Old meets New

So, I'm tendin' to my Meeroos the other day, just mindin' my own business, when I get a notice that Alexandra Nichols has dropped somethin' on me...

And that's when shit hit the fan. No seriously! I squeaked, opened that box as fast as I could, cursed SL for it's lagginess, cursed the fact it wouldn't freaking load the contents, and cursed some more at the fact I was cursin' like a sailor... Maybe I need anger management...

AAAAnyway... So I opened the box, ripped those pearls outa there, gawds how I LOVE the pearls!! I can't get enough of a good set of pearls. Something about their classic elegance... Just wow...

And these babies are totally classic. Whether you're into Steam punk, Antique, or just really want a pretty set of pearls to pair with your wedding gown or gown in general, THIS IS THE SET FOR YOU. The matching earrings are just perfection too. Don't believe me? See for yourself!!! Head on over to Dahlink's and enjoy the splendidness of the pearls all your own... is that a word? It is now!!!

One love. ~ Rose


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