Lessons in retail therapy

A lesson I just learned is, never EVER trust the images you see on an SL advertisement for an item when a DEMO is available. I feel stupid. It's a noob lesson that I really should know better than to do... However, on today's determination to do a GOOD blog, with NEW stores I had never been to before, I decided to try this simple ponytail from a store I had never been to before. MINA Hair Fashion. The picture looked nice, and I figured, it's a simple pony tail, what could go wrong?! So I bought the Black/white pack and put it on... it was only 275 linden right?! BIG. MISTAKE. ~ ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS try on the Demo's. Had I tried on the demo for the Amber hair, I'd have known that the prim work was... well, a nice attempt. But for a girl used to the beautiful blending and seamingly seamless work of TRUTH, this is ameteur hour. I'm not blaming the designer in this case, I blame myself for being impulsive.

Anyway, the point of this blog isn't to hate on MINA, because I think her styles have potential, the point is that we, as bloggers have a habbit of playing up designs that, to be blunt, aren't really that good. And that brings us to the photoshoppers.... they enahnce, blend, blur, and generally speaking make some otherwise, UGLY things, look like a million bucks. Thank you filters. However, it defeats the purpose of fashion blogs entirely. We as bloggers, are supposed to be bringing YOU, the reader, what we think is a top notch, excellent design. And we SHOULD be truthful in it. If there's prim work on it that the blogger has to adjust, THEY SHOULD SAY SO. Don't promote an item and BS the reader. It's not right, then they go out and impulse shop and BAM, Bad hair day. So, in short. I'm going to show you the Amber, but I do not recomend you purchase it. There ARE however some other lovely pieces at MINA Hair Fashion.

I did like the Lulu hair, it was funky, cute, a little kick to the 70's and VERY well done. So there ARE really nice pieces at MINA Hair. So, here's the artwork.... there is NO post editing done. These are straight shots from SL. Although my photography bug is crying, I felt it important to offer these up without a side of ice cream....

Hair: Lulu - MINA Hair Fashion

Hair: Amber - White - MINA Hair Fashion


Kilolo Jenkins March 15, 2011 at 2:01 PM  

And this is why I don't blend jack :P

I'll toss in a shadow, a background here or there, but other than that even in my photogging attempts, I let the flaws show.

Does that make me less of a photogragpher? Probably. But if the person wants an art shot, I'll give them an artshot. Otherwise...it's show the goods as is so no one is fooled by pretty trickery.

Thank you for reminding me why I don't blend Rose! :D

Suitelady March 16, 2011 at 9:15 AM  

We should make a list of shopping do's and dont's starting with...

1. When you TP on to a SIM, don't stand at the landing point ffs


2. if there is a demo, try it first, always.

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