin, shape and eyes: NOPE sowwy
Earrings & Necklace: Nayeli - set// sapphire / female from [ JP ]:dsg.
Dress: Sassy Kimono in Black from Sassy Kitty Designs (old hunt gift)
Shoes: Rhapsody Sandal from Kalnins

QuinnElizabeth (WIFEY...yaaaaaaaay!!) is wearing:

Bra: Zaara
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled
Boots: Redgrave
QuinnElizabeth Minotaur: ummm I think I am going to nunya the hair, tatts and accessories (hence why wifey rox! lol)

POSE (get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...and many others!!): "Forever" by WDK Designs

Glance Intn'l Agency presents: The 2010 RFL Accessories Fair!!

Hello guys and gals!!  Just a quick PSA.  As much as I love shopping....sometimes...I simply can't afford to do it.  But what we often times forget as consumers and as shopaholics is that it's not JUST the clothes that make the (wo)man....but the accessories as well.

So join me down at the Accessories Fair!!  This shindig runs from the 6th of March thru the 27th and has over 60 jewelry makers in it.  Located here:, you will have plenty of time and fun trying on baubles, oohing, aahing and drooling over new shiny and internet gods willing...I will be right there along with you!! So be sure to go head down there today and be the first to bring out the new meaning of bling in accessory fair couture!!

~ Miss K

Get Out The Shades…


Hello again fellow Shop*Gasmers!  I know I know, I have been lax at blogging.  I have been deluded in RL drama, SL drama, and priorities of an adult (go figure that one *smiles*).  So I haven’t been getting in my reasonable amount of shopping to share with you *sadz face*  But now I R BACK!

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Ashe!  Thank you darlin, I have checked out your suggestions and I will be making a post on them next week! 

See folks, this is interactive blogging at it’s finest!  If there is a store that you just want and need to be checked out, just leave a comment.  It’s simple.  Who knows you might see one of us at your favourite stores ;)

OMG off topic!  See what lack of coffee does to me in the morning.  So anyways, I was saying, I went and decided that I was going to give myself a lil makeover of sorts.  Got a new shape, tweaked it a lil bit and BAM, Ms. Suite bad ass with a booty was born!

*click for larger image*    This look all revolved around the hair and sunglasses.  The hair was a quick purchase at DK, I LOVE LOVE her punk looking hair.  It’s not just for Neko’s ya know.  Then I was boggled on sunglasses for the LONGEST time.  I eventually stumbled back where I had started at FNKY, and picked up these awesome large lens shades.

The top is to-die-for!  I caught a glimpse of it from Sasypants (zomg LOVE her blog), and had to run over to Son!a and get it tout suite.  If you are a more “chesty” avartar, this tease of a shirt is totally for you!  It came in about 4 colours, and also had the option of purchasing the matching skirt or doing a mix and match.  The last part of my outfit was the jeans.  I am an ADMITTED JEAN SNOB.  They have to look a certain way, be a certain colour or I just won’t buy them.  I picked these up over at *SL* , and immediately impressed, and fell in love with them (and yes it comes with an off the ass version too :p).  My avi’s general staples being the Kalnin Orchids, and Delirium Kelle’s glove layer all made a sexy-punk look that I was TOTALLY inspired to put together.  So much so, that this is like day 3 and I am STILL wearing these clothes!

Outfit Details:

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Neopunk II red pack (bought during her uber sale)
Sunglasses: FNKY - Freebase black 
Gloves:  Delirium - Kelle 
Top: Son!a - Unfaithful in Black
Jeans: *SL* Lowrise Cut Jeans 
Shoes: Kalnins Orchids

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