If I Were a SLebrity...

When this yummy little number appeared in my inventory a few days ago, I knew I had to come up with something a lil bit different.

Meet Phyllis ii, !Stare!'s newest shape in owner Talah Magic's ever expanding store. Clocking in at a startling 6'1" without shoes, Phyllis ii, to date is the tallest AV coming out of the !Stare! camp.

As I tried on different skins with this new shape, I found that in face, Phyllis is a cross between Janet Jackson (before she lost her baby fat) and surprisingly, Kim Kardashian.  And not in that "oh man...who messed up the face on the shape" sort of way.  Phyllis is just one of those unforgettable faces that will have you wishing you too had that SLebrity star quality that shines through in this exquisite shape.  Long legs, nice lil plump bottom without it rezzing all over your screen, curves in all the right places...who wouldn't wanna be Miss Kardashian for a day (save that infamous RayJ video that is)?

So I happily put on one of the newest skins from Ooh-la-licious and voila...we got a gorgeous SLebrity look-a-like in the making :)  This skin is lovely.  The gloss on the lips plumps them to the point where I (and this may be a TMI moment) almost kissed the screen. They ooze that "come and get me" vibe when you zoom in.  The beauty mark just sets the mouth off perfectly.  The honey shading on the skin gives it an extremely touchable look to it and simply begging to be gazed upon.  Again...simply put: stunning!

So after getting my SLebrity ready for her debut from her beach house, I slipped her into Zaara's Acira minidress in silver. Now...I know what you're thinking: Kilo...all I see is her bottom...where's the dress?  Well sports fans..that's why you get slurls now...isn't it :P  As I rezzed into this dress, my body simply cooed the word purrrrrrrrrrrfect, which of course made me finally hunker down and go get some Purrfect 10 shoes! Specifically...the Amara Heels Autumn in silver.  I may or may not have shop*gasm'd when I slid them on.  It was ... heavenly *sighs whimsically*

After getting our gorgeous girl up and running and ready for her debut, I topped off her look with some Wicked Gear and awayyyyyyyyy I went.  Phyllis may not be the RL Janet or Kim, but I guarantee you...she looks a lot like them both...and has more than enough star quality ;)

the deets:

shape: ~!STARE!~Phyllis II - Limited
skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins 2 - Honey
eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - Ceruleana
hair: Cake - Jade - Black - Flexi Hair
dress: Zaara : Acira minidress *silver*
jewelry: !WG! Celtic Knot Large Hoop Earrings
               !WG! Stacked Silver Bracelets
              Wicked Gear
shoes: Purrfect 10's Amara Heels Autumn Silver

Are You Ready For A TOUCHDOWN!?

So who are you rooting for?  Pittsburgh Steelers  vs. Green Bay Packers?  Either way, on Sunday February 6th, 2011 at about 3:30SLT (or 9am, depending just how much your man likes all that pre-game stuff) be prepared to see hardly a male avi in sight as Super Bowl XLV gets underway.  Cause ladies, who can resist those buff and beefy football type men in spandex right?  *grins*

So in honour of the upcoming MBR (Male Bonding Retreat), I bring you one of SL’s own SFL Franchises!  I introduce to you the Wicked Cowboys!

The team consists of some of the funniest guys I know, and lemme tell ya, it’s one of the best looking SFL teams I have seen!  Both player wise, and game wise.  Their last game was super close, and a tad controversial, but we all know who really won *winks*  Great Job guys!  I am so honoured to have had practice time with ya, even if it was just the one time.

So on to how this relates with SHOPPING!  Oh and it does my pretties, it really does!

If you head down to the Wicked Gear SIM, you will come upon their MASSIVE football stadium, yes folks it is regulation size for the SFL so don’t let your eyeballs pop outta your head, it is just that big!   Located by the Player’s Club is the Official Wicked Cowboys Fan Store where you can get everything from watches, to jewellery, shoes, hats, and so much more!

I went a bit crazy in there the other day when my buddy Spy (and WC player) showed me around the store.  I immediately fell in love with the Gym Top Jacket.  It’s perfectly girlie, yet, allows you to show your fandom while remaining sexy doing so *smiles*  I paired it with some war face paint, a pair of Linc jeans, and some SOREAL sneakers, and this look is 100% on point to hang with the fellas to watch some NFL!

Face Tattoo - Lil Pricks - War Paint (Marketplace) [url]
Gloves – Sinistyle – Taped Fingers [SLurl]
Earrings – Dahlinks – Hematite Rubber & Silver Hoop [SLurl]
Jeans - Linc - Low Cut Black Torned [SLurl]
Top - Wicked Cowboys Gym Top Jacket [SLurl]
Shoes – SoReal - Susperstars Black/White [SLurl]

These boots are made for walkin'....

I'm all for people earning the most for their hard work, but I think some designers have gotten really carried away with their pricing, especially in such hard economic times across the grid and real world... so, I give credit where credit is due. I wanted to give props to those who make nice items and sell them at a price you simply can't say "no" to.
Today's blog, I've got a few different highlights. First, I need to mention that the Dahlinks Gate belt worn is right now on sale for Dahlinks birthday! So get in there ASAP and stock up on the Dahlinks Glitter at 50% off, You won't want to miss out.

Now onto the clothes, The dress was a SL Marketplace find. At $99L - How could I refuse? Now, I will say, I was concerned at the price because, you know, sometimes you buy something inexpensive like that and it turns out horrible and nothing like the picture, This is not the case with the :::AMULET::: Aroa Black dress. It's a LIMITED TIME Promo price so snag it while you can! I didn't find an in world store for this designer, but, The link bounces to the SL Market place dress for the Aroa Black dress. See, I'm thinkin' ahead this time!

The boots... Yes, those drop dead sexy boots were a mere $250L. You heard me right. A sexy pair of stiletto boots with all those wonderful leather straps for only $250L. I know, I almost passed out too. The Ayara "Black Seduction" Thigh High boots can be found on the SL Marketplace or you can shop the Ayara in world store. I see good things with this designer!!! Definitely a must watch. These boots are also available in Red and white, and at that price, you can afford to buy all three pairs for what you'd probably spend on one at other stores.

Hope you all find these items as awesome as I did. Happy Shopping!!!

Hi5 to the little guys.

Also worn:
Hair: Truth - Rylan 2 - Snow/Streaked
Skin: LAQ - Tasha 2 - Peach
Shape: ~!STARE!~ Shapes by Talah Magic - Renee Custom

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

So let’s heat it up a bit shall we?

Once again, I am up far too early because of this cold.  I dunno bout you guys but I don’t ever recall being this sick, like ever!  Either way it is giving me great time to hunker down and put my things in order for the year.

Today I am brining you a lil bit of winter, mixed with a lil bit of summer, together they make such a cute combination I couldn’t let it slip past without blogging.

There is only one thing in this venture that is new and it is the hair.  Which, is also a FREEBIE if you join the Iren Group!  I don’t have a lot of Iren hair, only a few styles however when I saw this one, it screamed for me, I had to have it, so I ran to join the group immediately  I love the hat, and for once my breasts don’t eat my hair!  Thank you there is a God!

The outfit is from a place called Crazy.  I picked it up last year sometime and haven’t worn it much, but together it just makes the ensemble too cute.  It comes in Blue and Grey, both within the same folder so you don’t have to buy two items.  The prim sleeve cuffs are wonderful and required little to no modding at all.  I really really love this outfit!  I had to share.

Crazy – ELSA (worn in blue)  [SLurl]

IrEn - Ushanka Group Gift [SLurl]

“Tiny” Feature…

Yes today is a day for goofy.  We spend so much time in life being serious and all about work work work, that it’s rare that we have time for fun anymore.  So I bring you my little *snickers* version of fun.

If you are in our circle of friends you know that my sisters and I are HUGE goofballs, we love to joke, prank, and just be down right stoopid sometimes.  It’s a good way to bond, relieve stress, and most importantly HAVING FUN.   Let’s face it, SL isn’t always about working for a virtual job to make virtual money etc.  That is when it becomes too much like the real world, and quite frankly that gets really old, really fast.  So anyways… back to the point of my post.

My sisters and I are the most epic connoisseurs of the “Tiny avatar”.  We started all together with Loco Pocos, and it’s just exploded from there.  Different animals, characters, dances specifically for the tiny’s, even rides, flying hippos, and a whole bunch of other crazy which I won’t even start to explain.   So the other day I was SIM hopping , with my eye out for something specific when I came across Pink Fuel.  Now, Pink Fuel is known for their great affordable skins, and other cute stuff, but I had NO IDEA they did tiny’s.   If you could have seen me doing the happy dance in my chair, you would have laughed.

This is the “Tiny” wall at Pink Fuel.

Sooo much to choose from it took me forever to decide between the piggy and the yeti, but one of them won out in the end.

At the bottom you can also see about 6 versions of a tiny teddy bear avi too, and they are just as cute.  Go to the store, and it’s on the left as soon as you walk in, and each avi is about $100L

Now when I saw the WICKED YETI, I knew he had to be mine, so I took him on a trip.  Here are a couple of photos just for you guys.

So just remember, even in Secondlife you too can have fun, try on a tiny for size, you might actually have so much fun and laugh so hard you may just smile again.

What better way to showcase the Yeti than to take him to a Winter Sim…LOL

The SLurls:

Tiny Avi – PINK FUEL – Wicked Yeti [SLurl]

Totally WIN!

Okay, I've SWORN by Mysti Tools for YEARS now. And I've learned, though it may not be true, through the grape vine that the creator of Mysti Tools may have left Secondlife. This made me sad because it is/was a great hud.... but lemmie tell ya, the lag Mysti gives is like walking through molasses on a cool day...
But I've found the next generation. The hud that EVERYONE needs to own. Stasis. It has an AO built in, TP Features, Radar, and sooooo very much more. When I log in, it tells me which servers are being rolled and honestly, I don't know where this thing has been all my SL!!!!

Damn you Xeph Brunsen for creating a hud that I can't take off and have come to rely on almost as much as my daggers.

This Stasis hud is bar none, not to be matched or replaced. And, at 300 linden, it's worth the chance that you'll fall in love with the huds multiple excellent features as well. It's not overwhelming on the screen like other huds I've tried either. It's very nice.

I've been told through the grape vine that he continues to do updates to the huds features, and plans in the future to release the hud in multiple languages, so never fear my French, German, Dutch, Portuguese speaking brethren - You shall be included in the latest and greatest as well!!!

Editor's Note: Sorry! We forgot the link to buy it on the MARKETPLACE where his storefront currently is!


EVERYDAY We Should Think Pink

I have a friend, her name is Erin.  She is in her late 20’s and she just lost her Aunt to breast Cancer.  Before that she lost her Grandmother, and before that, another Aunt.  Her mother broke the news to her a month ago that she now has Breast Cancer but thanks to her diligence of Breast Self-Examinations (BSE), the doctors think they caught it soon enough that she will beat it.  Erin is a trooper, to be so young and suffer so much loss in such a short period of time.

We as a society seem to lump certain causes into “Months” like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and so on, but this is something that touches EVERYONE.  Everyone has a Mother.  Breast Cancer is also not just targeted to women, yep, men get it too!  That is why it is imperative that you do a BSE every chance you get.  It’s not to be paranoid, or over reacting.  I personally know a few women who have indeed saved their  own lives by getting lumps checked.  Most recently a co-worker who thought it was silly to go to the doctor about a lump.  Luckily she did, the mass was so close to her body wall, had she of waited longer the doctor said she wouldn’t have had a fighting chance.

So FIGHT!  FIGHT to survive, FIGHT for a cure! 




* Outfit is a Freebie – Currently at Delirium Style.

Going Rogue

No, not the god awful book of propaganda by Sarah Freaking Palin.... The outfit! Rogue from Graves.... wow... all I can say is wow... it's everything I was looking for today. I was angry, and sad, depressed, and determined all in one fell swoop.

So I was searching desperately for an outfit that represented that feeling. For multiple reasons. I wanted to do a new profile image to reflect this inner turmoil outwardly as well.... I think I accomplished this... either that or I successfully scared the crap out of my sister. She said I simply looked "Scurrah" in the pic... meh... I just like the overall look...

So, what I'm wearing is Graves - Rogue outfit. I love every detail of this outfit. Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with any piece, and like all graves apparel, it comes in multiple layers so that you can customize the look as you need.

Also worn:

Boots: Bax- Prestige in black

Skin: LAQ - Vilda *Christmas Gift*

Hair: Truth - Jess - Snow

Outfit: Graves - Rogue

Piercing: SKREAM! - "Connect Me" Belly Chain

Fashionably Bald (blogger's challenge)

For Miss Shellbee...

bald is beautiful
quote is from "I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie (see video below)

A RL moment leading to SL expressionism: When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to sport a ginormous afro.  For a long time I rocked the afro puffs; at least til I was about seven years old.  That summer, while I was visiting family in my mamma's hometown, my aunts took a really poorly made straightening comb to my hair, because they didn't know what to do with my "naps." I was tender-headed and my wincing and crying over the pain from when they tried to comb through my thick, tightly curled mane was simply too much for them to bear. Enter phase one of the evolution of my hair.  When I returned home that summer, my mother was furious.  She couldn't believe I would LET them touch my hair (dude...I was seven for Pete's sake! You listen to your elders then...duuuuuuuuuuh!) and ruin its natural courseness with a straightening comb. Moving on, since then, I have rocked braids, then relaxers with long hair and eventually just kept it pulled back. I remember going to my mom one day and telling her I wanted to cut it all off. I wanted it as close to the skin as possible; I intended to go natural.  She refused.  I told her to help me or I'd do it myself.  So in her attempt at "controlled" assistance, she cut my hair down to a mushroom cut (ew).

A few days later, she landed in the hospital with complications from an operation from long before. While she was gone...first thing I did was run to the barber shop and chopped every lick of my hair off.  When she saw me, she snorted and simply replied, "I knew you were gonna do that...just couldn't wait til I was in here, huh?"  I nodded happily and stuck out my tongue; she laughed. Since then, I have only gone back to relaxed hair maybe once or twice. Otherwise...I wear what I have now: my natural afrolicious afro (or a short baby afro depending upon I cut it). My mom STILL gives me crap about it LOL.

I've always wondered what I'd look like with just a plain old to-the-skin bald look; but lacked the bravery to try it. Insert Second Life.  For the longest time, even in here I couldn't find a good way to express that desire to rock a baldy.  Every time I tried, someone would tell me it didn't look right. So I never did it. Then skins with hairbases came out. I was elated beyond belief.  I found a skin that let me rock a really short do without having to buy any more hair (Yay me (though I do still buy hair and wear it regularly :P)!).

Then late last night, I read Fashionable Bald (blogger's challenge) from the feeds, which led me to the article on Coffee Smoke.  Those two posts rejuvenated my desire to strip down the dome and rock a baldy and knowing someone out there may be going through this made me proud to do so. Sporting a bald head is just as fashionable as rocking a fly boa around the neck, wearing a cap to cover up, pasting a bow on it (yes, I have seen this IRL) or even...rocking a wig like we often do by wearing hair inworld ;) I chose to leave my dome bare because simply put: bald...is beautiful.  It brings out so many other features on one's face that you can't help but look someone in the eye when they have no hair to focus on. 

To Miss Shellbee: you are a brave woman.  Your journey will be something and a half and I don't envy your position. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go on this journey and I'm glad someone gave me a snapshot of you in so few lines.  Your friend's love for you and support of you is awe-inspiring.

As I created my picture to show my support, I was reminded of India.Arie's "I Am Not My Hair". There is a section where she speaks of a woman going through chemotherapy and later being on television, eyes sparkling, bald as the full moon shining.  That image...has always made me smile.  So today's blog and the song are dedicated to you, Miss Shellbee, for you will always be beautiful.

Miss K

"I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie
(double click video to see outside of post)

zee fashions:

top in background: from the white camisk/dress: [Arachne] Modesty - White
top in standing pose: *Urbanista* Thalia Dress - white
jeans: *Urbanista* *Real Ripped Jeans" black
boots: !Drakke! "Restraint RLV" Ankle Boots(White)
jewelry: Mariposa: Simplicity: White Pearl set by Felicity Winslet (store is closed)
makeup:  .:Glamorize:. Crystal Kiss Lips - Cabernet Merlot
the rest: yeah, no...sorry (well...not really lol) :P

poses used:
glitterati - into the black (prop) & breast cancer awareness poses

New Sexy From Graves!

So this one time (last night) I was kinda tired of shopping in world and decided that I would take a peek and see if anything caught my eye via the Marketplace.  I have to say that recently I have been finding some GREAT NEW content creators this way!  I know most people are not impressed with listing fees, and all the changes that the Marketplace made in 2010, but as one of those people who disliked it at first, I have quickly adapted to the new way of  “easy” shopping and have actually found some amazing items from shoes, to skins, to accessories, and even houses!  *yes my newest addiction is buying houses*  So I do have a point, I like to ramble as you already know.

So last night I head on to Marketplace and look at the new listed items, on the first page was this HOT SEXY number from Graves, and it hit me like *BAM* right in my face, my eyes were immediately drawn to the add, and I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!!  In my OCD shoppingness and need to get a better deal, I knew Graves was in world and promptly TP’d to the store to find out that this is not the only new release, there are about 3 of them, all equally sexy, but this one screamed my name.  Before you ask, yes the price listed on Marketplace is also the price being sold at in world (since I do know there are some content creators that give a discount to those items purchased in world for various reasons such as traffic generation etc).

Let me introduce you to:

GRAVES Operative

As you would expect from any Graves item, this is complete with a multitude of layers and all the extra prims.  Also included are glasses (not the ones pictured though).  Earrings, and 2 versions of a belly chain – one with a key card and one without.  The blouses come in solid white or sheer (see through), and the shirt collar comes with or without the tie.  Personally I think the tie adds some masculine sexy to a highly feminine ensemble.

So if you are looking to be a Secret Agent, Business woman, heck, even a Domme, this outfit is up your alley!  But don’t just take my word for it.  The picture does this no justice, I totally *gasm’ed when I put it on, and you will too!

NEW Conners Sheer Tops

Well hello again fellow bloggers, readers, and fasionistas!  I know 3 posts in a row, what the heck am I on right?  Seriously though, I know my blogging was seriously lacking in 2010, but I am turning a new leaf on many aspects of my SL and my RL, and well this is one of them.  I am aiming to blog at least 2 times a week this year to make up for lost time, and to not limit it to just fashion.  Fashion is always at the base of course, but there are so many other things that enrich our SL lives that we can incorporate them all together.  I always enjoyed to blog, but have not had any inspiration as of late, however this morning I did!  *Thank you by the way*.   

Today I bring you the newest release from Connors!  It is a cute sheer top that has a low dip in the back and open sides on the sleeves.  It comes in 4 patterns/colours, which are amazing, and at $150L a piece they are also quite affordable.  I went for the red leopard, and the green camo.  I REALLY like this top, so much in fact that I had to blog its awesomeness.  You can wear it with or without the bra underneath (which is included). 

The ONLY fail I have to comment on is the fact the bra layer is only on the undershirt layer.  This meant I had to do some rearranging of my tattoos to complete my look.  This item would be better suited if the bra was made on all layers.  But to each their own, the tops – still ROCKS.  They are cute as hell and I think you need to go check it out and get one for yourself, hell, get them all they are well within the affordable range for those of us who are frugal when it comes to our well earned lindens.

Suite is wearing:

Connors: New Sheer Top, Rozoregalia: Gazellver Necklace, SOREAL: CityStep Sneaks, LINC: Low Cut Jeans.  Hair from Truth, and everything else remains unsaid *winks*

Project Positivity

A Not-Just-For-Bloggers Challenge, Keira Seerose is the brains behind this non-blogger challenge.  When I heard about it I thought about all the positive things I could, knowing that much like everyone else, life isn’t exactly positive right now.  So I sat, as I was home sick from work and came up with the 10 things that I love about myself and my life.   This really has a ripple effect on your mood and thinking overall.  If we spent more time with positive outlooks on ourselves and on life in general, we would be a much happier people.

So here it is, my admission to Project Positivity – Enjoy.

Wearing: SoReal, JustMe, Linc, HOD, Truth, and Cobrahive

Introducing….. Glitterati VIP!

First of all let me say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” – it’s been a crazy ride in 2010, but now we are on the newer more improved version circa 2011.  Brand new year, new outlooks, new attitudes.  Great time for change!    With that said, like many of you, I squeed my pants when I got the delivery from the most recent Glitterati Subscribo.

Direct from notecard from Ms. Katey:

There is some information on that image, but let me tell you here, too...

Yes, 500L.

A minimum of 500L worth of products, per month, every month. Additionally, I would like to offer group members more regular discounts on other new releases too. I'll probably bug my VIP group if I need models for photo shoots instead of nagging my poor, poor friends list. If I'm contemplating something new for the store, the VIP group will be the ones who decide what the store does via proposals to vote on.

Sometimes, sometimes it will just be a pre-release of something I've just finished, or something silly I've made and think is a fun thing but am not planning to sell in the store.

So of course, I cleared out a group and promptly joined!  YAY GLITTERATI!  This will be the best 500L spent evar, I can so tell and here is why!  The first giftie is called “Rack” and its a shopper’s dream!  Now this item is ALSO sold at the Glitterati store for the same amount of linden as it costs to join the VIP group – 500L, so if you are like me, and are a pose fanatic, you NEED to join the VIP group to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

GLITTERATI VIP <---- click here to join in world.

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