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Much like Technology, fashion in SL has improved 10 fold in the last two years. Technology brought us things like the IPad, Kindle, and Nook, and SL's fashion world brought us better textures, cleaner prims, and seamless garments that look very real. I had gone through my inventory and looked at a few of the older styled outfits that I LOVED back in the day. As fashion improves, and textures improve, I decided to see if, so too, some of these old designers improved...

I was disappointed.

Most of them had simply gone out of business, unable or unwilling to change the way they designed, which is a shame, as most of them had some wonderful ideas and visions, if only they would take the time needed to improve upon them and learn more!

As most of you know, I do Photography, and I DJ'd, as a DJ, if I played all the songs that were hot 2 years ago, you all would I'm sure like it at first, but after a few times of me whipping that set out, you'd stop tuning in... why? Because there are LOTS of great things out NOW with today's technology!

So I guess this is a call out to all the designers out there doing the same old thing (and using F'ing templates so all your shit looks like everyone Else's shit) UPGRADE OR DIE! no really, I love seeing people succeed at what they enjoy doing. Don't set yourself a limit on one piece, FINISH THE OUTFIT, if you're not satisfied with it, chances are your customer base won't be either. Oh sure, some of these designers have been around forever and have plenty of people shoving their faces turning their noses brown... BUT... don't you want new Ll's? New people to enjoy your designs? New money as the old logs out never to return....

Fashion in SL is as ruthless a business as it is in the RL. Good luck to all of you designers. I wish you the best...


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