Simply Sexy In Blacklace…

It has been a long while since I have found something I have liked so much at Blacklace that I had to stop what I was doing to run an get it.  However all that changed this morning.  I was dutifully cleaning out my notecards to keep my inventory count below 50K when I came across the LOW of the week posting.  I clicked the picture and squeed!  Not only is this new low certainly LOW in linden – ONLY 98L LADIES – but it’s black and red, my two most favourite colours EVER!

I love the details in this item.  From the frills of lace at the tops of the satin gloves to the bottom of the corset.  The lacing detail on the back is amazing as always, and the overall look is just so simple, and sexy, I couldn’t walk away without making it mine. 



Shopping List:

Outfit – ~Blacklace~ Unforgettable: Black Velvet & Red Satin Polka Dot LOW [SLurl]
Shoes – [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps (Black) [SLurl]

Seeing Red ;-)

click to enlarge

Sometimes going through your folders can work to your advantage.  I am out of sequence, but when I saw this I simply couldn't resist.  I've had a bevy of items from one of my favorite stores that I've wanted to use and never could figure out how to put them together. Then BAM: I need a shot for the red week of the 52 week color challenge (week 15).

I could gush for hours on how amazing Ivey's fantasy creations can be and are. I could go on and on about the affordability of her store and the fact that you get variety with every purchase since the low price you pay covers only fat packs.  But I'll simply say this: I love Sn@tch.  It's that simple.I LOVE SN@TCH and I'm not ashamed! (falls over in a giggle fit at the tongue in ... oh my that's not even gonna come out right! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Everything in this photo, save my skin, shape and hair is from this marvelous store.  They may not always have light colors, pastels or flowery type apparel, but Ivey Deschanel kicks butt in how she specializes in goth/fantasy apparel and accessories.

The hair is from a fairly new hair designer (or at the very least new to me; only discovered them a couple months ago and have been stocking up and not sharing :P).  Dura has a large variety of hair. My only problem with them is that their female hair doesn't quite fit me. But the male hair there...I ROCK IT LIKE A HURRICANE!!  I love the variety of what they're doing, and the price for a fat pack can't be beat.  Why the fat pack you say? Because with Dura, that's where your value will be.  Each hair is sold in an individual color for L$120. But if you buy a fatpack, which usually contains about 6 colors, you only pay $L300-L$360.  You do the math kids...though so :P

In tping around, I stumbled across this gorgeous little location to boot and tried out my Vextra pose hud (pre-loaded because I was being lazy and haven't filled my custom one yet).in the process!  Epic wins this morning!  Have a great day shopgasmers! MWAH!


ensemble - :::Sn@tch Death Angel Wings::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Demonic Horns (Curled/Double)::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Demonic Influence::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Harlot Coat::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Pleasure Leather Booty Shorts::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Soulful Eyes (Red)::: [SLurl]
                  :::Sn@tch Tattoo Makeup (Damned)::: [SLurl]
hair - **Dura-Boy**17 Light 5 color Fat (mocha) [SLurl]

pose - Vextra ANI-mate Animation / Dance / Photography HUD [SLurl]
location - red desert

A Beautiful Death...

week 2 - blue - 4
I was reading this wikipedia article on the colors of China and their significance and found it kind of funny/fitting considering that the outfits I chose for my incredibly late week 2 submission of the 52 weeks of color challenge were three colors from the Chinese culture: blue, silver (white) and gold.

One of my favorite outfits,  the Killer Kunoichi by Femme Fetale takes the classic cheongsam and brightens it using a brilliant azure blue color with silver accents.  I found it fitting and sort of ironic that for blue to mean funeral/death, the color of this incredibly sleek and sexy outfit is known as a killer. While I do have a minor problem with how the prim skirt bends on my av, the issue is so small that only I would truly notice it.  My favorite part of the outfit? The sai of course ;)

week 2 - blue - 2

So as I was putting this look together, it dawned on me I had another Asian themed outfit in blue.  After rummaging through my inventory, putting it on and finally adjusting the prim, I happily danced around my new studio eager to shoot it.  The Dragon Arts ensemble from B@re Rose comes in several colors one of which is this amazing blue with gold accents throughout the outfit.  Gold, per the article, means good luck and balance and is one of China's more beautiful colors.

The detail on this costume is amazing. The very intricate pattern of the gold draped over the blue(as seen up close on the wing in the photo above) made for a fascinating look that while it probably can't be worn every day, makes for an awesome outfit to wear for contests, a themed party, role playing or maybe even wearing around the house. To top off my look, I found these pretty spiffy katanas on the marketplace and as I slipped them into my little hands, it all simply came together and screamed 'it's time to snap, Kilo."  So...I did :-)

week 2 - blue

Golden Blue aka Beautiful Death?  Indeed it is...indeed.


Outfit: Killer Kunoichi-Azure Blue - Femme Fatale - Sixy Graves
Hair: creatives! hair .: spinned midnight :. G2 !!
Makeup: cheLLe - (eyeliner) EyePop Blueberry


Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Dragon Arts
Hair - Gritty Kitty: Slant - blue
Shoes - J's Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals 10Colors
Accessories - [LX] Steel Dragon DCS2/CCS Katanas

poses used: glitterati * diesel works * just a pose * marukin

Rhinestone Cowgirl

I've spent a lot of time, and many an event out of theme, trying to find a decent "cowgirl" look. I mean, Not all cow-folk are the typical fringe wearin' leather heads.... There's a lot of horsey people who'll just rock some jeans, boots, and a sweet shirt... so I got to thinkin'... I got that already!!!

Top it off with my signature hat... and I've got myself a cowgirl by golly!!!!

yes, I really just said "by golly".. shuup. Don't judge. :P

The Shirt, is fantastic, if your AO isn't motion heavy... The bottom is sculpty prims so, you can't be motion intensive obviously otherwise, yer gonna have deformities.... <3>
I like the pants, except the prims. The prims don't really work for me, So I just got some high top boots for personal use, but in the picture I'm wearing the jeans with the prims they come with so you can see... I think it took my shoes off :/
*Fashion Porn AwAy!*

Anyway, here's the rundown of what I have on....

Wicked Gear - Women's Ultra Low Rise Red Pocket Jeans w/Thongs

+grasp+ - Roll up sleeve shirts/brown/womens

UK Couture - Yes, I'm about to reveal the location of where YOU TOO can purchase my epic hat. *feels some kinda way about sharin' this information*

Truth - Robyn - Snow

Dahlinks - Custom Twin Dog Tags Necklace


Everyone wants to be a Superstar, okay, so maybe not THAT type of superstar... But what the hell, Rock stars make grunge look like something off a paris runway. Amy Lee's wardrobe is a girls dream! Well, maybe not ALL girls, but I personally would LOVE to rock some of those garms...

Anyway, the point of the matter is that, NEIN, has I think nailed the "Baggy/Skater" lookin' pant, without making the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man jealous of their curves... Plus, NEIN's complete outfits all seem to be UNDER 500L, shoes included in most cases (though the shoes featured in this blog DID NOT come with the outfit)

So, here's the quick run down of what I'm wearing...and of course... the fashion porn.
NEIN - Rockstar - Female outfit
Truth - Riley- Apple
~!STARE!~ Shapes - Isabelle II blogger early release
Cyberstar Tattoos - Full body Tattoo Japanese Snake
*Necklace and Bracelet were part of the rockstar outfit.
L'Emporio - Maryjane Shoes

Hoofin’ It!

I told myself that I was not going to do another blog today, but being awake so early and having way too much coffee I couldn’t help myself.  I was perusing blogs that I read on the regular, and I got an idea stuck in my head.  I love using my imagination to put things together, so I thought what the hell, I haven’t worn horns or hooves for a while, let’s do a post on those!

So I bring you my, whatever it is you call this kind of avatar.  The one challenging thing I find about these is how to keep them fashionable at the same time.   I mean you already look freaky enough with horns and funny feet, but your clothing has to be just right or it throws the entire look off.

So this is what I put together, with the main focus being on the amazing skin, again from Plastik, Horns from Illusions and Hooves from Pera.  Enjoy :)

All photos were taken at Lost World the Pirate Sim.  It is breathtaking if you have a chance to check it out.

Finally here is a close up of the AMAZING makeup work by Plastik.  Their skins have truly truly been an inspiration and so much fun to work with.  To have something like this just skyrocket your creative process, is like a blessing.  So thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart Plastik!  You rock!

Huh?  Where Did I Get My Stuff?:

Hair - Truth - Chalice [SLurl]
Skin - :[P]:-Ataciara-LUllaby- Tigerfish [SLurl]
Eyes - [Plastik]-VaeCollection-LFT-Suli [SLurl]
Hooves - [P E R A] +Leather+ Bloody Hooves [SLurl]
Socks - Pera and DS - Grunge Faun Hoof Stockings [SLurl]
Top - ** Lust Corset Black [SLurl]
Ribbons - CoG Design = enchained - [SLurl]
Skirt - *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black [SLurl]
Cuffs - *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs - black [SLurl]
Horns - *~*Nivicola Horns: Copy [SLurl]
Necklace - - .HoD. - The Path To Forgiveness Necklace [SLurl]

Low Riders…

The other day I decided to head over to the Delirium SIM to see what newness was abound and OMG, I came across this epically cute outfit!  It’s called Danica and it is by far one of the nicest outfits I have purchased from Delirium in some time.  For $250L’s you get yourself this awesome well textured hoodie, 2 versions of jeans (one photographed and one extreme low rise, so low ma butt was hanging out), prim cuffs for the pants and a prim belt.  What is great about Delirium is that you can purchase their items in 2 versions: 1 which is trans no copy, and 1 which is copy no trans.  Trust me every woman needs some low riders and a hoodie in her inventory!  Just sayin’

Christel Morane and team have outdone themselves yet again with a classic urban look that is cute and stylish at the same time.  Pairing it up with some sneakers, and an updo made a perfect look for what I was going for.

I also have to mention the exceptional Customer Service provided by the Delirium team.  When I purchased my outfit I went to their rez area to unpack, only to have my items completely disappear from my inventory.  ARGH SL *shakes fists*  A quick NC to one of the mall managers and within 20 mins I was being passed a redelivery of the item I bought.  Talk about quick turn around!  Christel IM’d me direct to make sure I got it and all was good.

Great Job Delirium, you continue to be at the forefront of Urban wear on the grid, add that to your amazing Management team, your helpful models and a beautiful SIM, you are the bees knees!

Location, Location, Location!!!

Outfit – Delirium – Danica – No Trans, Copy  [SLurl]
Hair – – Tatum [SLurl]
Shoes – SoReal – Superstars – Pink/White [SLurl]

Plastik Part #2–Ataciara Skins

Welcome to the world of the most fabulous Elven skins I think I have ever seen on the grid.  Aikea Rieko of Plastik has really REALLY outdone herself on this line of amazingly textured, detailed, coloured and unique skins to date.

Initially this was to be a post about a Demon, to go along with the Angel post previous, but when I got my folder from the failed delivery I was in a state of shock and awe.  If you are an elf you NEED these skins, if you aren’t an elf and are thinking of becoming one, you NEED these skins.  Heck, there are some shades that are perfect for drow, demon, even neko.  The possibilities are limitless with these skins, and the proof is in the picture:

Here I went with the Apple skin, added some red hair and booty shorts from Avid, and voila. Pretty bad ass!

This here is quite possibly my favourite of all the skins.  I love the purple, with the blue around the eyes, and the eyes included with the pack, just give this one so much mystery.  Again I paired it with an outfit from Avid.

This close up will give you a taste of the amount of detail put into these skins.  There are 20+ colours to choose from, all complete with matching ears and eyes.  Seriously YOU WILL LOVE THESE SKINS!

Below I will show you a few more photos just to give you an idea on the versatility of these skins.

Seriously people these photos do not do these skins any justice, you just need to head over to Plastik yourself and be the judge.  For photos, they are amazing in windlight under a multitude of settings.  There are just so many options to this skin line I haven’t even begun to explore them all myself.

On a side note:  Customer service at Plastik is TOP NOTCH!  I know, as a frequent shopper and blogger it is highly frustrating when your deliveries fail or when SL eats your inventory.  A quick notecard to the content creator with your transaction ID is the fastest way for them to try and help.  In my opinion Aikea Rieko went above and beyond in helping me get the skin that I had purchased.  She is polite and very quick at keeping her customers happy.  So thank you!  Aikea, you truly made this woman over the moon.  There is not enough thank you that can cover your amazing gesture, and I will continue to be a most loyal fan of your work and of your store.  Keep it up girl you rock!

The Plastik & Windlight…

This morning I was on a mission.  A mission to bring you something completely different in a great big epic post, and then SL went and took a dump.  I was over at Plastik trying to get all my parts in order when after my last purchase I got booted, not only did I pay for the item, it never showed up in my inventory, sooooo we will do this in 2 parts my friends *smiles*  Fear not!  There is much creativity abound.

As I was saying, I was over at Plastik, yes, I am addicted.  I have been a loyal shopper of theirs for at least 2 years, and I have about *goes to count*about 40 outfits and 2 skins (one of which was my failed purchase this morning).  I LOVE this store, like I don’t just love the clothes, I love the build, I love the skins, I LOVE the fact that it’s so unique, and more stores/creators should explore their creativity the way Aikea Rieko does.  She is truly amazing, with an imagination and creativity to keep it going for this long.

*disclaimer*  No I am not ego boosting, I do love this store, and will give credit where credit is legitimately due.  See below……

So I have this idea this morning as I am waiting to go to my SL job.  I have been really intrigued by the new skins at Plastik, and decided to go and choose 2 and blog them.  Initially this was supposed to be a combined post, however maybe it’s best that it is not.

When I landed at the store there was a HUGE display of goodies just in time for Valentine’s day INCLUDING some Valentine skins!   I quickly scooped up all the demos and tried them on, finally settling on :[P]:-Valentine's 2011Skin-Camellia.  When I got it I was surprised even more to see that the elven ears were included.  I don’t know about you guys, but nothing is worse than getting a themed skin and having to re-colour the parts yourself, you never get it right.  Well here is your solution, it’s ALREADY DONE for you!  Once I put it on, I knew exactly what to pair it with.

Blacklace came out with an amazing angel costume that I blogged over Halloween, I just adore the workmanship that went into this peice, so what better way to showcase them both then put them together.

The skin from Plastik looks OMG AMAZING in windlight!  I have recently been messing around with the filters doing photography and this skin and the lighting almost made me fall out of my chair, I seriously almost jizzed.  Putting it with the ensemble from Blacklace was PERFECT!  Adding to it Bax Prestige boots in white, and a little Rozoregalia, and hair from Magika and the look is complete.  Above is a fun shot, but this photo below, seriously took my breath away, and to quote my sister Rose: “wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow” as you will see for yourself…

Let’s just say, I hope hope hope I get redelivery of the second skin I purchased so I can make part two equally as amazing as this post.  GREAT JOB PLASTIK!  I have always been and will forever be a fan.  Kudos for keeping SL fresh and unique with your own amazingness!

What You Really Wanna Know:
Outfit – Blacklace – Angel: White Satin Corset Set (L.E) [SLurl]
Skin – Plastik - Valentine's 2011Skin-Camellia [SLurl]
Necklace/Nails – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*NECKLACE1 Ver1.1 BOX[SLurl]
Hair – Magika Discount Fatpack – HoH [SLurl]
Boots – Prestige Boots White Leather [SLurl]

Yowzzzzza Gizza!

OMG the outfit is so hot you had to see it first to truly understand just how much I adore this store.  Yes, it’s a bit on the pricy side for most but I purchased this complete outfit for $550L yesterday and have not taken it off since!  Mind you, for my preferences I made some changes.  HOWEVER, what you get is the outfit, and prim fur trim, also a prim fur bottom to the corset that cascades behind you, its really pretty, but for me it was too much.  It also comes with the cutest boots which are my only complaint.  There is no option to turn off the sporadic bling that comes from the heel, and because of that, I chose to not wear them for this blog, instead, I replaced them with the trusty and always sexy Bax Prestige boot.

I know this entry is short, but honestly, the outfit speaks for itself.  Its hot, sexy, dramatic, and well put together.  I couldn’t choose which pose to use to showcase it, and then I went on a photography spree, snapping all kinds of pics.  This outfit, truly inspired me to ignite the creative side again.

What You Really Wanna Know:
Outfit – Gizza Creations – Mysteria [SLurl]
Nails – +ROZOREGALIA+ – Gazellver [SLurl]
Boots – BAX – Prestige – Black [SLurl]
Hair– Truth – Kymberly Streaked [SLurl]

Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody…

Ain't gone hurt nobody we just dancin ya'll
Ain't gone hurt nobody out there on the floor
Ain't gone hurt nobody we just dancin ain't we
Ain't gone hurt nobody gonna give you more

Yes the classic Kid n’ Play song from when I was much much younger…haha.. Yesterday as friends and I were reminiscing over old school videos, the bright colours and lights made me think of this one store that I absolutely adore.  I love it for a few reasons: a) Great Prices, and b) Great selection of clothing. 

The creators over at Amerie have done a wonderful job with both their men’s and women’s fashion lines, going in there this morning I easily spent almost $1k Linden on clothing that just screamed my name, and one of those items was this cute little jumpsuit that I just had to have.  Well ok, I have it in black already, but I wanted it in purple too….

When I put it on, I knew exactly what poses I needed.  Thanks to PS Poseworks and their freebie Hip Hop selections!  Totally went for what I wanted to do.

I LOVE LOVE this jumpsuit!  It comes in a variety of colous, and the prim parts are oversized so you just have to shrink them as opposed to making them bigger (like on most clothes)  Yes folks there is a re-sizer thank God!  I paired this outfit up with a nice pair of Maitreya’s and we are off to the races!

Seriously made me wannna get out and dance, just sayin’.

What You Really Wanna Know:
Outfit – Amerie - Jumpsuit Violet [
Shoes - Maitreya - Esprit Xtd 2.0 [


See the Kinex-ion?

This blog is actually not gonna focus as much on the really cute outfit from SN@TCH that I'm wearing, but more about something that I don't see a lot of people focus on here in the feeds:  AV functionality...

Now...don't eject us from the feeds because of this thread...I promise it will come back to fashion & our overall need to fact...I SWEAR IT.

I 've been on the grid for 3+ years now. As such, I have amassed a gross amount of items in inventory, currently up to just under 70,000 items (and that will slim down as I consolidate my stuff).  "How do you keep all your stuff straight, Kilo?" someone once asked me.  Well ... here's a little secret: I don't.  Hence my post.  I have danced, hosted, DJ (still DJ more than the other two *beams*), built (who knew? LMAO) and one thing I found that I simply can't do without when it comes to the last option is my texture organizer, purchased from Kinex. This nifty 12-drawer texture/sculpty organizer comes with enough functionality that you can organize your building textures, scuplties AND  (wait for it....)  YOUR FASHIONS BY PICTURE if you so desired. 

Kinex uses a relatively simple drag-and-drop technology to make sorting through your stuff easier. In the example above, I have started putting the ads from my SN@TCH newsletter into the Kinex system by highlighting it, dragging the items over to the drawer marked SN@TCH (top left green category box), then holding down the ctrl key on my keyboard before dropping (you HAVE to do that part or it won't work). 

No need to worry abou accidentally adding the same picture two/three/multiple times; duplicates function on this thing is your friiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeend! You can set a bin up for each store (some will require more than one/two - each "category" does have a photo limit.  Drop a piccie in the wrong category?  NO WORRIES!! Just click the pick on the grid side (left), select move to and voila...all done [there are mass move/copy commands as well] This thing is really user friendly and copyable so you can make as many as you want! only complaint with this is that it's limited to 12 categories per kinex.  so copying can be a bit of a pain if you like to leave your toys out.  If you're this person, I recommend:

1 - renaming each kinex you drop (still keep kinex in the title so it's easy to find)
2 - pull them up when you don't need them.

Best I can tell, they're no using scripts that constantly run, but considering the way lag is on the grid in general...I'd recommend it anyway ;-)

Now back to the organizing your fashions part of this. Once you've added in these piccies, you can now delete them from your inventory (either piccie or nc with piccie in them) to help consolidate space.  This is a great thing for if you have a huge inventory like me.  Some people like to delete their LMs, NCs and even the piccies out of their clothing folder. But if you're anything like may forget what something looks like.  So my Kinex is truly my one-stop shop for playing dress-up. I simply open my NC(s) with the pick in it. Toss the piccies of the stuff I own into my Kinex, delete the nc (or piccie) and go. *ALL PICCIES MUST BE FULL PERM IN THE KINEX OR IT WON'T SHOW*

Then...when I want to remember what is in each folder (not all items come with a see? ... helps you remember *winks*) so I can pick something to wear, I rez my Kinex, click the drawer and start looking. Once I know what I want to wear (like today's ensemble seen above), then voila...I'm dressed and off the parcel! WOOTS! (Another secret...I just started remembering I could use Kinex for this...LAST NIGHT.  I've had Kinex for almost TWO YEARS! GAH!  All that time wasted! X.X)

So yeah..there it is. Kinex...a rediscovered gem in my massive inventory that I simply can not do without and SN@TCH one of the my favorite places to shop (and urf displays) that I wouldn't dream of abandoning in my inventory. And since I'm showing you interface and junk...I figured I'd offer up the cameos of my screen so you can see my other SL survival tools as well.

Happy shopping!

<3 Miss K

p.s. a special thank you to katey coppola who helped me get my bed adjusted this morning because this one time...i'm a noob (as witnessed below) :P:

[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: the position 3 pose for the preview is a little elevated from the bed.  will there be a way to adjust that in the regular release?
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Katey Coppola: You can do it in that one :) type /1a to get the menu
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: OMG I love you! LMAO
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: and i might be quoting this last part of the convo :P  link forthoming :D
[2011/02/03 04:25]  Katey Coppola: Okay yay! hahaha :D

p.p.s.  i think this officially counts as my very first in a very backlogged (read: LATE) entry into the 52 weeks of color challenge for GREY (the outfit...pewter...looks a lot like gray :P)

the deets:

Today's Star: KINEX texture organizer (also avail on marketplace)


hair: analog dog - dive-onyx
outfit: :::Sn@tch Sultry Days::: in pewter/silver

onscreen sharez:

Stasis HUD
Abranimations - Mocap AO (no not telling which one :P They all rock!)
HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1 RC2
Thomas Conover: HPC TP-HUD 2.3c (to navigte around my parcels many hidden locations)
Meike - Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe


GLITTERATI - Bed - VIP (L$500 join fee..but so worth it)
Long Awkward Pose - the standing pose :)

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