Oh My GOD!!!  Grab your purses, drop those prims and leave your Stiletto Moody's at home!!! It's coming!!! Friday it will be here!!  Yes, I'm uber excited. Though technically I shouldn't be. I have enough poses to open a studio, fashion agency, modeling a....this really isn't that important.

But what IS important is that on FRIDAY, April 1 (yes...THIS Friday), two levels of around about 100 pose, dance AND AO stores will convene on this one location for fifteen days!! And they will be selling EVERYTHING under the sun here! New stuff, old stuff, thing we didn't even know they had kind of stuff.  AND...it's a multi-level structure this time folks.

What am I talking about?? POSE FAIR 2011!! Last year it was very well organized. Katey Coppola of Glitterati and her trust cohorts did a bang up job of organizing and managing the fair last year and they're at it again this year! The event will take place in a multi-structure facility and I gotta say this well ahead of time as a returning visitor: DROP EVERY PRIM YOU OWN, GO BALD AND IN NOTHING BUT CLOTHING LAYERS!! lmao

Yes, this is what I will be wearing (less actually).  It's last year's awesome pose fair skin! What you do is make yourself into a human (or furry or short) walking talking poseball. It's low lag, all the rage this (and last) year and you'll have a better chance of sifting through all of the scripted places virtually unscathed.

This truly can't be expressed enough, because people keep wondering why they're crashing. We all know everyone wants to look their best when they're out in public, but really??  DROP THE GEAR.  Walk like a noob for a day (or 15) so you can truly benefit!  Being cute will get you lagged, timed out and most likely crashed more than those professional mannequins in the car commercials.

Anywho...see you at the end of the week my fellow shutterbugs, dancers and walkers.  It's POSE FAIR time!

SLURL won't activate til Friday, but I can tell you it's gonna be on the Postura Sim.

<3 Miss K


Skin & eyes: POSE FAIR 2010
Hakufu Hammock: LostDog Designs
Outfit: Maia (with white sweater) from B@reRose


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