Oh My GOD!!!  Grab your purses, drop those prims and leave your Stiletto Moody's at home!!! It's coming!!! Friday it will be here!!  Yes, I'm uber excited. Though technically I shouldn't be. I have enough poses to open a studio, fashion agency, modeling a....this really isn't that important.

But what IS important is that on FRIDAY, April 1 (yes...THIS Friday), two levels of around about 100 pose, dance AND AO stores will convene on this one location for fifteen days!! And they will be selling EVERYTHING under the sun here! New stuff, old stuff, thing we didn't even know they had kind of stuff.  AND...it's a multi-level structure this time folks.

What am I talking about?? POSE FAIR 2011!! Last year it was very well organized. Katey Coppola of Glitterati and her trust cohorts did a bang up job of organizing and managing the fair last year and they're at it again this year! The event will take place in a multi-structure facility and I gotta say this well ahead of time as a returning visitor: DROP EVERY PRIM YOU OWN, GO BALD AND IN NOTHING BUT CLOTHING LAYERS!! lmao

Yes, this is what I will be wearing (less actually).  It's last year's awesome pose fair skin! What you do is make yourself into a human (or furry or short) walking talking poseball. It's low lag, all the rage this (and last) year and you'll have a better chance of sifting through all of the scripted places virtually unscathed.

This truly can't be expressed enough, because people keep wondering why they're crashing. We all know everyone wants to look their best when they're out in public, but really??  DROP THE GEAR.  Walk like a noob for a day (or 15) so you can truly benefit!  Being cute will get you lagged, timed out and most likely crashed more than those professional mannequins in the car commercials.

Anywho...see you at the end of the week my fellow shutterbugs, dancers and walkers.  It's POSE FAIR time!

SLURL won't activate til Friday, but I can tell you it's gonna be on the Postura Sim.

<3 Miss K


Skin & eyes: POSE FAIR 2010
Hakufu Hammock: LostDog Designs
Outfit: Maia (with white sweater) from B@reRose

Lazy Sunday Featuring Plastik!

Yes I am a huge fan of Aikea Reiko and her creative spark at Plastik.  I cannot rave enough about her infinite creative visions and how she continues to surprise even me – I am rather picky when it comes to my shopping and even more so when it comes to blogging something I like.

Bring in Lazy Sunday, and a new release from Plastik!  It is a full body tribal tattoo, but wait!  There is more.  This tattoo comes in 3 shades, tintable versions and non-tintable, and it even comes in an actual tattoo layer! The detail of this item is amazing, but what sets it off is the wicked green/blue eyes that accompany this week’s release.  HI5 Plastik, yet again you astound me and make me drool for more yummy goodness! 

It was so hot, I put on one of my least photographed Elven skins, from Plastik, and the Low of the week release from Blacklace!   Ladies it does not get much better than this.  Check out both amazing stores from Content creators that have been in word for years and have been setting the bar on quality and affordability!


~Blacklace~Incredible: LOW Special of the Week
:[P]:-Ataciara-Elven- Blaze
:[P]:- Lazy Sundays- Tribal Tattoo With Eyes

The Creep

There comes a point where you look at all the pretty perfect skins, shapes, and fashions furrow your brow and say "eff this' to find something... different...

I was in one such mood.And so, I shopped. because that's what you do when you're feeling defiant. You shop.

I found the most badass shirt. I absolutely love it. It's by [ANCAYI] and I can't help but admire the texture work on it. I didn't see any seems in the shirt...

The pants however are another story. They are by A&C Design and you can see every seem on these puppies. From the front they're not so bad, and the jeans have A LOT of potential. However, the tip on the left hip is VERY obvious where the seems are meeting up. The prims are alright, but seem to be just a solid black instead of textured, not overly noticeable unless you're really looking. I wasn't too fond with how low they went in the back either. Pretty much an entire half moon is hanging out of your pants, and while, that might work in Detroit with a pair of boxers to cover your moon, it's not entirely how I enjoy my fashions. I do however like the overall look of the jeans. I think they could be better done and wouldn't recommend you purchase them.

Of course, what makes the whole look come together into a punk/goth fright fest is the skin. I couldn't have made it look nearly as creepy without the skin and eyes from FRICK. I LOVE Frick because they do things so differently, although lately I've seen a lot more conformity but, I suspect FRICK will return to their niche soon, I hope.
And with that, I'll leave you with a GREAT Bargain. These boots from Silent Fashions are a GREAT deal. UNDER 100 linden on the marketplace and they look fantastic! Great detail work!! I'm always worried about buying shoes that are inexpensive on the grid because you end up with something not pictured but these DID NOT disappoint.

Hair: Truth - Maddy espresso
Skin: {Frick} Vengeance - Cream - Lg lips
Shape: ~!STARE!~ Renee - customized
Top: [ANCAYI] England with top grey
Bottoms: A&C Design - Skullsilver Jeans
Boots: Silent Fashion - Charm Black Boots

And with that, I leave you on your fashion journey. <3 RD

All Knocked Up

It seems like everyone is getting married and poppin' out prim babies in SL these days. I've seen some pretty ugly maternity clothes on the grid though, and then of course there's the people who don't wear the maternity clothes because they have standards in fashion but, due to their LARGE pregnancy belly, the clothes are distorted and look as bad as it would if a RL pregnant woman squeezed into her pre-pregnancy clothes. Yep, Bad.

That being said I decided if I could find a cute pregnancy look, I think I nailed it, but you can be the judge...

I started with the shape . ~!STARE!~ had recently released the Isabelle Pregnancy pack and I really loved the face on her. Grabbed my staple LAQ *Christmas Gift* Vilda, tossed on my ~DAMNED~ Tribal Make up w/ pouty lips. And I had my base!!!

Then I went shopping. In a bikini *not shown* to find the outfit. I went to a few maternity stores, looked at the horrible selections, and for a moment, thought about giving up the search. It seemed hopeless, and I'm not really into the whole pregnancy thing... BUT! In the name of fashion, I tredged on... and I stumbled across the Honey*Soul store, where I saw the CUTEST little dress, and I thought, by golly (okay, I didn't ACTUALLY think by golly but I really wanted to use the word okay?!) that is PERFECT!! So here we have, the maternity outfit!!! HA! This only benefits you. Trust me.


Shape: ~!STARE!~ Isabelle Pregnancy Pack

Skin: LAQ - Vilda *Christmas gift* [peach]

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Sunny Glade

Hair: Truth - Mischa - Copper

Dress: Honey*Soul ~ Girl-POP(red)

Manin' Up

Here at Shop*Gasm my sisters and I pride ourselves on finding the best quality fashion on the grid. Or at least, something damned close to it! Anyway, point being, we haven't seen much for men that really said "Ya know, I think a straight man would wear this" ... Because lets face it fella's, most of you either wear "leather" items that look pasted on, or the usual Jeans and a Tshirt. Nothing wrong with those by the way... but I like a little bit of a change now and again, as I'm sure you would too... So, I give you, +grasp+ -

I know, a lot of women know that +grasp+ has killer fashions, but quite a lot of men DON'T know they offer selections, and really well done selections, for them as well!! It's a happy shopping experience for both sexes since most items ARE available in both genders.

Why I LOVE +grasp+:

Simply put, They're consistent. I can always count on high quality texture and prim work. There's never a question of shoddy workmanship because they simply don't put out anything that isn't 100 percent complete.

Anyway, to sum it all up: Guys, If you like a mechanics jumpsuit type look, this is awesome, it features prim parts that make it look like you've tied the top part down around your waist as well ,so for you male dancer types, *wiggles her eyebrows* anyway.... I'll just leave you with the fashions:

Jumpsuit - +grasp+ - tsunagi/black
tattoo - CyberStar BodyArt Tattoos by Der Anton- Snake
hair - Akami - MADesigns Hair
Shape - John ~!STARE!~ Shapes by Talah Magic
skin - Craig Pale - *REDGRAVE*

It's Coming!! Another Fundraiser II


Words will never express the level of emotion that each of us is having to endure during this global time of need.  Through Second Life (and even prior to), we cross paths with people from all walks of life, never knowing how each connection may later affect us.  That being said, I wholly admire the strength of our people as we all lend hands and unite to help out our friends, loves and family over in not only Japan itself but everyone touched by this crisis. The organizers of Another Fundraiser, a benefit that raised money for charity three years ago using the skin templates of the now infamous Eloh Eliot are joining forces with new designers and content creators and offering not only Eloh's templates, but Sezmra Svarog and Mina Jun's templates (who specifically wishes to use her skins to help Japan) in another wonderful fundraiser that will not only help showcase the talents of established content creators, but also bring to light new contributors as well.

100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to help the victims of the overwhelming disasters that have struck Japan.

For more information about this amazing fund raiser, please have a look at the attached link and if you'd like to contribute and participate, please contact the organizers! You have FOUR DAYS to get your content created and up ;)


Thank you to everyone who has been pulling together to raise moneys for not only the victims, but the survivors of this global crisis.  We're all human...and we all need each other.

<3 Kilo

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Event

*Please note that 100% of all money raised will go to the charity Americares (http://www.americares.org/). Land was donated by Glam Affair and all volunteers are giving their time without charge.* (per notecard in items that I purchased)

Sadly, with the death toll swiftly reaching 10,000 (this fluctuates hourly as the rubble and debris are being cleared away, they are still finding survivors), I can't help but tune in to the news a few time a day for an update.    To see the aid that is being offered reminds us all of all the good the world can do regardless of political or religious views.  We are ALL PEOPLE, and when we are suffering we come together to lend a helping hand.

Yesterday I spend some time wandering the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser sim.  I suggest you do the same.  There are so many vendors that have donated their time, and product for such an amazing cause.  The lag was hard to deal with yes, but after standing in one spot for about 10 mins to allow everything to rez properly, I walked around with little to know issues.  The PCF people were a great help in directing me to what I was looking for, and were also quick to ban a few racist idiots who thought that coming in and being douchy was funny.  Well no, I don't care who you are or what you think, a disaster of this magnitude anywhere in the world is NO laughing matter!

I only wish I was in a position to where I could help more.  In RL we have begun to collect non-perishable food items, blankets, diapers etc to send to the local red cross.  The final tally of what we raised will come in next week via my work head office. So that leaves me to donate some of my Lindens to a worthy cause.

Two of my favourite designers have lent some of their talents to raising money for the Pacific Coast.   Plastik and Delirium.

Plastik has come out with a limited edition Tokyo Elven skin, complete with ears and glowy eyes.  Shades included are Chorus, Lullaby, Poem, Song, and Hymn.  Delirium has also come out with a Limited Edition outfit called Isimaki (I do believe they also have a version for men *not pictured*  Both items are from amazing content creators that have donated their creativity, time, and imagination to create quality items for us, the SL shopper, so that we too can help in our own way :)

:[P]:-Pacific Crisis- Tokyo Skin $699   http://slurl.com/secondlife/World%20of%20Beauty/128/128/2
Delirium Style - Ishimaki  $350  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Delirium%20Style/128/128/2

*cross posted*

Spending Time With The Bestie…

We have been trying to get together for a while, but our scheduled just never seemed to jive.  See I am a sleepy butt (yes I admit it), and well he is a night owl.  So as it happens, I am always going to bed when he is just getting up.   But we made plans a few days ago to spend some time and I am glad we did.  Spy is my bestest friend, and some of you fan girlies might recognize him as one of the Wicked Cowboy players.  Either way, he’s been there for me more times than I can count, so when I heard that WG had FINALLY released his name jersey, I had him TP me so I could get it.  It’s just one of many named jersey’s after the players of the Wicked Cowboys.

This is basically going to be a photo post, the quality of WG and Dahlinks speak for themselves as both stores have been up and running as long as I have been in world.  Their pricing and variety is impeccable and a great place for a new-to-sl avatar to shop and still look good for little cost.

WG location for all your Wicked Cowboy Needs: [SLurl]

Suite is wearing:

Wicked Cowboys League Jersey –Schneidermann

Spy is wearing: 

Wicked Cowboys Heavy Chain Steel Bracelet
Wicked cowboys men's necklace
Dahlinks 2010 Men's Watch - Steel
Dahlinks Men's Square Diamond Studsd
Wicked Gear Winged Cowboys Tshirt


Lessons in retail therapy

A lesson I just learned is, never EVER trust the images you see on an SL advertisement for an item when a DEMO is available. I feel stupid. It's a noob lesson that I really should know better than to do... However, on today's determination to do a GOOD blog, with NEW stores I had never been to before, I decided to try this simple ponytail from a store I had never been to before. MINA Hair Fashion. The picture looked nice, and I figured, it's a simple pony tail, what could go wrong?! So I bought the Black/white pack and put it on... it was only 275 linden right?! BIG. MISTAKE. ~ ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS try on the Demo's. Had I tried on the demo for the Amber hair, I'd have known that the prim work was... well, a nice attempt. But for a girl used to the beautiful blending and seamingly seamless work of TRUTH, this is ameteur hour. I'm not blaming the designer in this case, I blame myself for being impulsive.

Anyway, the point of this blog isn't to hate on MINA, because I think her styles have potential, the point is that we, as bloggers have a habbit of playing up designs that, to be blunt, aren't really that good. And that brings us to the photoshoppers.... they enahnce, blend, blur, and generally speaking make some otherwise, UGLY things, look like a million bucks. Thank you filters. However, it defeats the purpose of fashion blogs entirely. We as bloggers, are supposed to be bringing YOU, the reader, what we think is a top notch, excellent design. And we SHOULD be truthful in it. If there's prim work on it that the blogger has to adjust, THEY SHOULD SAY SO. Don't promote an item and BS the reader. It's not right, then they go out and impulse shop and BAM, Bad hair day. So, in short. I'm going to show you the Amber, but I do not recomend you purchase it. There ARE however some other lovely pieces at MINA Hair Fashion.

I did like the Lulu hair, it was funky, cute, a little kick to the 70's and VERY well done. So there ARE really nice pieces at MINA Hair. So, here's the artwork.... there is NO post editing done. These are straight shots from SL. Although my photography bug is crying, I felt it important to offer these up without a side of ice cream....

Hair: Lulu - MINA Hair Fashion

Hair: Amber - White - MINA Hair Fashion

Poppin' the Pink

I know I'm the LAST one of my sisters to get all gaga over some pink, but lemmie tell ya, I grabbed this GAWK shirt, and my Bax boots and rocked that shit! I absolutely LOVE it, and Gawk, by Mell McMahon as you may recall had once been the creator for Inimitably before she closed it. I LOVED her designs. Anyway, she does QUALITY textures and I absolutely LOVE her stuff. but back on topic...

I'm gonna keep this simple. I was DJing, as a penguin, and I changed back to human at the end of the event...of course I was naked... my good friend Alex said "COVER UP WOMAN!" and then passed me these FANTASTIC Wicked Gear chain belt low rise pants. Lemmie tell you about these pants, they're not those super low rise pants where your yaya is hanging out. They're PERFECT. Low enough to be sexy, but high enough to be modest. REAL. And I love when designers keep it real.

OH! I nearly forgot, The Onyx Ribbon Choker from Dahlinks. Simple and stunning!!!!

So after getting these pants, I decided, shoot, I need a new shirt! HA! And off to Gawk I went... paired this AWESOME shirt with some boots and here we have... Fashion Porn!!!!

Hair: Truth - Annika - Snow
Skin: LAQ - Tasha2
Eyes: PC Eyes - Moroccan Night - Freebie
Shape: ~!STARE!~ Renee - Customized.
Necklace: Dahlinks - Onyx Ribbon Choker
Shirt: GAWK - Striped Rose Cashmere sweater
Pants: Wicked Gear: Classic Low Rider jeans- chain belt

Happy Shopping!!!

Celebrate Mardi Gras With Blacklace!

I have been watching all the festivities about SL this past week that coincide with Mardi Gras.  The bright colours, the music, the people. It’s a totally different way of life, for one week, tossing all cares to the wind to celebrate.  If you are from New Orleans you have reason to do so.  Sadly I was not able to visit before the floods, but I am amazed at how a community can pull together to overcome all odds, and the people of New Orleans have proven just that.  So… as I was wandering around, I got a nifty little notecard in my inventory from the lovely folks over at Blacklace, it was promoting their current LOW of the week for $99L, which I went to get because it is really pretty.  While there, I noticed a BIG Vendor with this bright amazing photo on it.

If you have read Shop*gasm in the past you know that I am a fan of the costumes that the Blacklace team puts out, and this costume is no exception.  I bring you the 2011 Blacklace Mardi Gras Costume.


The costume itself is only $398L and includes all prim work (with resizers) and layers.  I love the vibrant nature of the purple and how it works with the green and gold.  The details of this costume is out of this world, and I am quite impressed!  This has to be one of my favourite costumes to date from Blacklace.  Great work guys!


Shopping List:

Blacklace Mardi Gras Costume  $398  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alphamale/130/124/41

52 Weeks of Color: Week 3 - Goldenrod

Typically, I don't do a nonchatty post.  But I'm crunched for time and must do math homework!!  So here we go. Yes for those staying tuned...I've got *counts on fingers and toes*  .... aww hell... A LOT to catch up on in the challenge, but I went for simple with this post.  Affordable and cute, SN@TCH has really proven to be quite the prolific content creator and source for variety (at least in my opinion and since this is in part, my blog, that's what matters right? LOL).  But seriously, you can pair Ivey's tops up with shorts (the ones here came with the top O.O), skirts, slacks and switch this cute top from elegant to downright grimy depending on how you accessorize.  Add Mandala's ever evolving style and you've got a winning combo for clothing and jewelry, two key elements for hot fashion.  The hair is an old group gift from Magika, but I love that she made the hat modifiable, so I can pretty much match it to just about ... anything! LOL
Alright my fellow 'gasmers...the math lab calls! MUAH!!

The Deets:

Jewels: [MANDALA]Amida necklace/silver & AMIDA EARRINGS/silver [SLurl]
Outfit: :::Sn@tch Once More With Feeling::: - Goldenrod [SLurl]
Hair: Magika - Rebecca (Exclusive Gift) [SLurl]

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