Are You Ready For A TOUCHDOWN!?

So who are you rooting for?  Pittsburgh Steelers  vs. Green Bay Packers?  Either way, on Sunday February 6th, 2011 at about 3:30SLT (or 9am, depending just how much your man likes all that pre-game stuff) be prepared to see hardly a male avi in sight as Super Bowl XLV gets underway.  Cause ladies, who can resist those buff and beefy football type men in spandex right?  *grins*

So in honour of the upcoming MBR (Male Bonding Retreat), I bring you one of SL’s own SFL Franchises!  I introduce to you the Wicked Cowboys!

The team consists of some of the funniest guys I know, and lemme tell ya, it’s one of the best looking SFL teams I have seen!  Both player wise, and game wise.  Their last game was super close, and a tad controversial, but we all know who really won *winks*  Great Job guys!  I am so honoured to have had practice time with ya, even if it was just the one time.

So on to how this relates with SHOPPING!  Oh and it does my pretties, it really does!

If you head down to the Wicked Gear SIM, you will come upon their MASSIVE football stadium, yes folks it is regulation size for the SFL so don’t let your eyeballs pop outta your head, it is just that big!   Located by the Player’s Club is the Official Wicked Cowboys Fan Store where you can get everything from watches, to jewellery, shoes, hats, and so much more!

I went a bit crazy in there the other day when my buddy Spy (and WC player) showed me around the store.  I immediately fell in love with the Gym Top Jacket.  It’s perfectly girlie, yet, allows you to show your fandom while remaining sexy doing so *smiles*  I paired it with some war face paint, a pair of Linc jeans, and some SOREAL sneakers, and this look is 100% on point to hang with the fellas to watch some NFL!

Face Tattoo - Lil Pricks - War Paint (Marketplace) [url]
Gloves – Sinistyle – Taped Fingers [SLurl]
Earrings – Dahlinks – Hematite Rubber & Silver Hoop [SLurl]
Jeans - Linc - Low Cut Black Torned [SLurl]
Top - Wicked Cowboys Gym Top Jacket [SLurl]
Shoes – SoReal - Susperstars Black/White [SLurl]


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