Oh My *S* Stars!

How happy was I to log in the other day and have a delivery of the newest release from Stars!  OH SO VERY!  This outfit is too sexy to not wanna show it off to the world.  Stars has also hooked us up, and has this gem on the MP for $99 Promo, so if you like it you have to run and get it…. like NOW!

This package includes skirt, pant, black top, white jacket, sleeves, collar, belt only and belt with sculpted lower jacket . Prim and sculpts are modifiable.  I have not worn some of the pieces just because I think for me it looks better this way.  I am a less is more kinda gal, and this combination just seemed to work for me best.  Pairing it with some hot Maitreya’s and we are off to the races.

If you are looking to be a lil bit business, a lil bit classy and a lil bit sexy, this is an outfit just for YOU.

This content creator is one to keep your eye open for.  Great quality clothes, great price, you just cannot go wrong with that!  Check them out!

MP Listing : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-1-WEEK-S-Starry-for-elegant-sexy-women/2708622  <—ONE WEEK ONLY for $99L



It’s been a while since I have featured something from the amazing creative mind of Aikea Reiko of Plastik, so when I came across this lil gem, I had to find a way to work it into my blog re-routine.

For both Men and Women, Plastik has come out with a gorgeous new skin called “Nomad”.  The details of this skin are what you would expect from her work, and it goes above and beyond that.  The markings on the skin are very unique, beautiful and so well placed, for both sexes.  The skin features a wonderful tribal like design on the back and front, details on the face and some along the front hip area too.  Its just such a wonderful skin that these pictures do not do them any justice at all.  Last I checked you could go and get each for $499L there about at the landing point of the main store.  So head on over and pick yourself up a skin that is so amazingly awesome I really think she should be charging more for. 

Oh So Devilish!

Who doesn't want to show off just how sexy they can be sometimes?   Getting into that perfect lil dress, strutting around, going out, having a lil dance.  No I am not talking about hoochie wear.  I am talking about dressing sexy and still having class at the same time!  Seems like some days that is harder than others in SL, but I digress.

Over the last few weeks I was introduced to a lovely lady named Dev Damone.  I also came to find out that she makes and sells her creations in world at her store “Devilish Designs” so yesterday I decided to take a peek.

The store is lovely, it took me a moment to rez, but I am convinced that it is completely an SL issue, I mean what is with their asset servers lately?!  I walked in to a nicely lit store, very well laid out, and spacious.  Nothing that is over the top of gaudy that makes you wanta turn and run for the hills.  Each outfit is clearly displayed, and the vendor photos are large enough that you can actually see what it will look like.  As an aside, one of my biooger pet peeves as a blogger is going to a store and you cannot really decipher what the outfit will look like once before you purchase cause its been photoshopped to smithereens and the picture is too small.  Well you won’t find that here!  The outfit I purchased was just how it looked on the vendor sign!  YAY!

I was immediately lured by this hot little dress called “Rock Me”, let me tell ya, these days I base my purchases on if they scream my name, and this one surely did!  I picked it up in red and was floored when I saw the purchase was only $150L.   Yes the zipper TOTALLY called me! *grins*

LADIES, You can look sexy and not spend an assload of linden if you just step out of your box and shop and some great stores!  You HAVE to add Devilish Designs to that list!  Devil will make sure that you are looking sexy for half the cost than what you would spend on one of those cookie cutter sims.  Yes I call it cookie cutter because everyone ends up looking the same when they shop at the same places all the time.

So GET OUT OF THAT BOX!  Come support a wonderful content creator who has been on the grid and has cemented herself in SL with a wonderful clothing line that won’t break your bank account!

LM LM LM!!!!   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Hell/129/127/22

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