Here Comes Winter…

What better way to rush in the Holiday Season, then with some nice fashions?  Warm snugglies?  Yes, we love both here at Shop*gasm, and we don’t stop until we are completely satisfied!
Ladies today I bring you the joys of Mix & Match!  For most of us women, and some of our men, we pride ourselves on having the best, hottest, sexiest put together outfits on the grid.  Recently I have been experimenting with M&M and have to admit, sometimes the outfits I come up with myself, are BETTER than the pre-packaged ones that we all spend a fortune on just to look good.  So the next time that you wanna go for a certain look, rummage through that mess that is your inventory and see what you already have, perhaps all you will need to add is an accessory or a cute sweater *winks*  Which is what my case was last night! 
I wanted a casual, yet sexy look to wander SL in.  I didn’t want to be overly sexy, wasn’t in the mood to attract that kind of attention.  So I tossed on some jeans, sneakers, and my glasses.  The one thing I COULD NOT FIND was a decent sweater.  It seems that my closet is lacking in that department.  So off I went to NyteN’Day.  I see their adds all the time across the feeds, and decided I would check it out.  Now, while most their clothes are lacking in detail and for me personally are slightly on the newbish side, they are relatively inexpensive, and if you spend some time and look closely at what they have you will find a jem, like I did with this sweater!

It’s cute, it’s red, and it accents what I already had on!  Totally the look I wanted to go for and it only cost me $75L!   Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fashioned that are not detailed up the ying/yang, sometimes that actually hinders the pieces, not one bit, but after my shopping experience at NyteN’Day, I can say with certainty, unless they have something STELLAR in their subscribo notices, I won’t willingly go back – because I am picky!  Not because of their clothing on a whole.

Item Details:
Hair - Truth "Grace" - -
Kalnins "Quantum " -
Sweater - NyteN'Day "Snug Red" -
Jewlery - Dahlinks - Wearing  Have a Heart Pendant & Stacked Silver Bracelet -
Jeans - Potassium "Plain Steel" *Sorry ladies Banana decided to close her shop, these are no longer available*
Shoes - SOREAL Superstars Black & White -
Couch  40L for a LIMITED TIME, so like GO NOW!
S.LOVES  Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa - has 12 poses in it, perfect for bloggers!
Skin, Eyes, Shape – As much as I enjoy that people post where they get their skins and shapes, I have taken great pride in my look, and love the fact that I have yet to run into someone who “looks like me”, for this reason, I will never reveal the source of theses three items.  I enjoy my uniqueness to the fullest ♥

~Phoenix Rising’s Rising Star~

This particular blog is, genuinely hard to write. I don’t honestly like putting down peoples hard work in a public forum. However, in order for me to explain exactly why Phoenix Rising has a new place in my “awesome stores” listings, I need to start from the beginning.

A day or so ago I purchased an outfit from my new favorite shop, Phoenix Rising. I hadn’t purchased anything by Danial prior to this point. My purchases from Phoenix Rising had been all PRBritneyof Ashoka’s designs. Enter the Britney outfit in Plum. They’re currently (I’m not sure for how much longer) having a sale with a big discount on goodies (so go shop, now!!!) anyway, I bought my Britney outfit and went back to my beach to try it on and fit the prims, which is always a necessary evil in SL, only to find that the collar of the jacket didn’t fit, the texture/prim of the bottom part of the jacket, also didn’t fit properly, to the point that the hemp shirt underneath (which is really cute too in it’s own simplicity) was showing through the jacket. I was frustrated and to be honest, whole heartedly disappointed. Phoenix Rising hadn’t let me down before, not once, so why this time?

I decided at that point that I would write a note card to Ashoka, not yet realizing that it wasn’t her creation at all, so I wrote a note briefly explaining my problems with the item, and what I thought to be wrong. Then, the next morning I logged in to find a brand new updated version of the Britney outfit from the designer Danial. It fits MUCH better now as you can see, and to top it off he took the time to apologize for my disappointment and also chatted with me for a bit about some nahmy delights that us Americans can’t get readily here in the states. Anyway, longer story shorter, the customer service provided to me at Phoenix Rising was OUTSTANDING. I have NEVER been more happy with a designers ability to take criticism and come out shining. Danial did that, along with his co-creator Ashoka. This dynamic duo is sure to come out with unique and trendy designs so, keep an eye on this pair!!!

As a side note, Danial is a new designer to Phoenix Rising and the Britney was only his 2nd design. I give him MAJOR credit for dealing with me, let alone providing a really great outfit. The texturing on it is FANTASTIC.

~Also shown ~Dahlinks – Management Necklace and Earrings, Monroe(with lip piercing) ~ETD Tyra in black ~Bax – Prestige Boots in Red

A rediscovery of awesome + Good Cust. Service = EPIC WIN

So remember that time that we told you there was a third who will someday be able to keep up with her two shopping a.d.d. ridden cohorts?  Yeah...that's me ... and computer is still not up to snuff *tear*.  But...that doesn't prevents the shopping!! NAY!

So back to the point.  I was running behind..around...whaaaaaaaaatever my two sisters and we landed at a place I had been to before but completely forgot about: Sweetest Goodbye.  To say the store has changed would be an understatement!  I saw stuff I don't remember seeing before and thudded (again with the thudding!).  So in my dire need to not succumb to the school uniform my dynamic duo of sisterdom has...I opted for something a bit different...the Desire sweater (see below) warned: This sweater ... alll primwork.  But it's GOOD primwork. You may have to move the top down just a smidgen in order to cover your left nipple, but other than that...rock the primwork!!

So as I started drooling in the store...I immediately began thinking ... what can I put with this wonderful thing to make an outfit.  Add a mini from Luck, Inc, Bax Boots and all that was missing...the HAIR. Enter Deviant Kitties & their wonderful proprietor Halyanwe Vindaloo.  I went, picked out several demos and ended up in lurve with the Archie: a scripted color-change hair that's up on her new releases wall.  And when I say I had trouble...I had TROUBLE getting the hud to work.  So...I im'd her. Figured, 'what the hey? Worse comes to worst...I get no help'.  Not only was Halyanwe online, she was uber helpful; walking me through the demo hair & hud, before and after purchase (as there were some startup issues with both). And ultimately when the product refused to work for me...she sent me the version she was using to walk me through and VOILA! new hair that worked ^.^!! Note to customers:  EVERY shop owner could take a lesson from Miss Vindaloo. She was courteous, patient and most important...HELPFUL. Thank you made my night!!  Between items already in inventory, a quick stop at Bax and the awesome that is Halyanwe's customer service...the outfit just...fell together!  Enjoy kids!

Hair: Archie - Deviant Kitties
Earrings: Hoops - Dahlinks
Sweater: Desire 'Wheat' - Sweetest Goodbye
Wrist Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Belly Jewel: Tribal Belly Ring - Xcite
Skirt: mini plain denim skirt - Luck, Inc.
Boots:  Bax Ankle Boots in Brown - Bax Boots
Poses: Serenade and others

A change is gonna come...

No really, it already has, See, look, I went to the other end of the spectrum! My hair is black!

I want to thank *X*plosion Hair for creating some AWESOME new unique hair styles which come with accessories like ponytail wraps, beanies, and headbands... I'm wearing the "Tisha" The hair packs come with either the diamond accessories or without. I'm wearing it with. I heart it. Oh yes. Yes I do. My only beef is that there isn't enough color options available in the hair pieces. Ya know when you want that beanie to match just right... but the color isn't' there... then what? You settle for a close proximity that isn't necessarily that close..

I also wanted to talk about muh new sweater. No it probably won't keep me warm in these cool winter months but, the Herangsa - Red is hot, look, it even comes with a smokin' leopard print bra... now, not all colors come with the leopard print bra... each color option has a different accent, you'll have to check out Sweetest Goodbye for yourself. The clothes are really fun and uber cool as my sister Suitelady pointed out in a previous blog with another couple items.
~Also Shown~
Dahlinks Monroe with Lip Piercing
Assassin Bracers by unknown
MaxEyez Prim Bi Color eyes
iNFlict - Mind of the wonderful full body tattoo
So, I usually include something witty and completely off topic in each of my blogs, however, it's nearly 11pm my time and quite frankly, I'm running on 4 hours sleep so, I'll simply leave you with this.... *Enter Witty Comments Here*

Urban Street

Ok so I am like the BIGGEST Hip Hop/Urban wear conaisseur in both RL and SL. I have one major complaint about SL however... The lack of finding great affordable urban clothing that dosen't look like you are wearing tires around your legs. So imagine my excitement when I TP into the Sweetest Goodbye this morning.

SG Outfit

Billie @ $290L, is this wonderfully designed short jacket. Falling just above your midsection, this jacket is open and has the hoodie attachment. There were many colour options, I chose black with the green-gold accents. The prim sleeves are so cute, and the stars and stripes detail are so subtle yet, a great addition to the piece.

BomBom @ $200L are these adorable capri type pants. Appearing that the texture is to mimic that of a parachute, they have minimum shine, yet enough detail that gives this peice depth and character. I love how they ride low on the hips without letting your bits being shown to the rest of the world. The tiny little button accents only add to the amazing pants.

Now the shoes... OMG the SHOES!!!!!

These are called Wonder Bird, and at $500L -- although quite expensive are completely worth it to round out your urban look. These shoes come in a variety of colors, and all are equally wonderful. I love the detail of the laces, the fabrics and the wool that is folded over, giving it a great overall look. When you wear them you might be surprised that they look a bit over sized however that is how they are SUPPOSED to look. Another great shoe investment for me thank you to the Sweetest Goodbye.

SLurl: [The Sweetest Goodbye]

p.s. ladies they have a subscribo in the store that does not eat a group space so hop on it.

<3 Suite.

Just WOW

My wonderfully supportive partner Tavian decided that this morning was a spoil Rosie day. So here we are, a new sexy outfit. Here's the thing, I saw this outfit and the first thought was "whoa that's awesome"... and as I looked at it further, I loved it more and more. This outfit comes with scarf, prim skirt, and jeans with prim ankle cuffs. The texture is brilliant, the prim work is super!
I'm always wearing the Bax Prestige boots in red. They're as always wonderfully done, I can't wait to buy the brown and white sets as I already own the black and quite frankly, no SL avi should be without these boots. Period. As an FYI Bax offers fittings for your boots so that you don't have to hassle with them, thanks Julia Merosi for doing a wonderful and quick job at my fitting this morning!!

Also I wanted to talk about one of the rising hair places in SL X*plosion. I'm wearing their Tisha style, I love their hair. I don't know what else to say.

All in all, I'm having fun with this outfit, and I don't think it's gonna come off for a few days.... till next blog anyway.... LOL!!!

Blacklace: Miguelina

It's Friday the 13th, and just when you thought nothing would go wrong, the evil vortex of SL opens up and attempts to swallow you whole! *Face Palms* So not having a good Friday. But I digress, because it was quickly solved with some snuggle time, and SHOP THERAPY!

So this one time I opened up my inventory, and decided that today would be the day that I clean out my SLurls. Oh damn, big mistake. After going through about 50 of them, I realized that most the stores had moved, not changed, not released anything new. Then I decided, lets go visit places I haven't been in a long while. Oy, no such luck. I couldn't find a damn thing.

So I TP over to Blacklace cause sexy lingerie ALWAYS makes me happy, and OMG SHOP*GASM! They have 3 new releases (well one is actually a re-worked piece but..) so I quickly note that I have seen everyone and their sister blogging about the one set, so I quickly purchased the other set *grins* yes I R Smart!

Blacklace: Miguelina $398L

Blacklace: Miguelina

A stunning, vivid, and bright lingerie set. Corseted top with matching panties, gloves and stockings. Coming in 8 AMAZING colours. I chose the Teal set, because I know it would play off with my red locks. Boy was I glad I was right. I have to admit, I am a Blacklace JUNKIE, but with good reason. Each item comes with a variety of layers depending on what you want to wear, and wear it with, and the price is unbeatable for the quality of work you are getting in your clothing purchase. To be honest, they really could get away with charging more for their product it is THAT amazing. Either way though, Blacklace passes the quality & dollar value every time.

Enjoy making your partner drool with this DIVINE piece of lingerie!

Get it here [SLurl] -- And don't forget to join their group & subscribo for news and gifties :)

It's like buttah

Okay, so after a few days of tying my hands, literally, from shopping... I decided to use this nifty little gift card I won at a Dahlinks Sponsored event to purchase the Dahlinks Celestial Necklace, and of course what's a necklace without a really hot dress to show it off in! Which brings us to the other store of addiction, Phoenix Rising. Oh muh gawd I love these two designers. I think if they ever collaborated I'd be in for a serious dent in my virtual wallet.

So, without further delay and endless ranting about... ooo butter cookies.. *ahem*... about uhh what was I saying... Oh right! Without further delay... wow did you see that?! No really, it just darted across my screen... oh.. never mind... stupid fly... dang I did it again... okay, for real this time, without further delay I give you one of Dahlinks latest, The Celestial Necklace, could it possibly have a more magnifique name?! I mean, look at that thing! There's a ton of gems! And it's scripted so you can change the color of the gems to suit your needs!! It's glitter without the bling in typical Dahlinks séduction!

With the bling I needed fabric of course, I mean, not that my partner would object to me running around in nothin' but the pixels I've purchased - So I decided to go back to my latest obsession, Phoenix Rising and I TP'd out with a gown called Edo's Onjah in Pink wild. It's AWESOME, comes in an A-Line and full skirt option, There's a solid color panel bodice, or the zebra stripe in multiple colors. The dress is FANTASTIC! I can't rave enough about the quality you find at Phoenix Rising. Check it out for yourself!!!

Also Shown~


Sometimes people intend to do something... and then something else happens... and their intentions miss the mark...

That is NOT the case with this exquisite gown. I had gone to Phoenix Rising a few times before this trip. I have never encountered such well done clothing at such little cost. I have to give Ashoka Eales some serious credit here. Her textures are fantastic and her prim work is flawless! I challenge you mortals to view her store and NOT walk out of there with at least ONE outfit. No seriously. If you go there, and genuinely do not like something, I will be shocked. She has casuals as well as formals and accessories....

Anyway back to the dress in question.... Intentions is one of Phoenix Rising's older works, but it's absolutely perfect. This dress has personality. I saw it and HAD to have it. In fact I saw it the last time I had been there and SWORE I was GOING back to get it! Thus, I have obtained my intentions.... have you?
~Also Worn~

I love Rosey~

So, way back in the days of black and white TVs and families who actually talked to one another instead of texting, there was this wickedly funny female comedian named Lucille Ball. You might remember her from some crazy TV sitcom that ran forever and is still shown on classic TV channels called "I love Lucy". The following items I found across the grid and was completely channeling the funny lady.

Up first I want to talk about the inspiration piece. A friend of mine IM'd me earlier while I was bored and twiddling my thumbs, he was all like "Rose, come shopping with me" and I was like "Yeah sure, why not". So yeah, he took me to a store I had never been to before called Artilleri. They have 50's inspired attire and accessories. As well as skins and hair. Uhm, back to the inspiration piece... The hair is called "Trixie". It has a TON of texture options for the do-rag. I absolutely love this hair, although, it's not my usual white so every one's getting' pissy with me, BUT it comes in a wide variety of hair color options so head on over to Artilleri and check it out!

Next, after I got the hair, I said hrm, I had stumbled across this awesome dress at ICING a while back called "Soda Shop" . I got it in Blueberry (shown) but it's also available in a green, pink and brown color option. I absolutely LOVED the little cherries on the shrug but it also comes with normal button/chain option as well.

~Also worn~
Dahlinks - Monroe Lip ring and piercing combo
MaxEyez - Multi Colored Eyes - Custom.
Hybrid - Counter Couture Neko Ears


TRUTH is having a retirment sale! Yes you heard it right, the wonderful hair shop that I swear by is retiring 55 of thier older style hair pieces and have SLASHED Prices!

Regular packs 25L
Fat packs 200L

How's that for a steal!

Sale starts NOW and goes until furthur notice, so get your hair shop on and pick up some lovely wonderfully designed hair at a great discount!

Trust me, what girl couldn't use more hair?


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