Big Sale!! Dad's Sale @ Unique Megastore!!


We, at Unique Megastore, love a reason to celebrate! And it's much better to celebrate with those that brought us till here! You, our customer! So we made this special coupon where from Friday (Jun 17th) to Sunday (Jun 19th), you can get 20% off in selected fatpacks of male and female skins and also in selected packs of eyes! It's the first time we're doing that and we hope you all enjoy it!

The participating items are (please note, ONLY FATPACKS and only at our main store):

Apolo A2 2nd Generation

Atena (Pale, Bronze e Dark)
Artemis (Pale, Bronze e Dark)


How to proceed:

1) Go to one of our terminals at our main store
2) Click in the terminal and type this code in your local chat: TREATDADSBLOG;
3) There will appear a blue menu to guide you from there on;
4) You can buy more than one product at once, you just have to click "buy more";
5) When you are done choosing your products, click "checkout";
6) The total statement will be displayed in your screen with products and amount;
7) Click the object with the right button and pay the amount referring to your shop;
8) It's done! You will receive all the items you got!

Thanks our special treat for you!

Enjoy it!


Promo Item = WIN

I'm always looking for new looks and changes for the blog, and I've totally drawn a blank on things lately, I dunno, it all is looking the same to me lately and that's driving me batty. I don't do the little tshirt dresses that barely cover my ass, and I hate the pants that are so low that if they were real, we'd all know whether the curtains matched the drapes ;)

So anywho, point being, I wanted something new, and I was flippin' through the marketplace on and came across ~!STARE!~'s latest Promo - Paulette. This was a shape Talah Magic had previously released as a group only gift, and now for 100 linden, this beautiful, curvaceous womanly shape can be yours. She's got fantastic lips, and a pear shape it would seem. I love that she's not the usual hourglass, big boob big butt itty bitty waist. There's so many of those around. Anyway, there are only 25 of these shapes available through the marketplace so, you better get it while you can, at only 100 linden, I suspect they'll got pretty fast.

***The following pictures are not my own, they were taken from the Paulette advertisements and we done by Talah Magic, the owner of ~!STARE!~ Shapes***

~ Rose

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