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So, way back in the days of black and white TVs and families who actually talked to one another instead of texting, there was this wickedly funny female comedian named Lucille Ball. You might remember her from some crazy TV sitcom that ran forever and is still shown on classic TV channels called "I love Lucy". The following items I found across the grid and was completely channeling the funny lady.

Up first I want to talk about the inspiration piece. A friend of mine IM'd me earlier while I was bored and twiddling my thumbs, he was all like "Rose, come shopping with me" and I was like "Yeah sure, why not". So yeah, he took me to a store I had never been to before called Artilleri. They have 50's inspired attire and accessories. As well as skins and hair. Uhm, back to the inspiration piece... The hair is called "Trixie". It has a TON of texture options for the do-rag. I absolutely love this hair, although, it's not my usual white so every one's getting' pissy with me, BUT it comes in a wide variety of hair color options so head on over to Artilleri and check it out!

Next, after I got the hair, I said hrm, I had stumbled across this awesome dress at ICING a while back called "Soda Shop" . I got it in Blueberry (shown) but it's also available in a green, pink and brown color option. I absolutely LOVED the little cherries on the shrug but it also comes with normal button/chain option as well.

~Also worn~
Dahlinks - Monroe Lip ring and piercing combo
MaxEyez - Multi Colored Eyes - Custom.
Hybrid - Counter Couture Neko Ears


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