R.D Explores Zenith Fashions (YAY First Post)

Alright so, I'm new to this whole blogging thing... what is blogging anyway? Sounds more like a bowel movement... alright that aside, I was stumbling around with my fellow shop*gasmers checking out some new places when I fell upon (literally, stupid TP) a shop I had never been to before called "Zenith", yeah okay, some of you may have already known about this store but, it's new to me and I'm sure alot of you!

This is a store to watch. There's some prim work issues, like a flexi skirt under a non flexi so it looks funny when you walk/dance. sculptie skirts that don't move with you... but... The textures are nice and the designs are unique. I think once this designer works out the kinks, it'd be a store to keep an eye out for.

Their designs are inexpensive. I can't say enough about the unique texture work of Zenith, but boy does the prim work need work. Things that shouldn't have much flexi, have way too much, and things that should, don't. So yeah. Definitely check out Zenith clothing, but try to avoid their premier outfits for now...


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