I'm sure you're all inundated with enough "Sexy *insert theme here*" Costumes so, I've decided to be anti-costume on this Samhain day blog. For me, this holiday is about paying homage to our ancestors, saying good bye to the plants as we pass into our darkest time of the year, when things aren't lively, unless of course you live in the south - doesn't really freeze down there. LOL At any rate, Much like most of the other holidays, most folks have lost sight of the purpose and history behind "Halloween" -

So, Onto the blog. Like any other day I ventured forth in search of shopping yayness, My feature store today has a very stable voice. Unlike many stores where you walk in and they've got a variety of styles and no real stand out theme, ::alterego:: has definitely found their sound. When you walk into that store, you know exactly what style clothing you will be shopping for. There's no mistaking an item that has come from ::alterego:: and while a store featuring items of a similar style sounds a bit boring, it's quite the opposite ~ It's very "designer". Think about it, a designers runway show all has a similar pattern/theme look... and so does ::alterego:: so if you're lookin' for a casual/kick ass style definitely take a moment to check this store out!!!

one luv - Rose


~!STARE!~ Shape - Custom Marchesha

LAQ- Tasha2

::alterego:: 2Cute4You - aqua

PC Eyes - Red Amber

Truth Hair - Sienna 2

-UKCouture - 2Di34 Sculptie Hat without Hair

*Linc* Finger Tapes

Dahlinks - Custom Mistress Twin Dog Tag

~Lip ring, Earrings were both done by !Skream! which is no longer in business~

Epic Halloween Skins from Plastik!

Aikea has outdone herself yet again with some amazing skins just in time for Halloween!  They are so beautifully detailed, and each holds it’s own uniqueness that just requires your special touch to make your Spooky night in SL that much more frightening, and fabulous *winks*

I figured I would tell you that you can get these amazing skins, individually or in fatpacks at the landing point of Plastik : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Beautiful%20Machine/82/150/65

And let the beauty that is the New Plastik Halloween Skins speak for themselves.


Photography & Layout by KJ Immortal Photography
One month per year is simply not often enough to recognize such a deadly killer.  I could lob this post down with a million statistics and it wouldn't change they key message that matters: GET TESTED.

I mean c'mon folks.  It's simply not that difficult. Grope a tit/chesticle/Moob/whatever you want to call it and do it in the name of health.  The people listed above are REAL people.  Some are famous; others not so much. Yes, half the names on the list...are men.

Breast cancer affects people at different age levels and ethnicities suffer from this non-prejudiced killer. So do yourself and your loved ones a favor.  Get tested.

<3 Kilo

Featuring: (Dahlinks) Chloe Antique Pink Pearl Set (FREE thru the end of October)



In an effort to help bring awareness to an ongoing cause, the girls behind one of the newest stores to hit the grid, .:DieNasTy:. have released a free NoH8 campaign box. It includes shirts for both men and women as well as a unisex noh8 tattoo for your face, and lip tape. It's a very well done shirt, not "crayola" at all. Nice texture and well done all around. Thanks for the support ladies! You can purchase it for free in the store, or, head to the marketplace and pick it up for 1L (so you can gift it to friends)

Also featured:

~!STARE!~ Unreleased Edith Shape (coming soon)

.:ellabella:. Starchild lip piercings

-DAMNED- Tribal Make Up + Base Hair

Amacci Skin - Helen (Pale BL) 03 Day

>TRUTH< Cecillia - tahiti

Old meets New

So, I'm tendin' to my Meeroos the other day, just mindin' my own business, when I get a notice that Alexandra Nichols has dropped somethin' on me...

And that's when shit hit the fan. No seriously! I squeaked, opened that box as fast as I could, cursed SL for it's lagginess, cursed the fact it wouldn't freaking load the contents, and cursed some more at the fact I was cursin' like a sailor... Maybe I need anger management...

AAAAnyway... So I opened the box, ripped those pearls outa there, gawds how I LOVE the pearls!! I can't get enough of a good set of pearls. Something about their classic elegance... Just wow...

And these babies are totally classic. Whether you're into Steam punk, Antique, or just really want a pretty set of pearls to pair with your wedding gown or gown in general, THIS IS THE SET FOR YOU. The matching earrings are just perfection too. Don't believe me? See for yourself!!! Head on over to Dahlink's and enjoy the splendidness of the pearls all your own... is that a word? It is now!!!

One love. ~ Rose

Lovesick...A Twofer of sorts!

Usually, I hate anything to do with the term "Lovesick...".  It denotes a sickness from something that is supposed to be amazing; well if you take it literally that is.  So when I saw the name of this new gown from Vassnia, I was a bit skeptical to actually have a look at it.  What I saw when I opened the NC however made me have a whole new appreciation for the term that attracts so much attention.  Presenting Vassnia's "Lovesick Darkness"

Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography

When I saw the top of the outfit, my eye immediately focused on the bust line. It's simple and delicate, but very alluring.  The sheer fabric pulls the eye to it immediately and the half key-hole at the top makes you want to slip things inside just to dive in and dig them out (LMAO). When I saw the top I actually didn't think I could pull the look off since I don't have a cleavage enhanced skin (and no way do I want one LOL).

I love the layering of the lace and how it fits to the leg, but couldn't figure out the best way to pose in this gown as the skirt prim piece isn't really conducive to AO's let alone fidgety ones.  The skirt prim tends to lean to the side on the right leg when one moves or dances.  So this is definitely not a go bungy jumping on a date and break dance sort of skirt.

That being said, I really do love the look. And the minute I slipped it on I knew this dress was meant for me.  It hugs the body, creates a line of vision that shows off all of your assets while keeping you covered and has jut enough tulle on the skirt to make people stare as you saunter by.
Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography
Now back to this leg...a funny accident occurred while shooting.  As I was flipped and turned by my trusted photographer and friend, I noticed that the outfit actually looks good without the skirt prim! It makes for a bit of a haute couture feel pantsuit and yes, my darlings...it makes you want to STRUT.  The only thing you need to look out for is the body suit. If you look closely at the pelvic area, the part that covers your treasured area is part of the skirt prim. So when you take it off and rock it as a pantsuit, please put on a thong or all of your cash and prizes (Dane Cook reference like woaaaaaaaah!) will be revealed! O.O

Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography
After adding a few gems from Earthstone and putting my hair up, I walked away with a new outfit I enjoy, and a fabulously elegant shot by a great photog.  I clean up pretty good, no? :P

Toodles gang! ♥ Kilo

The Deets:

*Outfit: .::Vassnia::. Lovesick Darkness (includes shoes - though not shown)
Jewels: EarthStones Romance Set - Classic White Pearl/White Gold; Blacklace Charm Bracelet; RH Engel - My Heart is Yours ID Bracelet - Platinum - Hers
Hair: Updo -  Truth Hair - Orchid Plain - night
        Short Bob - Magika - Robin (discontinued)

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