Feeling Feline *Grins*

So there I was, or shall I say, here I still am. Saturday morning and I am up at the ass crack of dawn -- albeit the sun was not yet up and the clock was approaching about 6:45am. My kitten (well not really a kitten she's about 4) decides that it's time to play. How NOT impressed am I at that moment. However, with every negative there is a positive right!?! Which means.....

Fashionistas I bring you the kitty!

Toxic Kitty has long been one of my favorite Sexy Urban Neko stores in SL. I happened upon it a few months ago just by accident really. The store is relatively large, but easy to navigate. The colours are bright yet not blinding. If you are in search for something specific, you WILL be able to find it.

When you TP into the mainstore you will come upon a staircase. Along the left is where you can find various freebies and dollarbies (one of which is this cute cute outfit).

#1 Rockadolla Outfit $1L
This outfit consists of a jacket and pant layer along with a prim skirt attachment. I did not wear the skirt because quite honestly it looks like I was growing tubes from my belly. So not sexy tubes=fail.

But worn just the tank and the tights the outfit turns out to be quite hot.

Additional Items: BAX Prestige boots. Dahlinks Stacked Silver Bracelets with heart lock and Bali braid & The Initial Necklace in "S"

So while I was checking out the dollarbies, freebies, Lucky Chairs and new items I happened upon the CUTEST winter outfit, which has decidedly made me want to rock it for the rest of the day and be Neko all weekend! I love being Neko, but I have to be in that mind-frame to do it. This outfit definitely helped with that!

#2 Starfall $500L

This has to be by far the cutest winter Neko outfit I have seen since coming back in world last year. I LOVE the fur accents on the right places. The colour is amazing and not so damn bright as is the problem with most Neko gear. The skirt is cute, and not tubey, and passes the dance test! The arm-warmers are amazing as are the boots which house a resizing script. All around I am completely enamored by this outfit. Even the tail is cute but will need to be repositioned on your body. This outfit is FULL of win and a must have for every Neko who is stelling in and getting ready for yet another cold winter. Good thing we can always cuddle up to keep warm *winks*

SLUrls: [toxic kitty mainstore] [BAX Boots] [Dahlinks]

Cause Every Woman Needs A Hot Dress!

Hello Fashionistas!

It's that time again, yes, blog time. I have been wandering the great world that is SL a bit since the last time we spoke, and this morning I had some dress goodness come to me in the form of a notice, or subscribo? To be honest, I really cannot remember, coffee has taken over and well... I digress

If you have not been to Bliss Couture, you are MISSING OUT!

Bliss is a shop of dress-gasm like you would not believe. From formal gowns, wedding gowns, shoes and jewels this should be your first stop to make if you are looking for the dress that makes his or her heart skip a beat.

So...... I introduce to you The Tyra Gown in Silver

This has to be one of the hottest gowns I have seen in a long while. Taking its inspiration from silks I would imagine but making it classy, and get this.... *AFFORDABLE* yes ladies for 350L for a very very short time you can head over to Bliss Couture and own this dress! It comes in 5 amazing colours *Silver (as photographed), Lime, Purple, Blue, Aqua and Pink. The detail work is just mind blowing, clearly my photo does not do it any kind of justice at all.

The dress comes with 3 attachments 2 skirts, one scarf, and the shirt and pants layer. It's quite elegant and sexy at the same time. While you are there, check out the rest of the store, as I have said, its just simply amazing, well laid out and full of the most gorgeous dresses you will ever lay eyes on.

[Bliss Couture SLurl]

*EC* Evies Closet SHOPGASM

For those of you not following this blog like cultists to a sacrificial lamb, I'll just mention you should read the very first introductory post before you read this particular blog post.

I am in LOVE with Evies Closet. I've shopped Evies since it was a MUCH smaller store in a sky box with only a handful of dresses. My very first major clothing purchase was in fact a dress from Evies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Evies Closet. Fairytale gowngasm!

Anyway, I decided to stop in there today to see what's new when I came face to face with "The Fable Gown". *thuds* Yep. Remember when I said I was in love?! The reason is this... Evies Closet has imaginative designs that you don't find anywhere else in SL. The gowns are FANTASTIC, the textures are beautiful and bold. I honestly couldn't say enough good things about Evies Closet. I would totally hump Evangeline's leg mid shopgasm. No. Seriously.

Here's a SLURL so that you too may shopgasm over the joys of dress shopping at Evies.

*Can you count how many times I shamelessly plugged the blog name in this post?*

Hellloooooo Kitty!

I'm gonna start off by saying that I've been watching ALOT of the latest season of Project Runway, trying to catch up on the past episodes I missed. As a result, I think I'm going to attack this dress, Michael Korrs style...

I was looking for a new, edgy, couture type store today. I really wanted something different, and boy did I find different.

The dress is by a store called **:::MAYDEN COUTURE:::**
They sell a little bit of everything. Skins, Menswear, women's clothing and accessories etc etc...

The dress in question however, is called "Kitty" which I happened to buy in red. I thought it looked cute. My prim bottom however begs to differ. You see, once I put the dress on, I realized that the tulle section which drapes from the back looks more like it's growing out of my bottom, ya know, that place where things just shouldn't be shoved... At any rate, I think this dress was fun and edgy if not for that uncomfortable placement. I managed to snag some pictures of myself in the dress for your own opinion on it.. Enjoy

*goes off to find the petroleum jelly*

You can check out Mayden Couture in Secondlife with the following SLURL - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lenimov/115/202/1001

R.D Explores Zenith Fashions (YAY First Post)

Alright so, I'm new to this whole blogging thing... what is blogging anyway? Sounds more like a bowel movement... alright that aside, I was stumbling around with my fellow shop*gasmers checking out some new places when I fell upon (literally, stupid TP) a shop I had never been to before called "Zenith", yeah okay, some of you may have already known about this store but, it's new to me and I'm sure alot of you!

This is a store to watch. There's some prim work issues, like a flexi skirt under a non flexi so it looks funny when you walk/dance. sculptie skirts that don't move with you... but... The textures are nice and the designs are unique. I think once this designer works out the kinks, it'd be a store to keep an eye out for.

Their designs are inexpensive. I can't say enough about the unique texture work of Zenith, but boy does the prim work need work. Things that shouldn't have much flexi, have way too much, and things that should, don't. So yeah. Definitely check out Zenith clothing, but try to avoid their premier outfits for now...

Gotta Love Those Hot Summer Nights

I decided, hey since September is here, I would go ahead and make my first "OFFICIAL" Shop*gasm blog post! So this is what I have for you my chillrens *grins*

Introducing: *KL* Boomerang Hearts Cocktail Dress (in Red) *Kitties Lair SLurl*

*Pictured here the dress (for $290L) comes with 3 layers, optional fringe inlay (not pictured), optional flexi fringe (not pictured), rhinestone heart broach which attaches to chest, and dangling earings.

* Jazz Baby long knotted pearls by Dahlinks *SLurl*

* J's Ankle Boots Round in Black

This is a great sexy outfit for when you want to go out with that special someone and dance the night away!

The dress is affordable and well made. The prim skirt will need some adjusting according to your shape and how it sits on your body, but all an all a GREAT purchase for someone looking to save some linden on a nice dress without spending a whole lot.

Next we have SHOES! Yes my very own personal weakness aside from jewels and hair...LOL... yes who would have thought that a girl could have a serious hair addiction, yeah well I'm here! Hai!

Introducing: J's Ankle Boots Round (in black)
*J's SLurl*

Ok so I have to be serious with ya'll here. You WILL spend $400L on this kick ass pair of boots. *Stare into my eyes while I convince you of this yes?*

Trust me, this will be the BEST Linden you invest if you are looking for a versatile pair of ankle boots. They come with 2 attachments. One for when you wear with jeans and on where you do not. I really wish that most boots came with this option, but I am eternally appreciative that J's has included the choice for me in this nicely constructed pair of boots.

The details are AMAZING, and the colour selection is vast. You will NOT be disappointed in purchasing this item for your inventory, and your feets.... they be happy too *grins*

So there you have it folks. Affordable shopping that won't end up making you look like a newbie, and for you newbie, affordable shopping that will help you look your best in this crazy grid we call SL.

Howdy From Shop*gasm!!

Haiiii....and welcome to the Shop*gasm Blog!!! What is a shopgasm you ask? Well let us break it down for you: a "gasm" is the inexplicable and often uncontrollable moan, gasp or breath that escapes your lips when something you see, sense, touch or taste wows you so much, it comes out on its own and your toesies may or may not wiggle. Now...apply that to shopping. You know that high-pitched squeal that your friends make when you're on voice and they JUST saw this outfit they HAD to have, or that poseball or table or...well you get my point. THAT, my friends is a SHOPgasm. And shopgasms are the nahm. That's really all there is to it! Now...let me introduce our main contributers!!

Haiiiiii from Rose (she's the one in the middle)...

Okay...so I was asked to write an introduction about myself, something to let you all in on who I am and what I'm about. Here's the short version: what you see is what you get. I have very little time to try and sugar-coat things; I'm honest to a fault. I love my friends and will do anything for them...including writing this blog. I'm not really good with words so, we'll see how long it takes before Kilo says "Umm Rose, maybe you shouldn't be doing this."

Anyway, I owned a bridal shop IRL and have a bit of knowledge about the wedding industry so my forte is mostly formals and bridals. I love fashion! It might not seem that way but, quite honestly I look at the unique designs people come up with and think "WOW that's so cool!" Of course there are those I look at and go "OMG BURN IT" but hey ... not everyone is going to have great works of art all the time!

Hello from SuiteLady (pretty lady on the right)...


So this is great, getting to blog with my fellow shop*gasmers, I am so excited at this new venture, so much so -- "It makes me happy in da pants". Yes, I am a tad insane but you will come to realize that each of us brings our own kinda crazy to the table :)

Let me introduce myself. My name is Suite (pronounced Sweet). I'm a happy-go-lucky Canadian girl who LOVES to shop. I am a self proclaimed shop-a-holic, however I am picky. You can expect to see value shopping from me....read: great quality items for a low linden cost to help you increase your sexy wardrobe! I won't pay top dollar for something unless its absolutely necessary!

Ciao from Kilo (lady on da left)...

Hey all!! I'm Kilolo (pronounced KEY-LOW-LOW - but please just call me Kilo) and well...I like to blog, shop, dj and of course find wonderful things to do with my two besties and sisters, Rose and Suite. And that's how this brainchild started. I couldn't be more honored than to have these two ladies writing on this venture with me.

Will what we have to say be engaging? Hopefully. Will it be funny? We'll try!! Will it have absolutely no value if it goes unread? CERTAINLY. Will it piss some designers and store owners off? What doesn't??

We're just starting this blog thing, but we are more than ready to tackle it head-on!! We will do our best to not only bring you the yays of content creation, but the honest truth as well so that you too can survive the shopping madness that has become Second Life commerce.

So hello from us all...enjoy and bring a change of shorts...this could get messy ;)


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This blog is a project that was birthed out of three sisters and friends wanting to do something together that we could all enjoy and share.

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