I'm sure you're all inundated with enough "Sexy *insert theme here*" Costumes so, I've decided to be anti-costume on this Samhain day blog. For me, this holiday is about paying homage to our ancestors, saying good bye to the plants as we pass into our darkest time of the year, when things aren't lively, unless of course you live in the south - doesn't really freeze down there. LOL At any rate, Much like most of the other holidays, most folks have lost sight of the purpose and history behind "Halloween" -

So, Onto the blog. Like any other day I ventured forth in search of shopping yayness, My feature store today has a very stable voice. Unlike many stores where you walk in and they've got a variety of styles and no real stand out theme, ::alterego:: has definitely found their sound. When you walk into that store, you know exactly what style clothing you will be shopping for. There's no mistaking an item that has come from ::alterego:: and while a store featuring items of a similar style sounds a bit boring, it's quite the opposite ~ It's very "designer". Think about it, a designers runway show all has a similar pattern/theme look... and so does ::alterego:: so if you're lookin' for a casual/kick ass style definitely take a moment to check this store out!!!

one luv - Rose


~!STARE!~ Shape - Custom Marchesha

LAQ- Tasha2

::alterego:: 2Cute4You - aqua

PC Eyes - Red Amber

Truth Hair - Sienna 2

-UKCouture - 2Di34 Sculptie Hat without Hair

*Linc* Finger Tapes

Dahlinks - Custom Mistress Twin Dog Tag

~Lip ring, Earrings were both done by !Skream! which is no longer in business~


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