3 things blogger challenge

After reading Suite's post, I sat back and for a brief, very brief moment, thought about what three items I, the ever impressive Roselynn Darkstone, would be lost without... and then the moment passed, I burped, and moved on...

Now after reading my other nutty sisters post, I feel compelled to list my own three items. Honestly, it took me a little bit to figure this out, I'm actually sitting here questioning my answers. The first two were obvious. Why? Because the first two are in every single photo you will ever see of Roselynn Darkstone. Well, almost every single photo... dammit don't nitpick I'll get there!!!

~The list~

1. My Assassin Bracers.
2. My Max Eyez Bi-Colour Neko eyes
3. Tiny Penguin AVI

Now, there are other items in my inventory that I would be lost without, however, these three things, without them, I would honestly feel naked.

The bracers I have been wearing for a VERY long time now. Yep, I wear them with formals and casual clothes. They're not a fashion statement, they're an extension of Roses arms. No really, beneath those gloves, alot of people, my sisters included aren't even sure Rose HAS arms.

My Bi-Color eyez? well, they're uniquely mine. I had them custom made, and lets face facts... they add that simple air of crazy that only I can attain.

And finally - The Tiny Penguin AVI - As I can only list three, I can't include the hair that I always wear with it in order to encompass my alternate personality "RastaGuin"... However, I couldn't be without this Avi. I go into this cute little form (note the assissin bracers are still there) and usually only when I'm feeling a bit... crazier than usual. So if you see this little 'guin waddling you way... just be prepared for a whole lot of laughter...

So there it is... The three items that Roselynn Darkstone just wouldn't be Roselynn Darkstone without. I'll reiterate the challenge to you....Go ahead and think about what three things in your inventory you just couldn't be without... and feel free to comment :)

Much Love folks -


3 Little Things...

When my sister told me about the "3 Little Things Blogger Challenge", I almost immediately said, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? O.O"

As I was getting ready for work, it hit me very quickly that I already had my answer!  So in trying to nail a shot of at least one of my items, I was talking to a good friend trying to figure out the best way to nail it.  Yeah...that didn't work out. LOL  Anyway...after several excruciating attempts at shooting and trying to do my photoshop shot myself (yay me!)  I finally came up with not only a semi-decent shot (forgive any rough edges...I have a crappy graphics card and am still learning :P), here are my three things...all in one place. XD

(click picture to enlarge)

1.  My Bunny Slippers:  A long, long time ago a good friend gave me these bunny slippers.  The cutest little things on earth really. They blink and change color.  I know you're probably sitting there thinking, "bunny slippers, Kilo?  REALLY?"  But yah...bunny slippers.  They're important! And not just for the sentimental value.  I wear these when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm devastated, when shopping (ooooh yeah when shopping) and most important...when I'm rockin' a gorgeous formal dress!!  I know that sounds nutteh...but nothing sets off the ultimate formal gown like these bad ass color changing Bunny Slippers!! So thank you to the person who gave them to me...life changes, but these...I've come to own and not do without.  *feeeaaar the bunny wrath...suckas!!!*

2. My !WG! O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs:  Now...these are a new addition to my inventory; but doesn't make them any less valuable.  I started wearing them as part of a self-discovery project I was working on and found that I simply can not do without these things.  I still remember the first day I saw them. I urfed the display...a few times *big cheeky smile* Worn strictly for style purposes, I picked these from the myriad cuffs on the wall because 1 - I like locks and 2 - they're HOT!!  I later found out they were originally named after a really good friend of mine, but were changed to O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs...so technically...dude ya cuffed me! BWAHAHAHAHAAHA  Anyway...often times I feel a bit naked without them on.  And while I have hoards of other bracelets and jewels that cover my wrists...these somehow landed in my default folder so I can bring them back to me...like finding my way home.  And last but not least...

3. My Neo Stream HUD:  For those who didn't know, I am a DJ.  And I have been one since May 2008.  I have been abundantly blessed with several opportunities in that time and the one that hasn't changed, no matter the job is 1 - my stream address (http://white.neostrems.info:11290 - for those who ever wanna listen in) and 2 - my stream provider, Neo Streams.  Other people have told me other streams are better, but the amount of customer service and tech support that I get from these fine folks has been so invaluable that regardless of price I dare not go anywhere else. The added bonus?  I managed to win their 2009 Summer DJ Battle so I got a free stream upgraded for a year (yaaaaaaaaaaay).  So watch out SL...I'm somewhere on the grid causing shenanigans with a stream, music and a nutty disposition...Welcome to the Nuthouse.

Now I pass the baton to you fine shop*gasm readers: What 3 things from your inventory can you simply not do without?  Feel free to leave a response in comments, or hit me up inworld!! Can't wait to hear from ya ;)

Le look:

Hair - Sarana in Traecle - Truth Hair
Skin/Eyes/Shape - nope/nuh uh/no way dude!
Shirt - I'm Not Short - T Junction
Jeans - Missing Hearts in Dark Blue - Potassium (no longer in business)
Shoes - NC Color Changing Bunny Slippers ... were a gift, but can be found @ Nico Creations!
Necklace - Love Potion No. 9 - Dahlinks
Cuffs - O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Box - My NEO STREAM HUD!! WOOT!! - Neo Streams
Pose - Long Awkward Pose

In case I don't see y'all...happy new year!!

Something out of League

Alright, so I haven't posted a blog in what.. 9 days? Yeah I've been slacking, so I figured I'd blog the one thing that all three of us LOVED. I found the outfit at *League*, it really is an awesome ensemble and with so many options to choose from you can make it your own. I chose Pink and Brown... why? Well largely because I was feeling a little unlike myself at the time, and secondly, I own a very small amount of pink clothes... I know what you're thinking... surely Rose, you must own at least ONE pink item. So, in an effort to prove that I in fact do not own that much pink, I searched Pink. In total there are 4 items besides this new *League* Ensemble. Two of those, BTW are hair.. anyway.. that deviation aside... lets get back to the items at hand... I took some in world shots at my new winter wonderland igloo.. I'd say it's hawt but, quite frankly it's chilly. So, no fancy photo shop work.. just the raw uncut in world images this time. Hope you like that... BTW... beware the penguins...

First on the agenda, The outfit I put together at *League* - It is comprised of the soft pink Grandad vest in soft pink, thermal skirt in brown, thermal sock set in soft pink, and grandad braces(suspenders) in brown . All of which are purchased separately, but the display is really convenient to use. It's all centrally located so that you can make your own color combinations, and there are alot of options!

Next up - The *Argrace* Knit cap - Girly wave. It's got a color change HUD that features colors like light grey, shell pink (shown), white, black, beige, and wine. I like it because there are a few flexi pieces in the hair, and well, it's just a really nicely put together piece of topping. :)

And finally, the boots. These were found, with much poking and prodding by my very insistent sister... I'll let you guess which one... *laughs* they're awesome, and so well made. I absolutely love them. I had been looking for a pair but was greatly disappointed by alot of them.. so I give you the *kookie* pomski boots - light kelp. The single boot purchase came with multiple fur color options. I love them. I love the options. It's perfect, and no color change HUD to mess with.

So, happy shopping folks, and in case I go on another hiatus before the new year... Have a Blessed New Year. Me and my two friends in Tuxedo's are gonna go dancing'!!!
~Also shown~
Bracers - They stab things. And I'm not revealing my signature wardrobe item :P although I may have in past posts...
Dahlinks - Custom Twin Dog Tags, and the Large Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings, Monroe Piercing w/ Lip ring.
Tats - Also mine. Yeah, I'm being selfish but I really like this one :P

Blogger Challenge Taken!

I am normally up at really insane times of the morning due to RL work, and today was no exception.  The alarm woke me at 4:30am, and as I am making my ritualistic pot of coffee (yes I drink the entire pot), I come back to the computer all comfy in my jammies and I check out all the SL fashion blogs I can before it’s time to get ready to start the day.
Well today I stumbled upon Three Fashionteers, and their Blogger Challenge.  The challenge is as such:

As we head into a new decade I thought it would be fun and instructive to share the 3 items in our inventory that we couldn't part with.
So in my version, here are the three things, that Suitelady DeCuir, absolutely cannot live without!
#1 DAHLINKS!  Yes and it is hard to pick just ONE thing from an amazing store.  But Alex, really puts so much heart and soul into her work, it’s hard not to just fall in love with all the jewels and bobbles that can be purchased – affordably – and stick to just one thing.   Ok ok, so we have to choose.  Hmmm  I would have to say, I can’t part with my “Silver Stacked – Locked Heart & Bali Braid” bracelets.  They are uber, they go with like EVERYTHING, even nothing at all… *giggles*

#2 As a photographer and blogger, although it is not in my inventory, I CANNOT live without my Photoshop, along with some uber functions of the SL viewer that enables my photos to get better by leaps and bounds.  4x feature, ultra high settings are WIN!  And tweaking them, adding backgrounds, being creative with the shot brings me such joy, that I couldn’t pay homage to my PS3 addiction.

#3 I have honestly thought on this for a couple days.  But I have now come to the realization that I cannot live without my shape.  Mine was the first MAJOR purchase I made when I came in world under my new avi in 2007.  I cannot remember where I got it, or who made it, all I know is that I love it.  It’s ME.  She’s short, busty, little bit of a booty, and fine classic facial features.  Actually modelled after a specific Playboy Model I was crushing on at the time…LOL…  So ya.  I can’t live without my shape.
So with that I wish you all a Happy New Year, and here is to stellar blogging in 2010!

Merry Christmas from Shop*gasm!!

If your presents arrive a little late today...this is why!! Jolly old Santa was out partying a little too much last night! And while we promised not to note his activities...we did manage to find him and get him sobered up best we could :P  Have a happy holiday and see you zany people next week!

<3 Kilo, Rose and Suite aka the Shop*gasm Girls!


Christmas Shirts: Wicked Gear in the Christmas Section
Kilo's and Suite's necklaces: Love Potion #9 from Dahlinks
Suite and Kilo's Hair: both from Truth Hair
Rose's Hair: I'm really not sure (LOL)
Rose's Bracers: Nuh-uh...I'm not getting killed by the penguin (muahaha)
Kilo's Bracelets: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs from Wicked Gear
Suite's Bracelets: Silver Stacked Bali Braid w/ Heart Lock Bracelets from Dahlinks

Pose: See, Hear and Speak No Evil from Sugar Mill Poses
The rest is a mystery to all...O.O


Invading The Red Carpet….

Today… December 20th, at 11am SLT ,  specially invited bloggers, were able to get a sneak peek at the PACADI Jasha pre-secret fashion show walkabout.  Shop*gasm, was honoured to be one of the special invitees :) 
Kilo and I headed down just shortly after 11am where we were greeted by Lotta Shelman, she was very helpful and full of information for everyone who were tp-ing in to get the sneak peek.  The event designer, had spared no expense in her effort to create a groundbreaking event in SL.   Here are some things you might NOT know about the process of this event we were witness to today :)
“On November 30th PACADI Jasha already organized in-worlds' biggest open model casting. Over 100 models were live on stage and we picked our favourite models directly from the test runway. Between the 28th November and the 3rd December we received over 200 applications from models who wanted to be in the show. On the 4th December we chose 8 models to be live with us in the great show. We chose Lauren Bisiani, Imani Enzo, Leandra Breen, Catwoman Ember, Pumking Saenz, Haidyn Inglewood, Lills Liotta and Elaine Green. With these 8 models we created an international model group for probably SecondLife's most complex show. “

The show itself was very innovative with three-set changes, all very unique in theme.  We began with the “Lady Gaga”, followed by “Clockwork Love” and ending with “Highland Romance”.  All the models were beautiful, and accessorized just right.  The last time I looked at my map tool there were approx 50 people in the audience, so it would be most certainly called a success!  But with all good does come some constructive advice…. I have a fast computer, but I found that with the amount of people on the sim, and lag, many of the models took long to rez and by that time they had already whizzed by me.  The shots I did manage to get, were less than stellar.  The Models were too fast on the runway, and there were no introductions or descriptions about the pieces that were being shown.  However with that said, for the first of what will be MANY fashion shows, I can honestly say that PACADI Jasha will be pivotal in the SL fashion industry with their cutting edge designs and out of the box presentations :)  Congrats to you all :)
For more photos of the event, please open this link – Click to open in a new window

Muh Baby's got S.A.S.

So, I'm strolling around SL when my crackhead friend suggested to the lovely folks at Bliss Couture that I DJ their Christmas Fashion show... For that, I am thankful. My end of it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped but, I think I did a good job none the less... Anyway I got to witness up close each lovely creation... not to mention got to wear the Melrose gown in purple(shown) So I wanted to talk a bit about the fashion show in this blog, as well as the purchase I made from Bliss today.

First of all, this fashion show featured designs by Amutey DeCuir, and I have to say, some of the gowns were absolutely stunning. Right now at Bliss Couture they are having a 60% off sale so, you DEFINITELY want to head down there to scoop up some of their fine fashions at deep discounts.

Now, on to talk about this outfit I bought today... with the previously mentioned discount, I only paid 192 linden for the Ophelia Mink outfit. It comes with a sweater and pants. This outfit was featured in the Winter Fashion show, and I thought, self, that looks really cool, I need to get that. So here we are.

The Ophelia Shrug by Bliss Couture comes in 6 colors :bronze, pink, blue, white, midnight and black.

Now, here's the downside to this outfit... There is some serious S.A.S going on. What is S.A.S. you ask? "Saggy Ass Syndrome". How this is accomplished in SL I'll never know but, these pants make my butt look like I've lost the battle with gravity. The pants from the front are fab, but... please don't look at my S.A.S.
I've paired this interesting outfit with a pair of Brown Bax boots 895L, and the Dahlinks Gate Belt in Chocolate Tourmaline for 150L.

Happy Holidays folks - and Happy Shopping!!!

Puttin’ A New Flava In Your Ear…

So remember this one time that I was telling you all about how I generally find it extremely hard to find GOOD QUALITY urban wear on the grid?  We’ll if I didn’t – I just did *laughs*.  Any who…  To get on to my quest.  I have been CRAVING some really great hip hop clothing for a long time now, tired of wearing the same 6-7 outfits that I have managed to put together myself from pieces of a lot of different makers and styles to make it my own.  Today – I’m lazy!

Last night at my other love on the grid – being a hostess for a dance club, I noticed a few of our patrons coming in with these really stellar urban clothes.  I tell no lies when I say, I was in my sisters ear saying – Kilo OMG we have to go check this store out when I am done here, ok ok ok ok! – Yeah, I am a bit hyper, but what can ya do :p
After checking out a couple things (read: MAJOR profile perving – Yes I am one of “those” people), I find out that C. Morane is NOW Delirium!  I made note of the location and tucked it away safely in my landmarks folder.  Now I would have done this post last night but I was so tired, so you get it today….

There are a few things that I like about the store on a whole.  First of all, the awesome folks at Delirium have a box just outside the female part of the store that is FREE.  This contains the holy grail of most creator’s creations – THE HAIR!  Yes my darlings, in this tiny little FREE box contains ALL the landmarks to the places where the hair has be purchased to complete certain looks.  You will see upon entering the store that each vendor picture clearly notes – Hair From blah blah blah, so then you can refer to the lil box for the LM’s and you are set.  I didn’t see if they listed the actual styles on the vendor cards, but at least it points you in the right direction.
Oh lord, this post is turning into epic-ness of mass proportions.  However, I digress.  Delirium – Splash! is a wonderfully crafted AFFORDABLE ($350L) FULL outfit.  What do you get?  Well….  You get pants, with all the baggy attachments, you get the hoodie, you get the bra top, you get the SHOES, and the sleeves too.  Fully complete.  Wear with or without the hoodie, its up to you, either way it’s hella cute and I love it.  Delirium is my official first place to go if I am in the mood for Urban wear!
Now for the goodies:

Item Details:
Hair – X*Plosion "Kira" $360L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xplosion/128/129/43

Outfit – Delirium - Splash $350L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nightscape/125/165/22
Necklace – Dahlinks – Have A Heart Pendant  $250L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xplosion/128/129/43
*As always I do not reveal the locations or creators of my skins, eyes, or shape as to remain UNIQUE on this great wide grid we call SL.

The NEW Face of RP ... ?

Imagine yourself in a rainforest. Lush greens, blues, the call of nature behind you, soaring through the air on some of the most mystical creatures you've ever seen.  You turn and spy something, but you're not sure what it is... But you hear choppers whirring, machine guns rattling and quiet... Something jumps out and startles you and you're not sure what you've seen! Now tell me...how do you see yourself? Are you one who explores or are you an indigenous creature of the land you picture...could you possibly look like this?

Presenting the Nav'itar from De La Fae Productions!!

If this face is looking incredibly familiar...then you've guessed it. The Nav'itar is a replica of the newest action movie "Avatar" scheduled out this month in theaters nationwide!!  LeRochelle, head of De La Fae Productions, a store dedicated to bringing you some of THE BEST Anthro avatars I have ever seen (trust me...if you saw my collection, you'd understand why I work so much...it's to buy her avatars!!), has released this homage to James Cameron's newest theatrical creation.

The Nav'itar is a bioluminescent (say THAT ten times fast :P) race of avatar that is simply stunning. The skin has an amazing amount of detail: from the earrings to the white flecks that cover the body so that when the lighting hits it JUST right...it's amazing.  And it's not just a highlight here or there...this is full body coverage, including the shading on the tail.

Coming as a total package (L$2700 - I know I know...but you get the TOTAL package) of: skin, shape, hair, eyes, silks (not pictured), choice of accented or unaccented tail and accents for both legs and hair, you are sure to get your money's worth. Or you can buy just the base avatar (I think it was L$2000 even), with the hair & headdress (shown to left) coming in separately at L$250 and the clothing at L$450.

Now...instead of using the default shape (the shape was a little too tall and thin for me) and eyes (the yellow eyes were a bit much for me when I tried them on),  I used my regular shape (a custom I've had since I first got to SL) and my older eyes to help bring this avatar to life in a different way. I did buy the hair because well...lookit the headdress (points up)!!

I did however decide to use my own hair and silks to make a look all my own.and hopefully, I did ok! I don't know if there's an RP sim here yet for this splended adventure, but I am pretty sure that if/WHEN it arrives...I'll be ready to do battle!!  So head on down to De La Fae and get ready for your chance to defend your people in what I predict will be the most epic of RP sims to EVER hit SL (if it ever arrives *winks*).

Zee look:

Avatar & Headdress: Nav'itar Female - De La Fae Productions
Hair: Katie in White - Deviant Kitties
Silks: Shalenas Special White Edition - Solange
Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Ring: Spin Ring (Diamond) - Dahlinks
Eyes: Custom One-of-a-kind Purple from G9 Designs
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

These Shoes Were Made for Urfing...o.O

Ok, ok...so what had happened was about a month ago, I brought Rose with me to a shoe shop where we met a good friend who had a pair of boots she liked.  Roooooooooose...screams "I licks them!! They's Mine!!"  Well...yeah no. We have no gesture for licking...yet.  So the next best thing? She URFS the shoe.  Oh you know the gesture...you wrap your arms and legs around something and urf away!

Well the new Dragoness heels from Kalnins are no exception!  Coming in an array of colors, you can change heel, straps, panels, skin (with a nifty channel command of "/76 RGB r/g/b" to manually put in your skin's RGB colors for a better match!  And...aaaaaaaaaand...with their shoes, you get lifetime updating with your purchase.  Now...the dragoness shoes I own have had no problem.  But two of the previous pairs of Kalnin shoes did and next thing we know....*POOF* we get an update to the shoe as the maker realized the issue and corrected. How's that for keeping on top of your products!?! O.O  WTG Maris ^.^

All Kalnins shoes offer something different for your liking and pretty much go with everything under the sun (well maybe not with my next post's picture, but I'm working on a look...TRUST MEH)!  For those who fear the prim toe shoe challenge they also have two pairs (I think it's two) of regular prim shoes with the same type of color change options as their prim toe shoes...sans the toes ^.^ I usually don't rave about one specific item for this long (well unless it's my favorite gems), but I can't take them off! I really can't!  You'll have to pry my dragoness shoes from my cold, dead avi fingers :P

Alright toodleooh kids...shopping to do!

For the look:

Hair: Truth Hair - Penelope in Espresso
Jumpsuit: Dark Blue Jumpsuit by Crissy Designs
Belt: July Group Gifty from House of Hucci Subscribo (see...joining those things bring yayness!)
Shoes: Kalnins Dragoness
Jewelry: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs from Wicked Gear, Initial Necklace & Spin Ring (Diamond) from Dahlinks
Poses: LostAngel Industries

Gone for the CoCo puffs again

Okay so a month or so back I wrote a blog about a CoCo dress that I really liked. I now have a winter favorite! It's the Knit Dress in black and it's simply adorable. The belt is attached to the skirt so there's no issue with attachment points being taken like crazy...however, it's a bit troublesome to fit properly. I'm still trying to get the kinks out. It's also got prim sleeve cuffs and a prim turtleneck which I had no problems sizing.

I paired this dress with a Dahlinks Initial necklace, some black Bax Prestige Boots, and the Dahlinks Celtic earrings. I'm also wearing Truth - Jess hair in crow. This is just a quickie blog so insert something witty about kicking a clown here.

Summer Throwback

Well I know the perfect November weather has come to an end, but when I got my most recent acquisitions I just had to toss back to summer for one last time :)
When I logged in this morning, I had a wonderful giftie,  Kalnins Newest Release “Orchid” sandals.  I promptly put them on and squeed with utter delight.  I cannot tell you guys how much I ADORE Kalnins shoes.  What you don’t understand is that I had completed sworn off “toe shoes”, and then I was introduced to Kalnins and fell in love.
Their colour selections are amazing, and I think that the more positive thing to note is that their colour –system HUD is soooo easy to use, practically works for every skin tone you could think of.  Simply amazing.
So… I quickly tossed on this cute lil bustier outfit that I had purchased almost a year ago at Michami – In coffee, got my hair all pretty, and topped off the outfit with another Kalnins new release “Voyage”  these glasses are the AWESOME!  Highly detailed, with an easy to use menu.  I just adore the detailing on the side of the frames.   I have yet to be disappointed with something from Kalnins.  I have a closet FULL of their shoes, and some of their most fashionable optical and sunglasses.  Defiantly WORTH investing your linden in.  

Item Details:
Hair - Truth "Isle"
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/102/50/26
Shoes - Kalnins "Orchid"
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fusion%20Crossing/203/45/24
Glasses - Kalnins "Voyage"
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fusion%20Crossing/203/45/24
Outfit - MichaMi "Bustier & Short Suit in Coffee"
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Muse/60/64/2

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