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Before I get into the actual items I intend to blog this morning, let me explain why I’m doing it. You see, last night, I had the most amazing dream. All I’ll tell you is it involved a few people I love dearly, a Bugatti Veyron, and a really pretty empty highway. Yes, I was totally dreaming about a car. What?! Does that make me a guy? HELL NO. Have you SEEN this car?!?! It’s friggin’ sexy!!! Okay, I know, a car? Sexy? Rose dun lost her mind. Fine. Have it your way, but before you judge, you should appreciate the sexiness of my dream car:


This is the Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir. Tell me this car isn’t sexy and I’ll call you absolutely crazy! Anyway, that was the car in my dream, so today’s shopping excursion in SL took me to a few different “car manufacturer’s” in world and led me along a really interesting path, which you now get to read about!! See, isn’t this wonderful!? And to think, it all started with sex on the hood of a car. *blush*

CarBlog_002 First stop, was to EMH Motors, as my search on xstreet showed that they had recreated the Bugatti! Upon viewing their concept of the car, I was really excited! Until I saw the price. *sighs* They’re expensive. Much like Real Life, the car evades my financial status. But the details they managed to recreate are amazing, never mind the scripts!! Yep, these cars are fully scripted and drivable! They had TONS of cars, from a Mustang to something that looked like the van from Scooby Doo! There was even a rather impressive pink Cadillac! I must say that I was HIGHLY impressed at the details EMH has captured! Each car once the sculpties rez’d was impressive in it’s own right. Of course my favorite is the one shown, dream car, remember?! However, There were so many, you’ll have to experience the exquisite details for yourself on their sim. After realizing these cars were out of my budget, I pushed on in my quest for the ultimate driving experience…CarBlog_001








Next I decided to search for “Cars” in the SL Search engine and came across “EastCoast Customs”. These care were much cheaper than EMH, however, no where near as impressive texture wise, what I was impressed with was the engine details. They’ve prim’d CarBlog_004 out every piece of this car, so while the textures aren’t great, the details are still there. Granted, there’s no mistake that these cars are virtual. And yet, I still didn’t have my dream car in SL… It’s worth mentioning that EC Customs had some AMAZING motorcycles!






The disappointment felt over the lack of my Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, I went back home, and decided to see if I could recreate the excitement of driving in a virtual environment with the car I could afford…



carblog_006  and with that, I have decided that while, you can obtain a vehicle in SL that resembles the car of your dreams, you’ll never get the feel of actually driving it. The leather under your hands as you grip the wheel, the feel of the speed as the force pushes against you when you hit 200mph will never come from a vehicle you can obtain in SL, so for now, I’ll have to save so I can at very least lick the hood once in a while. *laughs* Happy Shopping!!



Kilolo Jenkins July 16, 2010 at 10:14 AM  

*droooooooooools over car* and WTF is that red monstrosity at the bottom of the post sissah??

Roselynn Darkstone July 16, 2010 at 10:25 AM  

Bumper Car. :(

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