Recovering what’s lost…

Saturday my hard drive crashed. I lost everything. It was a nightmare. I’m still recovering ECSkream_003data lost. Family photos, SL Photos, you name it –all gone. These things we take for granted. Now that the life’s lesson is out there. Back up your shit. Seriously folks. Back up that which is important to you. Get a memory stick for family photos, since it’s all digital now. And Just store them on it as well as your computer. That way, when your computer decides to take a dump on itself, you don’t lose your cherished memories. I’ll never recover that picture of Kilo, Suite, and I standing naked in the middle of a club in nothing but bunny ears…wait, maybe that wasn’t a photo, maybe that was one of my nightmares… Anyway, speaking of things of nightmares – I lost my copy of Photoshop. Which is where this long winded rant comes to a point. You see, without Photoshop I can’t edit my photos so, you’re stuck with some janky in world photos of the items I’m going to talk about. For this, I am sorry, because there are some really great details on the items for today’s installment of “Would Rose just STFU and show us the goods already?!” FINE BE THAT WAY :P tryin’ to tell you all a story and this is the treatment I get?! *sniffles*….

Okay so:  Today we have a special necklace from Skream!, An Evies Closet gown, Some Baxies, Earrings from Dahlinks, and a top hat from UK Couture. Yeah, I’m sharing where I bought the hat *sighs* I love muh hat! Anyway, I was really looking for a bridal gown and of course had to give it my own funky twist because, who wants just a plain white dress?!ECSkream_002 Although, the Evies Closet Aventine gown is unique in its own right anyway. The collar, the veil, the skirt with it’s bustle, the whole ensemble is just fantastic! I’ve shopped at Evies for a very long time. I found the store when I first started in SL and have been in love with her creations since. 

Which brings me to the jewelry. The necklace was a special blogger necklace sent out for us blogger types but I’m sure it’s available for sale as it’s fabulously done. Simple in it’s overall design but, unique as well. I love the way it lays across my chest. It’s different. And the black pearls give it a unique blend of funky elegance from Skream! :) The Celtic Hoop Earrings from Dahlinks are a near staple in my wardrobe lately. I just love these earrings. The details in the hoops themselves are phenomenal, and the color change/resize scripts make it so easy to have them in copper, bronze, steal, silver, or gold! It doesn’t get much better!

ECSkream_001Combined it all with my Bax boots of course, you can’t see too much of them peaking out from below the folds of fabric but, they’re down there. My white baxies How I love thee…

And naturally, my hat. I love my hat. Absolutely LOOOOOVE my hat! It’s from UK Couture and IS a staple in my wardrobe. You will not see Roselynn Darkstone on the grid without this hat or her bracers. If you do, question if she’s really her.

Also Worn:

Skin: Frick! Fisticuffs skin in cream injured.

Bracers: They’re Mien. No really, I’m not telling where I obtained these. :P

Lip Piercing: Skream!

Eyes: PC Eyes but I’m not tellin’ which :P

Hair: Deviant Kitties : Uruha – Ink

keep stylin’!

~~{~~@ D

Rose goes to Gor – Say what?!

    a1RosedNow I know what you’re thinking. Likely what my mother used to say to me… “Jesus Christ, what were you thinking!?”. Well, Suite and I wanted to go shopping, and I was totally trying for something off the main stream grid. Tired of wearing what everyone else is sporting… So we bounced from new store to new store until we landed at Gor Gurls Mainstore. Let me tell you this store is NOT what you think. The designs are wonderfully original. Some pirate theme garb, some casual garb, some definitely Gorean garb, but all in all, inexpensive reasonably priced clothing that ANYONE, not just Goreans gorgurlmm_001can wear!! Suite and I were VERY impressed. There was so much that we wanted to buy, I’m likely going to eventually. So now that I’ve gone on and on about the store, let me tell you about the outfit I finally settled upon…

First of all, I’m writing this gorgurl_002half awake, I didn’t get much sleep last night thanks to some birds waking me up before dawn mimicking someone’s alarm clock, or maybe that actually was the alarm clock, I’m not entirely sure…

Anyway, This outfit is called “Gor Gets Checked:Tan” I’ve paired the dress with a pair of J’s Goth Lace up boots in brown and that cute little bandana? That comes with the dress! There are Two top versions, with or without undershirt. The only thing I will tell you is be prepared for no glitch pants, or underwear. But it’s okay, you can’t tell there’s nothing on underneath, except when you’re dancing  and…well..yeah.. then gorgurlmm_003the whole world see’s your yahyah… nobody wants that… So I’ve stuck on my blacklace panties underneath. Any pair will do, you can’t see it anyway.

Also worn:

Skream! lip piercing: all of their piercings are fabulous I’m not revealing which is mine :P

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Uruha

Eyes, Skin, Hat, and Bracers are all mine. I no tells. It’s muh signature look  :P

Two Birds, as they say…

I’m not sure who “they” are but, I certainly haven’t killed any birds. Though I have considered taking out these damned Canadian Geese that are all over the place. These darned birds are crazy! I should know.  They shall soon be migrating back home to annoy the northern folks, for now, I’ll save my rant on the down feathered fiends and how they are evil beyond a shadow of a doubt!

[LeeZu!] NOIR Efraims Daughter AD

What I will tell you about is two really cool things I picked up. One’s an older piece I grabbed a while back but never managed to blog for some reason. I think I was hoarding it to myself because I really love the funky, sexy, unique look it brings.  The texture and prim work on this creation is absolutely phenomenal! My photographs don’t do this outfit near the justice it deserves and so, I ask you all to visit LeeZu! and check out the Efraims Daughter set in the NOIR section. I’ve included their advertisement in the blog as well so you can see their representation.  As for my photographs of it, well I wanted to include a new purchase I made..

TPianoRosehe HiBria piano includes 10 female poses and is 18 prims. I have to admit that I am not fond of pose furniture for photography in SL as it tends to make everyone’s photo’s look the same, however, I have to give this credit where it’s due. It’s fabulously done, the poses are wonderfully positioned, even for us long legged avi’s. And with 10 separate poses to choose from, the price is well worth it. The prim work on the piano itself is beautifully done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve been inspired to tickle my own ivories.



Also Worn: LAQ Skin, Bax Boots, Bracers are mine foo, and Skream! lip piercing, oh, and muh hat. das mine too :P

Bina – Tende

First let me put this out there, I am not a fan of, will never play, and have never even wondered about the whole Gor movement in secondlife.  HOWEVER, with that said, there is one store that makes the most amazing slave silks I have seen.  The variety of outfits that she puts together are phenomenal, and I AM a fan. 

The Tende is a slave-style bark cloth set, in a variety of colours.  for $365L you get great options with the 20 items that are included in the pack!:

2 bracelets, 2 anklets, 1 pair of earrings, 1 prim waist pouch, 1 prim skirt tie, 1 forest flower for hair (with 3 attachment points), 1 Bina necklace set (2 attachment points), slave rags top and bottoms on all  layers, (3 jacket, 1 shirt, 1 pants, 1 underpants, 1 undershirt).

You do not have to be involved in Gor to be appreciative of the amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces.  Yes they are pieces!  Like tiny works of art.  I can only imagine the hours it takes to get such fine detailing in not only the textures, but the jewellery and little details that one might just leave out.

I really don’t have much else to say, the QUALITY that goes into these outfits speaks for themselves quite clearly, so much so that my words will never do them justice.

So go check it out:  BINA Mainstore: SLurl Clickity Click


A Wonderful Exchange…

I wake up this morning thoroughly excited to start my day off with a wander around Pose Fair.  Sadly, my many attempts to TP in were thwarted by that nasty little message of “The Sim is Full – Please try again in a few moments”.  UGHS

So I grab my coffee and grogily head to my desk.  Wondering what I am going to do for the day, when I pop on the feeds as per usual, and start checking out the fashions of the day.  Mind you it’s been a few weeks since I have actually had time to do that, but I digress.

I came across a posting that was highlighting the new “Homme” poses from NSA (No Strings Attached).  Since I have been searching high and low for some great male poses, this was perfect.  I wandered over expecting to pay a fortune for these sets, and realized that they are only 150L per set!  Although in my excitement, I failed to see the photo at the top that offered a bonus pose if you buy it as a “fat pack” and not separately.  Kinda bummed about that, but not generally the type of person who “stalks” content creators. 

So just as I am about to TP out of the store, I get a lil “ding” in my IM’s.  *PAY ATTENTION CONTENT CREATORS, YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING HERE! *

I look up and it’s Milli Santos of NSA.  She explained that she usually doesn't do this sort of thing, and that I should have bought the big pack, and then offered to send it my way since I had just purchased both packs.   I head desked in complete embarrassment as I had JUST seen the bonus on the wall.  I thanked her for being awesome, and then received the Pose Fair gift from her.  I bounced, happy happy.  We spoke for just a brief moment about our addictions to subcribo’s and laughed at the similarities about that.  She was really sweet and UBER helpful.  Not sure if she realized I was a blogger, as I was not wearing my tags, nor did I have it showing in my groups.  Either way, it was a GREAT customer service experience that I HAD to blog about.  Now on to the poses.

BUY THE BIG PACK  $300L and you get a bonus pose!  Otherwise they are $150L each pack separate if you don’t want the two, although I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

Here is Hayden showing off the lovely pose goodness!  YUM :)  And again, THANK YOU Milli for being completely wonderful, and making my shop experience something to write about :)  I wish you much success!

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