Kilo's Night Out (in Urbanista and Kalnins)...

Learning to live without someone is a lot harder than learning to live with them. ~ me

Ok...I'll admit it. I've been in a huge funk.  Breakups do that.  I have turtled in the worst way and hardly ever leave my home. Since he left back in Jan/Feb...I go to work...I come home...I relax and listen to music and when it's bedtime...I either tuck myself in...or I log out. Wash, rinse, repeat.

But then one night, I received a gift: a new music stream.  Well not really received so much as ganked from my homeboy's house after a night of forcing myself to be sociable and going to go play greedy at his house.  I tuned in, closed my eyes and let the mellow sounds of R&B wash over me in tandem with the waves lapping at the edges of my land and I drifted away. This became my the soundtrack of my sanctuary and meditation while I continue to heal up. So one day...I asked my friend who provides the stream who the DJ was that rented it and surprisingly, he obliged me with a name.  I im'd the DJ and thanked him for his stellar station and a few days later got a response and an invite to come hear him live.  I call up my sissah and she calls up her friends and we get dressed and off we go...

The event was "best dressed" or something like that.  While I wasn't sure if I was best dressed, I definitely wanted to wear something new.  So I went shopping to one of my new discovery places: Urbanista (which is where I got my blue short set seen above as well).  I put on my lil dress and thought hmm....Kalnins' new shoes would go GREAT with this!  So..I get to primping and prepping.  Small note:  ya know...for a world that is supposed to move faster than the real world, I take MORE TIME getting ready to go somewhere inworld than I do out.  Anyway...back to the fashion!!

I LOVE this dress. It's playful, cute and sexy all at once.  While it is short as all get out, it still for some reason lent an air of sensual class to me when I put it on.  I didn't feel too snooty, nor did I feel like I was letting all my goodies hang out.  The only thing I didn't like about this dress was the skirt prim.  This shot is how it looks when you put it on for the first time. UGH! I can't go out with that sticking out like that! NOPE.  Luckily, this prim is modifiable (Yaaaaaaaaay). So after a little manipulation and adjustment, i got it to look right, even though for some reason, depending on how you bend a piece of the prim will still stick out on the left side.  That I can live with...for now.
Now...the Kalnins oooooh the Kalnins.  I'm an impatient blogger.  I got the notice, saw the shoes and before I could get the review copy I was in the store, pouting over lag, asking someone to point me to the gray box that held these treasures.  My computer is super slow and I had someplace to go! They were 50% off too at the time as a new item and that just made this venture...THAT much sweeter.  So I grab my heels get home, slip these puppies on and within 1 minute, they are colored to skin, dress and looking oh so pretty on the tootsies.  My toes actually wiggled.

I gave myself the final once over, grinned at the results for once and dashed off to join my sissah Suite and listen to KRNB radio live for the first time.  DJ Jayce Slade was amazing!!  The right song for that right the right time *nods slowly* He shouts your name out when you show him love and he has a voice...smooth as silk *swoons, gets dizzy, thuds*  Needless to say, I stayed as long as the lag would let me and when I got back home...I exhaled for what felt like the first time in ages, thanking a radio station, my friends and the little bit of will it took to go out again...silently as I lounged in my new outfit on my couch til I drifted away again. Kilo's night out was completely successful.  I'm still healing up, but ... slowly coming back out of my shell. Now to try that again a little more often...maybe someday with a ... date O.O

~ Kilo

Da Threads N Particulars...

Outfit 1:

Blue short set: Daphne (avail in cyan, light blue, light pink, pink and gray) in cyan from Urbanista

Outfit 2:

Little white dress: Thalia (avail in at least black, red and white) in white from Urbanista
Shoooooes: Yolanda from Kalnins

In both:

Skin - Fierce Body & Boutique (not telling which one...MINE)
Belly ring - Tribal Belly Ring from Xcite
Hair - Benicia in Ebony from Bishwear
Necklace - Scorpio necklace from Dahlinks
Facial Piercings - Enticing (modded) from Puncture
Earrings - Opium: basic silver hoops (got them when i first got in game 2 yrs ago LOL)

Location: my apartment inworld :-)
Poses: [doll.] by Suri Christen (various poses *smiles*)

oooh...and the RADIO STATION - - KRNB 97.7 *THE GROOVE* run by Jayce Slade


Trey July 13, 2010 at 11:45 AM  

Kilo, I am glad you enjoyed your night out. I am very grateful of your support and mentioning of the station. Listeners like yourself are the reason we do what we do. I enjoyed reading your blog your are a great writer. Hope to see ya out soon. JSlade

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