Fruit Loops and Fun

I was feeling extra quirky today. Nothing in my wardrobe was hitting my mood so, I decided to check out the exchange and work somethin' out. While flipping through the abundance of slutty things SL designers seem to put out en masse... nothing was really jumping out at me, UNTIL THIS!

Frop! 's Apron Dress in Chaos. Yepper - CHAOS. It was PERFECT!

So then I thought, omuhgosh, I can wear the new Truth group Holiday gifty- Drake, which I'm pretty sure was supposed to be for guys but... I think I look cute as 1980's Madonna in Who's that Girl - cute.

And then of course, I had to pair it with some epic kicks, so I grabbed my League High tops and color changed them to match the green in the outfit.

Can you tell I'm excited about all this? Yes. It's... erm... bright... and yes, it's not exactly that chic look all the fashion avi's are jumping all over like rats to cheese... BUT, it's different, fun, and funky. Which is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Did I miss the mark? Only time will tell....

Oh, Did I mention the skin is LAQ's Holiday group gift too? It's the Vilda Christmas gift in peach. It's really pretty and I LOVE the look it gives on my shape. Rather posh :D

Hair/Hat: Truth - Snow Drake - Snow

Shirt/Pants:Frop!: Apron Skirt - Chaos

Shoes: League - High Tops v1.2

Skin: LAQ - Vilda*Christmas gfit* Peach Glow Skin

Shape: ~!STARE!~ Renee - custom altered by Talah Magic

My Deer Wants to Party All The Time, Party Allll the Tiiiiiiiime!

Reporting live from Lightening Video...

This is Winter News and I'm your roving reporter.  The mood at today's scene is both disturbing and confusing.  How these three reindeer managed to take such a downturn so quickly has baffled both staff and customers alike!  But let's recap how I happened upon this scene of disarray that has left one deer passed out, another caught with his snout in the Christmas stocking and another holding gifts and bows hostage...

As the Christmas season winds down, some are slowly re-emerging onto the grid to celebrate the holiday season with their online loved ones.  Knowing my special someone had spent a long day at work on Christmas Day of all days, I thought I'd surprise him with a movie classic from the 80's called "Santa Claus: The Movie".  If you've never seen this movie, you simply MUST!  John Lithgow as a bad dude, Dudley Moore as a rogue elf and New Edition singing the in the background...WHAT??? maybe I'm one of the five people that actually saw this movie...all the more reason to find it and share it with someone special (read: torture them with my nostalgia). But I digress...I slipped into my spiffy new holiday boots (a holiday release from Bax Boots), my free gift dress from Fishy Strawberry (with an awesome bow) and headed out to find my movie!

I went to every movie place I could think of inworld to find it (Shaft, XL Movies, Millions to name a few) deal. Then I went to my tried and true go-to place: Lightening Video.  I mean surely they had to have it, right? Upon teleporting in, I turned around to gain my bearings and of course...rez...only to find a trio of reindeer got into the egg nog just a little too much.  Meet: Dasher, Dancer and Prancer aka the party animals of the Reindeer 8, an outfit of deer commissioned by none other than Saint Nick to help deliver presents to all the good little boy and girl avatars of Second Life.

L-R: Vixen, Donder and Blitzen of the Reindeer 8
As I slowly approached these three deer, the smell of egg nog, peppermint and a very sweet smelling substance emitted from the area.  The decorations that should have been on the tree...somehow had found their way onto the culprits of this lively scene.  Donder was passed out on some of the gifts, a poor bagged satchel quivering in terror underneath him;  Vixen appeared to be trying to eat some of the evidence and Blitzen... I ... I simply have no words...

As I approached the scene, Vixen looked quite skittish, so I interviewed her first...

Me:  Vixen, what...happened?  Was the stress too much? Did you guys make a pit stop?  What has made you turn from such a pleasant crew to partying so hard that you've caused this much damage on a poor, unsuspecting store??
Vixen: *chews* ughmph *gnaws* mmm *swallows*  lookah hur woman...YOU try luggin' that red and white dude and all his stuff around...shooo sometimes a deer just need ta unwind! Now back it steppin' on mah oregano laced fruitcake!
Me: Um...Vixen... that's YOUR hoof in the fruitcake, not my foot...
Vixen:  Whaaaaaaaaaatever! Back it up! (some nerve! O.O)

I tried to interview Donder, but he was still out cold.  Near him, I found his drug of choice (see insert).  I tried to get a clear answer out of Blitzen, but um...the green bow on his butt was all that was needed.It would appear that the cause for all this trouble was narrowed to some laced fruitcake (not oregano as Vixen has tried to lead us to believe), some tainted cookies (seen by Donder) and some spiked candy canes.  Moving on...

I never did manage to find my favorite Christmas Movie to share, but I did pick up "Love Actually" (one of my personal all-time favorites) which not only makes for a GREAT Christmas movie, but also Valentine's day as well. Let's hope he likes it as well *giggles*

This is your roving reporter...signing off!


Skin, Shape, Eyes, Rings: not sharing...mein
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Luna - Midnight
Jewelry: "Only You" Earrings and Necklace by Zuri's
Dress (with pretty bows for hair): *Fishy Strawberry* Eos Babydoll Christmas Edt.
Shoes: BAX Prestige Holiday Boots
Microphone: Reek - News Microphone
Location: Lightening Video
The Reindeer: FallnReindeerVixen, FallnReindeerDonder and FallnReindeerBlitzen from FallnAngel Creations

Blogger's Note: These deer btw are sold all year around in the holiday area (follow the link in here). However, they may not be up for display...there are vendors available on the wall to pick them up though! :D

Kilo Meets and Stares at ... Kim

Pint-sized, spunky, a little tomboyish. Introducing...

Kim by ~!Stare!~

So I got a message from Talah Magic and a folder (called "Kim for Bloggers") with this exquisite little shape in it with style card and notes about how the creator viewed one of her newest creations. The shape is designed to go with an Asian skin, the frame, a hopeful intent to bring her perception of a young asian female. I'm not sure where, but she also sent out a notice or message (either in her group, on her blog or on her facebook...yes..Stare is EVERYWHERE) stating she was looking for customers (or aspiring photogs) to create ads for her shapes. And if she likes them, she'll even use them in the store.  So I figured, "why not? Let's give it a go!"

I loved this shape from the first time I put it on.  While she's a little boxy and her body's features quite petite, I loved that someone is creating smaller avatars with more true to real life heights and sizes out there for those residents that prefer to not be Glamazing Amazons (yes, Glamazing is a word...I know because I just thought it up :P).  Anyway...back to Kim!  I had a little bit of trouble shooting her, because well...I'm still a beginner in photoshop and still learning light and angles for shooting.

I wanted to give Kim an up-to-date, kick ya in the pants but still look pretty while doing it look, so I sat on my parcel for a while trying to think of what I had that was attidudinal, but cute (yay more Kilo word creations :P). While rummaging through my uber large inventory (yeah...we won't talk's huge), I came across an outfit from Delirium I totally forgot I had and slipped it on and thought .... oooh yeah...that's what I'm talking about! After putting it on, I thought of 99 Elephants, a store that is all about the mohawk and not the hard, stab you in the eye types of hawks one usually sees affiliated with the style. Remembering I had Docs, I tossed em on, updated the holes and laces to pink and voila!  Kim...short, spunky, fun-sized, attitudinal AND cute.  The two shots above are my attempts at making ad shots for it.  Hope Talah likes them! Toodles gang!

xo  Miss K

the look:

shape: ~!STARE!~ Kim~Limited
skin: .::(FBB)::.Gia 01 Promo Skin
hair: 99 Elephants - Krima -f1 (pink mohawk)
tattoo: TinK - Rose Hip Tattoo
eyes: MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Swamp
earrings:  [V/INSANITY] OTITIS MEDIA Ear piercings
mouth jewelry: [ skream! ] "new generation" piercing
shoes: [Docs V2] 8 Hole - F - NINE [bagged] wear
Outfit is 2 blended Delirium looks
  Delirium - Confessions: Black Gloves, Hood (spine), neck ring
  Delirium - Waiting (long pant option, sans bellychain)
Whisper couples pose by Embody
P011b & P010 by WDK


I was putsing about on Facebook today when I stumbled across a post from Poulet of Purple Moon Clothiers.... and OMG am I glad I did. She has released a limited time, limited quantity set of gowns like no other. FOUR fabulous gowns. Today I'm going to show you my favorite of the bunch, blossom.

With it's elegant snowflake details in the lace and sheer bodice to it's form flattering skirt, I just can't imagine a holiday without this dress. It's beauty is simplistic and sexy. The snowflake enlarged collar is just a perfect edition to this gown.

If you too want a spectacular holiday gown that you're not going to see all over the grid due to it's limited quantity, I suggest you do as I've done, and visit Purple Moon ASAP!


PS: I'm stupid. No srsly, that line on the bodice is my fault, I didn't realize when I shot the pictures that I had on BOTH pants and underwear glitch layers.. so uhm, don't wear both or that weird line will happen *laughs* ENJOY!

Hair: Truth - Vera Streaked in Snow

Skin: LAQ Tasha 2

Shape: Custom - Renee - ~!STARE!~ Shapes by Talah Magic

Lip Piercing: Mariposa Jewels: Bound

Necklace: Dahlinks Celestial Gem Necklace

Gown: Purple Moon : Blossom (Holiday Special)

Lucky W*ores

Okay so, the store is Luck Inc and the other one is T*Whore - thus Lucky Whores! HA! I'm so clever... yeah anyway, I put together this super cute outfit of badassedness and figured, wth, I'll share!

I was looking for something fun and funky with a hint of WTF mate. This is what I found. I'm happy with it, and I hope you are too. There's many different options of leggings and the tank dress so, feel free to mix it up a bit too!

Hat: Dis Sekretz :P MIEN!

Hair: Vera Streaked in Snow from Truth

Necklace: Custom Twin Dog Tags from Dahlinks

Top: TankDress Rhinestone Skullieh from Luck Inc.

Bottoms: Wool Leggings Leo 1 from The Whore Mansion

Footwear: Flat Ankle Boots from *CoCo* Designs (Group Freebie on the wall)

Yeah I know, Short blog. I really wanted to show off this outfit! I LIkes It!

NEW From Stare–Paulette Limited Time *FREE*

You heard it first here!  Talah has been busy burning the midnight oil once again, this time her creation is FREE TO GROUP MEMBERS FOR A LIMITED TIME!  Now, you are probably sitting there asking yourself…. “Self?  How do I get this limited edition shape?”  Well I will tell you all about that!

Talah will be giving away this shape to GROUP MEMBERS ONLY.  So what you need to do, is open up that search box for GROUPS and type  “~!STARE!~”, it will bring you to the open enrolment free to join group.  You will then need to go into the notices and see that VOILA for a LIMITED Time, Talah has sent out her newest shape!  But hurry, once it has cleared the notices, Talah will be putting Paulette up for sale at regular price.  So here is your chance to grab an amazing FREE shape from ~!STARE!~.

Raising Awareness

While this is a fashion blog, sometimes I feel compelled to do what I can to assist good causes. Today is no exception.

The folks over at Sixx Pack have put together an all day event today in order to raise funds and awareness for children and the few adults who survive, Epidermolysis Bullosa. This rare skin disease is an inherited connective tissue disease causing blisters to the skin and mucosal membranes. Its severity ranges from mild to LETHAL. Most children born with this do not live past an average of 2 years. It has been described akin to having 3rd degree burns your whole life and is quite painful.

The University of Minnesota has done a bone marrow transplant on a 2 year old child and found it to be successful, but more research and funding is needed to help, please come down to Sixx Pack today and help the caring folks by bidding on an auctioned item, person, or service or simply donate what you can to the donation jar. All parties today are mixers so both male and female avatars are welcomed to join in.

Right now from 8-10am our very own Kilolo Jenkins is DJing!! but parties will go on all day - I hope you can help us, help them!!!

New Attitude!!

The smoky gaze, that come hither stare, the cutest little upturn to the corner of her lip...she's flirting with you.  This is what I saw when I met Daisy.  She's pint-sized, cute as a button and definitely someone worth getting to know. I was over on the Dahlinks Sim the other day having a look at their new SFL collection of jewelry, when the cutest little thing caught my eye: this bubbly little short lady running around the store.

She was petite, spunky and bouncing off the walls and I totally was taken by her energy.  So naturally, I struck up a conversation with her, eventually asking where she got her shape because it was done really well.  In response, she simply pointed upstairs.  She scrawled on a little napkin "follow me" and up the stairs I went. Reading her profile, I realized I was speaking to Talah Magic, owner of !Stare!, SL's newest shape store.  She doesn't speak; simply emotes and writes messages on biodegradable napkins. But words are simply not always needed.  She showed me around her shop and stopped in front of one of her first shapes and there she was: Daisy

Clocking in at 5"8" this avi is a little shorter than average, has petite, delicate features, but packs on powerhouse punch of spunk and exuberance when paired with the right skin, hair and overall attitude of the person putting it on.  And Talah has just that: a pint-sized, flirty nature that truly brought her creation to life.

Unable to resist the want to try it out for myself, I went ahead and bought the shape (something I've never done not once in SL - I've NEVER bought my own shape! O.O).

I tried to follow the style card (which each shape comes with a style card to help you bring out the best of your shape). But you know me...I had to make it my own. I tried it on my skin, totally didn't work.  So I rummaged through my inventory and found the PERFECT combination!

When I put it on, I felt the bubbles, the batting of the lashes start and I thought to myself, ' be someone else for a day...let's see!'.  So after sifting through my inventory, I came up with the look on the left!  I may not keep this look, I was missing my regular skin halfway through shooting LOL, but man was it fun pretending to be someone else for the moment! But I digress. I think...I think I nailed it....but you be the judge.

Take a chance, head on over to Dahlinks, stop ... and !Stare! into a new shape by Talah Magic.  You'll be glad you did!


Hair: Maddy in Caramel by Truth
Shape: Daisy limited by !Stare!
Eyes: Black Licorice Eye by Body Politik (now called Logo & Kin)
Skin: Chastity Bronze VI w/ Landing Strip - Makeup 1 by SD Skins
Jewelry: Tribal Belly Piercing by Xcite
Jewelry: "Only You" Earrings and Necklace by Zuri's
Jewelry: Earth Banded Ring by Earthstones
Outfit: Britney (sans Jacket) by Phoenix Rising (closing for good on Saturday 10/30/10 - go get it!)
Shoes: Dangerous Woman Ankle Boots - Texture Changeable by Ispachi

Show Your Spirit...

Spirit Tee from SN@TCH
No fancy blog post. No details on how it falls on the avi. Just one very simple message: STOP the bullying.

In the past few months, more young people (our babies) have been taking their own lives because they have succumbed to bullying for their personal choices, be they loving someone of the same gender, for loving both genders, different lifestyles, color, creed, you name it.

EVERY suicide, no matter the reason, is a tragedy.  EVERY hate crime is a tragedy, no matter the reason. It is NOT OKAY.  We are all human beings, different and beautiful.  And not one single one of us have any right to judge, berate, bully or cause harm to another for being different.

This is one of four FREE male t-shirts that you can pick up today at the front desk of SN@TCH.  Each one has its own message:
I Will Stand Up For You (worn above)
It Gets Better
Homophobia Is So Gay
Teach Our Children Not to Hate (my personal fave :))

Today is National Spirit Day aka "Wear Purple" day.  This marks the day of silent support for our fellow members of the GLBT community as well as our GLBT youth and anyone that suffers from incessant bullying by their peers.  This type of behavior is not acceptable and it needs to end.  So even though it's ... just a shirt .. wear it.  The message is quite clear: stand up for your friends, for yourselves, against hate and persecution for being different.

Don't be a jerk, teach all of our children (and a few of our adults) NOT to hate. The tragedies that have befallen these youth and their families is not race/gender/sexual orientation specific. It CAN happen to you or someone in your family. So stand up. Stop the bullying and the hate. This is too important not to.
xo  Kilolo Jenkins

Vindicated....or not...

When I first posted the blog about "Latex Exploration" I knew I would get a few comments because Kayliwulf has such a large following, what with the brand loyalty and loyalty to the owner, who I agree is brilliant in their marketing and a very nice person. I sit here, baffled actually at the amount of hatred and venom directed AT me for my honest blog. I don't write these blogs to rip apart any one designer, it just happened that on that particular night, I was inspired by the lack of any other designers' latex in the room. I wanted to make a point that, there are in fact other and yes, better options out there.

Make no mistake, I wasn't attacking how "nice" the owner was. Or the fact they sponsor a ton of events grid wide. I know they do. I also know that has helped their business expand beyond the small store they started with into a multi sim megaplex. Designers grid wide can learn a lot from the business model KK has established. Clearly, the brand loyalty is very strong amongst those in SL.

I had no intentions of commenting on the numerous hate-filled comments left on that blog. They didn't effect me in the least as I know they are entitled to their opinions as well. I do appreciate the comments telling me that my information isn't up to date. My question to them is, how would the average Avi who doesn't live in KK items know this without spending the extremely priced amount for the outfit? I was basing my review on items I own, which I do admit was from a year or more ago, however, those items are STILL BEING SOLD. I found them. Yes, boots and all. Unchanged in their advertisements. So how am I to know, they've updated them? Which brings me to a previous point of: why can't KK update to the tech of the times? Send already owned updates out. A good friend of mine actually requested the updated version of an item she owned, only to receive the very same item. So I ask, where have they updated? It's the same old tune as far as I've seen. Now, if I'm shown differently, then I will amend MY OPINION. Until then, I stand by my blog expressing that there are A LOT BETTER options in Latex these days on the grid than Kayliwulf Kingdom.

This is a fashion blog after all, And we pride ourselves with writing the good and the bad to inform the SL consumers. I thank you all for your time in reading the blog, we greatly appreciate your feedback. Those who actually made useful statements that is.... Then we get to the ignorance like the latest comment... and I quote...
"You really are one sad person. People like you should just die now because
you are worthless to society. Go to hell bitch."

Yep, that was posted Anonymously. Cute right? I think it's adorable because they posted all hater like accusing me of being sad and worthless when, they're doing the very same thing except, they're attacking someone on their opinions rather than providing any sort of basis for it. I'm not sure that an SL Fashion blog about SL Fashion would constitute having to die and go to hell, but I admire the writers strong feelings on the subject, it means, as a writer, I've done my job. I've elicited emotion.

Thanks for the compliments loves. I'm not always this harsh on a store. You need only to read my others posts. ;)

Halloween @ Blacklace 2010

Most of you know that I am a HUGE fan of Blacklace.  So it is without a doubt that I ran my butt over to the store as soon as I could afford the new Halloween releases.

Now, not only do they have the cutest little Halloween coloured lingerie, they have come out with some AMAZING costumes.  I HAD to buy them all thats how cute and well put together they are.  For just a little under $2500L you can own all the costumes at Blacklace for this 2010 Season.  Only the ones on the back wall of the Halloween section though….  I love this time of year, and Halloween is no exception.  Getting dressed up and playing that fantasy role for just one night of mischeif and mayhem is enough to last this naughty girl at least… a week *sticks out tongue*  So I will let the costumes speak for themselves…..  Great JOB Blacklace


Waiting is Not a Cyn ;-)

It is said that good things come to those who wait. My patience is fickle when it comes to fashion and waiting for content creators to release items I actually wish to purchase. Even moreso when I had a slower computer (RIP Marge) that took forever to rez.  As a result, I've often written off stores that when I rez, I see stuff that while hot for others, doesn't necessarily fit my personality or fashion mood.

For example... Cynful clothing.  I've watched people fall all over themselves to get to Cynful because once a month, they usually put out a L$1 group item, which pulls some in to buy just that, while others buy additional items as a result. My love affair with Cynful was touch and go.  It may be that I'm a bit of a fashion prude, but I have always believed that while it's okay to occasionally let your bottom hang out or the top of it be revealed, not every skirt has to be a micro mini revealing all of your goodies, nor does every pair of pants have to be super-ultra low cut for it to be sexy.

Please understand, I'm not knocking Cynful.  Because they make some HOT clothes!  There are a lot of stores that do this.  Which is why I don't shop at most of them (LOL). It is truly a matter of taking time and looking, which prior to me getting the new puter (aptly named the CT2000 aka "BAMF" for our Dane Cook fans out there) was a massive battle of patience against old graphics card and LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG. As a result, my personal preferences often led me to shop elsewhere, writing off this store and its fashions because every time I saw a new release, my bits were damn near hanging out of everything.

Well, yesterday morning I was looking for something a little revealing, but cute and figured, "eh, why not.  I haven't been since I got my CT2000, so let's give it a whirl. I land and it rezzes and HOLY NEW STORE DESIGN BATMAN!! It's gooooooooooooorgeous! *drooool*.  I spied this picture with a message reading "more coming in the fall (paraphrasing)" when I first landed. It wasn't what I was looking for when I decided to go shopping yesterday morning, but it was too cute to pass up.

This outfit, simply labeled "Cynful Special item/outfit (? - I'm not inworld...)" was only L$1 and blended my love for high-waist pants/capris/skirts with a short-sleeved cowlneck and matching shoes!! Score one for patience!!! I bought it and put it on and squeed!  I LOVE the texture work on this wonderful little teaser as well as the cuteness of it overall.  The cuffs didn't initially fit my thighs. Luckily, Cynful and gang thought ahead and made the cuffs modifiable so I could stretch to fit to my liking (who needs a resize script when you have copyable, modifiable prims!! YAY!!).

Happy with this purchase, I kept floating about the store, looking at Cynful with new 'puter and new eyes, eagerly looking to see whatall I missed.  Looking at all the stuff that covers your bottom, I went down my list of inventoried items and said, "check, check, wait, check" and so on, then saw this nifty little number just hanging there...calling me. It said, "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilo...I know you waaaaaaaaaaant me....come get it girl ;-)".  So I did and BINGO! I bought it. This awesome bodysuit from Cynful has two options: one with the sleeves and one without.  Comes in various colors and while my computer was a little slow to rezz (thus shoddy looking primwork on the legs), it's actually well made and the linen-like texture on the outfit made it look and feel uber relaxed.

The lack of fabric on the sides made for a revealing number, while still sporting a bit of cover-up for those that can on occasion be a little shy with their bodies (yeah yeah yeah...this is just sl/it's just pixels...doesn't mean I have to dress like a hooker, leaving my cash and prizes (wow...I really need to stop listening to Dane Cook) for everyone's perusal. It's just not my personality. I reveal when working or for my mate :P). The back is out and the pant portion is a little low, but not so much that you can experience plumber's crack *shudders*.  Mission accomplished? Aye...mission accomplished.

After my purchases, I went walking around the grid and stopped off for a lil bit to meditate at the Love Foundation, thinking about the good things that have come my way of late and how blessed I truly am with good friends, great family and more, then went home to chatter with one of my besties, Nicco (OMG can somebody say Hot dude?!? Back off ladies, he's VERY taken by one of my other besties *big smile*).  Between meditating and our talk, which funny enough, addressed waiting on a completely different and more important topic, I found it kind of funny that my morning completely revolved around waiting, wanting, having patience and then peace with the decision(s) to wait for things to come your way.  I waited for a new computer in order to continue with my DJing since Marge, my old computer died. What I received as a result was new discoveries of gorgeous places like the Love Foundation's meditation spot, new fashions on a gorgeous sim (thanks Cynful and gang!) and appreciation for the details (and people/places/friends/blessings) you miss when you don't want to wait for good (and great) things to come your way.  Amazing what that patience concept brings, huh?

Now if only Cynful would hurry up and release the fall line dagummit!! I got clothes to buy!! LOL

Look #1:

Outfit - Cynful "Special" found at the front of the store (flats included)
Hair - Truth's Gigi in Night
Ring - EarthStones Unisex Banded Ring - Earth
Earrings - Part of a gifted set that I have no idea where it came from :)

Look #2:

Outfit - Cynful White bodysuit (found on the 2nd floor somewhere)

Hair - Truth's Gigi in Night
Ring - EarthStones Unisex Banded Ring - Earth
Earrings - Part of a gifted set that I have no idea where it came from :)
Shoes - Bax Ankle Boots Patent Leather White (remove the anklet prim to wear the cuffs from the outfit)

Latex Exploration

After attending a latex event at a rather popular club last night, I looked around the room at the very limited selection of latex people seemed to be wearing. Folks had what appeared to be the same pieces on, in various colors and combinations. I didn't even have to ask where they got it, because I knew, everyone knows a Kayliwulf Kingdom item when they see it. That crayola monotoned garment with little detailed work to it, but a cute little "shine" applied to a rainbow of the same pieces.... Can we tell I'm not all that thrilled with KK latex fashions? Why you ask? It's boring. Who wants to wear the same shit?! So I went to see what was NEW at KK today... boy oh boy am I unimpressed. I'm not usually one to call out a designer but, I feel this needs saying. THERE ARE OTHER, BETTER OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOLKS!!!!

WHAT?! Something OTHER Than KK to provide latex?! Who would have thought?!

I liken Kayliwulf's products to mass marketed chinese goods. You know, poorly made but cheap and get the job done.. the problem? KK isn't cheap, in fact, for the quality of the product, it's damned expensive!!! The argument can be made that because KK promote themselves through many, many, many clubs and events and give away gift cards all the time, that it in fact isn't that expensive because you can get gift cards, but, honestly, even with a 500L gift card, the quality doesn't support the price. There are so many advancements in SL textures and prims that there simply is no excuse for wearing something that makes you look like an avi straight out of 2006. Even the models in their advertisements look jacked straight out of old school SL!

Okay so, before this blog turns into a complete "I hate Kayliwulf" blog... I better stop. But before I do, I should mention that they've come up with something new. I've not seen this little number anywhere. They've made Boob balloons. That's right, if you like looking cheap, and want that elephantitus of the tit- jugs that could make Dolly herself keel over with "ugh"... then this is the place for you!

Quality, not quantity?I will admit that KK DOES have a few acceptable pieces. Their corsets are pretty good, and I have an older outfit that was gifted to me a long time ago (circa 2008) that originally was called "master's desire" but is now sold as "Domino Delight".*pictured above* But that's about the best I can say for KK. And that's sad when a designer can't move up with the technology available, or improve beyond their first works. I won't even get into their boots... Picture's worth a 1000 words.

So all of that hateration aside.... lets move on to happier topics.... Hugo's Designs - I ADORE their latex designs. Simple, Unique looks that are "finished". IE, it doesn't look like the color just STOPS. There's some kind of visual break so the thing doesn't look painted there. It looks like a garment. It looks feasable to be worn in Real life, the lacey texture to it doesn't look like a mess, you can clearly identify what it is! Hugo's does latex in SL the way it SHOULD be done for today's highly competitive fashion world.

BTW I do in fact own a couple HD fashions. The Soma is fantastic and is only L495!!! But the BEST thing about HD, is the unique and HIGHLY DETAILED textures. My picture is just an example of some of HD's items for sale... Go there, and view all of it for yourself. See what a GOOD Latex creator can bring to the table...

Latex Station. I love latex station because they're not afraid to experiment. The concepts Latex Station has brought to the table range from the normal to the fantastical! You have to see it for yourself to believe it. I honestly can't do the store justice, it's HUGE, but here's a quick shot I took while I was there...
So, with that, to summarize... Corsets, Okay at KK.... Hugo's Designs and Latex Station are creating fashion forward admirable pieces fit for folks to wear and show off their kinky side at a reasonable price for the goods. Hi5 all of you, yeah even Kayliwulf, they did pioneer latex in SL after all...

Real Women Have Curves…

SL is a wonderful place, somewhere that we can all be individuals and have our own unique sense of style.  However, after travelling around these parts for what seems an eternity (since 2007), I have come to see very little uniqueness when it comes to ones shape.   Now I don’t mean to offend all the “skinnier” avies on the grid, but there is a definate lack of curve in SL, more specifically a more fuller figured avi.  I have seen a handful, and of those their asses are usually bigger than the back of a flat-bed truck.  Now with that said, I introduce you to Stare!

Talah Magic, is the owner /operator and shape maker extraordinaire for “Stare”.   Stare By Talah Magic  - Located on the Second Floor of the Dahlinks main store, just released her newest shape called “Brie”.  

This is one of the very few “Curvy” or fuller figured shapes I have seen starting to pop up on the grid.  The proportions are spot on (read key word PROPORTIONATE) so that your shape does not look all janky and unrealistic, and the face is absolutely stunning.  I love how each detail of the body curvature is delicately sculpted on this shape.  She is a shorter avie shape than most, however it suits the overall final product that Talah was aiming for.  If you are on the hunt for a new curvier shape, or a new shape in general, I suggest popping over to Stare!  She caters to both men and women, and has a variety of shapes to choose from.  Each with their own uniqueness.  A high quality shape, customized with love from the gorgeous kittah herself. 


Painted on or worn?

So, there's all this controversy about Mexican Sports reporter Ines Saintz attire the day she was "allegedly" sexually harassed by some of the Jets players in their locker room.

She has now provided a picture of what she was wearing that day. Her jeans look like they were painted onto her body, they're incredibly tight (is that a pimple on her left ass cheek?) and her blouse is very form fitting as well. Now, I'm all for looking good but, this is your job. Your job is to interview and work around some very macho/adrenaline infused men. Unless you're going to a dance club, strip club, or bar with your girl friends to pick up men, this attire is in no way shape or form appropriate for a work environment.

I don't feel she was "Asking for it" or any of that, but, most women know that if you dress that way, you're going to get attention. That's why women dress that way! So, if you DON'T want to be hit on or have lewd comments made about you, dress appropriately.

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Kilo's Goin' To The Go-Go (well...out dancing at least :P)

So I was out and about looking for the new jeans from Swansong (ZOMG...droooooooooooooooool) and as I was walking around the store, I saw this saucy lil number out of the corner of my eye. all her wonderfulness was the Breeze Kaftan advertisement (shown at the store in the blue that I ultimately purchased) and I just had to have her.  I may have urfed the wall (it was sort of a blur, really...). Now...I know y'all are probably thinking, "Kilo...why are you referring to an inanimate object as a her?" BECAUSE I CAN!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  And...because it's a dress!  A really pretty dress!! O.O

So I buy the dress...I wearrrrr the dress and I'm looking at it thinking, "this is some vintage type awesome deal, Kilo!! You know what you must do"  So DIVING into my inventory of over 50K items I went!! Paired it up with my Baxies (which, if you haven't been by lately, they are now offering a FREE Alpha layer for all Prestige boots - just remember to remove the foot attachment part of the boot after you apply the Alpha Layer to your avi), some hoop earrings, a classic half bundt updo and voila!  Instant go-go dancer! The details on this dress are light, but gorgeous and crisp. And this blue against my skin went POP like woah. I am DEFINITELY happy with this look.

So I am hanging out and talking with my friend, Xeph the Cowboy (ooh he's cute...anyway....) and I honestly don't recall what about. I remember showing him my nifty piano from LostDog Productions (blog coming soon for THAT) and making plans for another day because he was getting ready to go.  Either way...I tooled around the house a bit, played the piano, dropped stuff all about my land and STILL couldn't shake the "gotta shake my butt" feeling I had.  So naturally....when the 2nd of three tp's to the exact same place came my way...I bounced, baby...YEAH!!

Off to Hot M.E.S.S. I went.  Apple was DJing and lo and behold a whole rack of my friends were there!  So shakey shakey went the my pretty new dress!! HOO!! Now as of the time I landed, I had yet to perform the now infamous "dance test" on this little number and honestly wasn't paying attention when I loaded the folder.  Be careful folks...there's TWO prim attachment options for the skirt: one for stomach and I think the other for pelvis. I can't remember.  No matter.  It made for a much fuller and flowy look when I hopped on a huddle and started wigglin!!

The music was right, the beach was gorgeous, my friends looked hot and I in my relatively vintage looking go-go dancer meets mod squad-esque dress were rockin' out!! Now...that being said, I love, Love, LOVE this dress.  BUT...something about when it moves, depending on how you're moving and the prims jut out of your body.  A small price to pay for the flowy disposition of the skirt...and dancing in it (did I mention I went out dancing? :P).  Either way, I had a blast!  New dress and a night out with good peeps made for one happy Kilo.  Now to figure out where else I go to shake my groove thang...hmmm...

Either way, I leave you beautiful people with a throw back video (yup....copying my favorite blogger Bubbles for the moment): Smokey Robinson & the Miracles "Going to a Go-Go" [man this song is way older than ME....but I LOVE it!! LOL] and bid y'all a fond farewell for now.  Oh yeah...GO TO SWANSONG!! GET THE DRESS!!


Skin: no no...not til I'm done with it :P
Shape: custom shape I've had since my 2nd week inworld
Dress: [[[SWANSONG]]] Breeze Kaftan in Blue
Hair:  Phoebe in Obsidian from ETD (damn damn damn why are they not back yet??)
Boots: Bax Prestige White Leather (w/ the new Alpha layer for viewer 2.0)
Earrings: Opium - Free Classic Hoop Earrings

Confession of a Blogger...

I am a bad, bad blogger. I have a hoard of pictures I have taken...and haven't had time to blog them.

I have gone shopping, looked at the outfit and said to myself "blogworthy" then immediately said "no MEIN!! muahahahahaha".  *Hangs head in shame*  I have been greedy with my new discoveries of places to enjoy and make my own.

I have shopped the Maitreya sale, seeing some of my blogging brethren and sistren in the foray for a good sale and not acknowledged that I too am one of them.

I have sat here on more than one occasion to write an awe inspiring blog about something I witnessed, or people I've met in my search for the ultimate purchase only to blank as soon as the "new post" window opens. It took a while to figure out, but between my dj computer dying, a RL vacation that was sorely needed, dealing with RL as issues have come up in general, going through the highs and lows of SL "dating", exploring SL with my new shiny comp and better graphics card (HOLY WATER, BATMAN!) or honestly reading the feeds, subscribo notices, group notices and finding myself uninspired along with a few other things I haven't blogged my purchases because well..lately, I've been needing a little me time.

I'm blocked, my fellow Shop*gasmers.  And that's the worst thing a writer can be.  It's like taking all the air out of their car/truck tires and expecting them to drive anyway.

"But Kilo, you can do a photo blog!" some have said.  HAVE YOU BEEN READING THIS THING?? Shop*gasm girls don't just show you the yay...they show you the boo, why it's boo and whether or not we'll accept said boo in leiu of historical value.

"But Kilo, I'm sure have SOMETHING you can do a quick write up about" some have said. I'm not big on quickies (don't...go anywhere with that >.>). I like to take things nice and slow (gahhhhhhhhhhh...I'm going to stop typing!!).

The last blog I wrote I think was while ALL of my friends were going through some stuff And it took a very contemplative and sentimental turn.. I found it sappy and figured...y'all get enough emo musings inworld.  Do you really want them on a fashion blog? Nay.  So I've just been taking time to find that spark again for doing the other something inworld that I enjoy outside of DJing.  This is my first step back into that :-)

So apologies to my crew for not writing more (sissahs...ya'll can stop bugging me now :P) and to our readership for remaining silent so long.  I'll be back soon, I promise.

xo Miss K

p.s. a photo...

One of the pictures from my new computer!! Amazing what SL looks like with a better graphics card ^.^ one of my favorite places to reflect.  Some days I can just sit here all day and think.

Shirt: Top of the Zaara : Calangute *sunshine* dress [Zaara SLurl]
Jeans: I don't even remember :-/

Yesterday V. Today -

Much like Technology, fashion in SL has improved 10 fold in the last two years. Technology brought us things like the IPad, Kindle, and Nook, and SL's fashion world brought us better textures, cleaner prims, and seamless garments that look very real. I had gone through my inventory and looked at a few of the older styled outfits that I LOVED back in the day. As fashion improves, and textures improve, I decided to see if, so too, some of these old designers improved...

I was disappointed.

Most of them had simply gone out of business, unable or unwilling to change the way they designed, which is a shame, as most of them had some wonderful ideas and visions, if only they would take the time needed to improve upon them and learn more!

As most of you know, I do Photography, and I DJ'd, as a DJ, if I played all the songs that were hot 2 years ago, you all would I'm sure like it at first, but after a few times of me whipping that set out, you'd stop tuning in... why? Because there are LOTS of great things out NOW with today's technology!

So I guess this is a call out to all the designers out there doing the same old thing (and using F'ing templates so all your shit looks like everyone Else's shit) UPGRADE OR DIE! no really, I love seeing people succeed at what they enjoy doing. Don't set yourself a limit on one piece, FINISH THE OUTFIT, if you're not satisfied with it, chances are your customer base won't be either. Oh sure, some of these designers have been around forever and have plenty of people shoving their faces turning their noses brown... BUT... don't you want new Ll's? New people to enjoy your designs? New money as the old logs out never to return....

Fashion in SL is as ruthless a business as it is in the RL. Good luck to all of you designers. I wish you the best...

Delirium – Opps Oh My >.<

UPDATE: 7pm EST, I logged into SL to find that Christel had passed me a FIXED layer.  Thank you so much Christel for a fast response.  I wish you all the best, and you showed me today why I am a fan of your creations.  Great Customer Service.   A++++++

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Delirium clothing.  They have some of the best urban gear in world for both men and women.  CM and team just released their newest creation called  “Storm”.  While on the whole its an amazingly crafted piece (see photos), I am not so pleased at what it does to my skin.
The prim work is amazing!  I paired it up with the Apple Hair in Henna from Maitreya  $250L, and a nice pair of SoReal sneaks.
Now for the part that disappointed me, and yes I do realize I am being uber picky, but for those of us who spend a FORTUNE on skins and having a well put together avatar this was a let down.  FOR THE RECORD:  I will STILL continue to patronage Delirium cause I think their stuff is fantastic!  however as we all know, sometimes things like this happen.  With that said…..
In the first photo (which has not been touched up in Photoshop) you can clearly see that when the shirt layer is worn, there is a line across the lower half of my tummy.  The little box shows a close up.  Now I am not sure because something was not erased from the shirt template or not, either way, I thought I was losing my mind and was about to contact the maker of my skin when I had the thought… “What would happen if I took off my shirt?”.  So I did, and you can see in the second side, that the line is no longer there.  Obviously something amuck with this particular layer.  As I said before, its really not that big of a deal, but it IS noticeable.
Just a little notice by a blogger who takes pride in putting her best pixels forward ;)
♥ Suite.

Capturing the experience

Before I get into the actual items I intend to blog this morning, let me explain why I’m doing it. You see, last night, I had the most amazing dream. All I’ll tell you is it involved a few people I love dearly, a Bugatti Veyron, and a really pretty empty highway. Yes, I was totally dreaming about a car. What?! Does that make me a guy? HELL NO. Have you SEEN this car?!?! It’s friggin’ sexy!!! Okay, I know, a car? Sexy? Rose dun lost her mind. Fine. Have it your way, but before you judge, you should appreciate the sexiness of my dream car:


This is the Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir. Tell me this car isn’t sexy and I’ll call you absolutely crazy! Anyway, that was the car in my dream, so today’s shopping excursion in SL took me to a few different “car manufacturer’s” in world and led me along a really interesting path, which you now get to read about!! See, isn’t this wonderful!? And to think, it all started with sex on the hood of a car. *blush*

CarBlog_002 First stop, was to EMH Motors, as my search on xstreet showed that they had recreated the Bugatti! Upon viewing their concept of the car, I was really excited! Until I saw the price. *sighs* They’re expensive. Much like Real Life, the car evades my financial status. But the details they managed to recreate are amazing, never mind the scripts!! Yep, these cars are fully scripted and drivable! They had TONS of cars, from a Mustang to something that looked like the van from Scooby Doo! There was even a rather impressive pink Cadillac! I must say that I was HIGHLY impressed at the details EMH has captured! Each car once the sculpties rez’d was impressive in it’s own right. Of course my favorite is the one shown, dream car, remember?! However, There were so many, you’ll have to experience the exquisite details for yourself on their sim. After realizing these cars were out of my budget, I pushed on in my quest for the ultimate driving experience…CarBlog_001








Next I decided to search for “Cars” in the SL Search engine and came across “EastCoast Customs”. These care were much cheaper than EMH, however, no where near as impressive texture wise, what I was impressed with was the engine details. They’ve prim’d CarBlog_004 out every piece of this car, so while the textures aren’t great, the details are still there. Granted, there’s no mistake that these cars are virtual. And yet, I still didn’t have my dream car in SL… It’s worth mentioning that EC Customs had some AMAZING motorcycles!






The disappointment felt over the lack of my Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, I went back home, and decided to see if I could recreate the excitement of driving in a virtual environment with the car I could afford…



carblog_006  and with that, I have decided that while, you can obtain a vehicle in SL that resembles the car of your dreams, you’ll never get the feel of actually driving it. The leather under your hands as you grip the wheel, the feel of the speed as the force pushes against you when you hit 200mph will never come from a vehicle you can obtain in SL, so for now, I’ll have to save so I can at very least lick the hood once in a while. *laughs* Happy Shopping!!


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