Rhinestone Cowgirl

I've spent a lot of time, and many an event out of theme, trying to find a decent "cowgirl" look. I mean, Not all cow-folk are the typical fringe wearin' leather heads.... There's a lot of horsey people who'll just rock some jeans, boots, and a sweet shirt... so I got to thinkin'... I got that already!!!

Top it off with my signature hat... and I've got myself a cowgirl by golly!!!!

yes, I really just said "by golly".. shuup. Don't judge. :P

The Shirt, is fantastic, if your AO isn't motion heavy... The bottom is sculpty prims so, you can't be motion intensive obviously otherwise, yer gonna have deformities.... <3>
I like the pants, except the prims. The prims don't really work for me, So I just got some high top boots for personal use, but in the picture I'm wearing the jeans with the prims they come with so you can see... I think it took my shoes off :/
*Fashion Porn AwAy!*

Anyway, here's the rundown of what I have on....

Wicked Gear - Women's Ultra Low Rise Red Pocket Jeans w/Thongs

+grasp+ - Roll up sleeve shirts/brown/womens

UK Couture - Yes, I'm about to reveal the location of where YOU TOO can purchase my epic hat. *feels some kinda way about sharin' this information*

Truth - Robyn - Snow

Dahlinks - Custom Twin Dog Tags Necklace


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