Merry Christmas from Razorblade Jacket!

You only have a few more hours to take advantage of the great sale going down at Razorblade Jacket!

Select items @ Razorblade Jacket are marked down 50-75% off the normal price, PLUS all Christmas releases from last year are marked down 50-75% as well!  These prices wont last, at midnite these items will be marked back to their normal prices so come get em while you can!


Suiteums Goodie List:

Hair - <NVM> Red – Dreadful

Outfit:- =Razorblade Jacket= Little Red Dress BOX* [ S L U R L ]

Boots - Prestige Boots Red Suede [ S L U R L ]

Kickin' it Back

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Past. Present. Future....

At some point you will be inspired to do something. Today's example, I'm inspired to do a floral arrangement for my fireplace mantle to decorate for the approaching holidays. But you don't really care about my florals. In fact, I'd be surprised if you actually read this stuff and didn't just flip through the pictures and look at the details at the bottom. At least, that's what a friend said people do...

I've also been inspired by a song today... to do this blog. I'll be honest, I've been less than inspired lately with Secondlife fashion choices. But once in a while, something bites and says "This is pretty cool, I should share this"... And so we have this retro inspired look.

Nothin' like a pair of combat boots to gussy up an outfit! Teamed with some wool/skull stockings and matching arm length gloves. Some finger tapes from and a REALLY short leather dress .. it's a VERY simple outfit, the "conversation" piece as it were, is the Artilleri Trixie hair/headscarf... without it... it'd be just another hoochie look. I dunno, Somethin' a little "don't #!^! with me" about this outfit... maybe it's me... Pair it with a killer Leather jacket from grasp and you've got a complete look!! (not shown)

I found the cutest little retro drive in, unfortunately I forgot to landmark it and now I can't find it again :( but here we are. if you can find it, please comment and leave the slurl!!

~Much Luv- Rose

~Items Featured~

Artilleri - Trixie - Ebony - Hair

Linc - Finger Tapes

DeeTalez - Leather Mini Dress

Latex Station - vmac stockings & gloves

TheAbyss - NAU Combat Boots

Dahlinks - Mistress Custom Twin Dog Tags

STARE - Custom Roselynn Shape

LAQ - Tasha2 - Peach - Skin

Santa, Every Woman Needs This…

If any of you hard-core shoppers are like me, you are on every subscribo imaginable.  Until recently I was loving getting all the notices and news first before the masses, but it just became too much of a pain to keep track of, too many messages being capped, and just general “OMGAH I am on too many of these*  Plus – Let’s face it, some of them are complete crap.  So off I went into the grid to start the removal process. 

There are some subscribos/groups that make it COMPLETELY WORTH staying on.  Case and point – Blacklace!  I have been a long time fan of Mariska and her work (we are talking years here, I should seriously take stock in Blacklace), and just recently a lil NC passed me by from the subscribo.  There was a TOSL release, and if you love it as much as I do, you will stampede like the crazy asses on Black Friday to get it.

For only $99L you too can own “Stunning” – a gorgeously textured lace black corset by Vollers.

Now before you run off to get your shopping on, Blacklace and Alphamale has recently undergone a makeover, its amazing, but if you haven’t been there it’s easy to get lost.  The folks at Blacklace have put a nifty teleporter thingy at the TP point.  My suggestion – USE IT.  To get to the TOSL just find the location for “TOSL and HUNTS” and off ya go.  Easy peasy  *grins*

Suiteums Goodie List:

Hair: **Amrita**Formal hair
Outfit: ~Blacklace~ Stunning Corset by Vollers (Black Satin & Lace) – $99L [ S L U R L ]
Photoable – MudHoney - Rouge Getaway Photoble [ S L U R L ]

OMG SALE! @ ::.DieNastY.::

Cause Mamma’s need to start Christmas Shopping!

My partner in crime and I have SLASHED the prices of all our HIGH WAISTED JEANS!

Now you can get your very own individual pair for $99L!!!!  Quite a steal. 

All colours available!


Whats better than that you ask?  We have discounted the Rainbow Fatpack by $300L.




Thankful For Warm Snugglies ♥

I was not planning on doing a blog so soon, but as the night went on, everything just lined into place where I couldn’t NOT do one.  Even though I am Canadian (and have already celebrated Thanksgiving), I still enjoy participating when my family in the U.S. has the Holiday in November. 

This post is dedicated to the woman who, well…. Let’s be honest, kept me sane when my BF was away most the summer.  If it was not for her, I would have lost my mind – through he laughs, and the tears, and the hours of me being emo, this woman never batted an eyelash.  She just sat there quietly and held my hand.  Always reminding me that she was in charge of me while her brother was away.     I am so very thankful to have a friend like her in my life.  She is irreplaceable, and although our meeting in SL was what one would say “unconventional” the last couple years have been wonderful getting to know her.  She’s ma croissant, and I am her chalupa, and that is all *grins*

Sooooo my croissant was searching the MP today and came across the cutest hat, we both squeeeeeeeeeeeeed like little girls in skype and when I found out that it was from Severed Garden, I said “ROAD TRIP”.  So we land, and wait for the sim to rez and she finds the hat ASAP.  Seriously, the best $160L spent ever on the cutest winter hat I have ever seen!  At the same location are outfits that are a perfect match to the hat hair, and at $290L for EVERYTHING (dress, jacket, scarf, earmuffs, boots, cuffs, everthang!) it’s a steal! 

We quickly got dressed and remarked on how cute we looked, and we do look CUTE!  This is most definatly an outfit I will be wearing out this season!

Suiteums Goodie List:

Hair: { SeVered GarDeN } – Priska – $160L  [ S L U R L ] OR [ L I N K ]
Areanna is wearing: { SeVered GarDeN } Dana Pink – $290L [ S L U R L ] OR [ L I N K ]
Suite is wearing: { SeVered GarDeN } Dana Dark – $290L [ S L U R L ] OR [ L I N K ]

Walking In A Winter Wonderland…

Winter is upon us, and what better way to feel warm and cozy than to find some great fashion finds on the Marketplace.  If you are like me you troll that site like it’s going out of style looking for the next best thing.  Considering most SL Stores are now finding their way to the online purchase spot, the need to deal with sim lag, slowly rezzing stores, and newbs who refuse to leave from the landing points (rant for another day…lol), this is how I have been shopping as of late. 

Today I bring you a cute little number from the folks of Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.  Now I am not normally a fan of those who mass produce clothing for a multitude of reasons, but when I saw this outfit I HAD to grab it, and for $99L I think I made one of my best purchases to date for “Winter” themed clothing.

Baby It’s Cold Outside is the new winter promo just released from the crew at BDR, which can be purchased in a myriad of colours AND a fatpack.  I decided to nab the one in blue, and I was so happily surprised with the texturing, and the pairing of the cutest little Uggs.  You can wear the jacket with or without the skirt attachment.  If you choose to wear the skirt, they have included a nice alpha layer that will shrink those hips so they don’t poke through the sides, taking away the need to fiddle with sizing the skirt prim to fit your body.  The only thing I would have liked is if the skirt had a bit of “give” to it, a bit of flexi, just a hint, and it would be all around perfect.  Still at the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with this outfit at all.  So get bundled up, find yourself a gorgeous winter sim and frolic the winter blues away looking good! 

List of Goodies:

Outfit: BDR – Baby It’s Cold Outside [ L I N K ]
Hair – Truth – *New Release* Janice
SIM – Christmas At Winter Holiday Village [ S L U R L ]

It's All About the Kalnins (Shoes) ... and Pink :P

I have to admit, when I first got these puppies for review, I wasn't feeling the new Lynette Sandals from Kalnins.  They were a bit different in that the bottom of the foot pad in the back is such a blunt square and a sharp contrast to the curvy structure of the shoe.  This threw me off so much so that I was gonna chuck the damn things.  Then...I saw Maris Kanto's (creator of the shoe) ads for this marvelous sandal and saw color after color of beauty and fell in love.

click to enlarge

Meet Kalnin's newest pretty: The Lynette Sandal.  Stylable in 10 primary colors with 3 places to select color, the possibilities are endless with this amazing shoe.  Aaaand the toe polish colors are even pretty!! Some of my friends say that Kalnin's has sausage toes for the toes. But you know what? I'm okay with that when the shoes look THIS good!  Every detail of this shoe = YUM. And the best part: if you have a difficult skin color to match with this shoe, but know your RGB codes, you simply type in /76 RGB r/g/b and hit enter and voila, your skin color will match perfectly so long as you type in the right numbers. On top of that, they have wonderful presets and sliders on the off chance you don't know that info and would rather muck around til you have the right combo. Talk about an easy to use HUD! this shoe as much as I do, I actually had some trouble styling an outfit around it in order to work the SHOE. I was flipping through color combinations, I was listening to Aerosmith and it hit me..."that's the color!!" to assemble I went!

click to enlarge

I immediately started with hair.  Why?'s your topper of sorts...your shoes your bottom and you are the filling in the sandwich of hair and feet :D  Grabbing my trust Dura hair, the looks were finally coming together.  Next, I paired it with Bitch Tail's "No More" ensemble (1st piccie). It was just the kick of pink without being Pepto look I was going for! While the outfit comes with its own shoes, I was not taking these puppies off...they paired so nicely together!  Next, unable to try to find more things to wear this with, I remembered I had a jumpsuit with a pink butterfly from Earth and Sky (look #2) and voila!! Off to shoot I went. Cranking the following vid in the background, I simply couldn't stop lovng my new pressie and had so much fun I think I played it about 5 times before I stopped! LOL

I've since tried other color combos, mimicking the ads and just putting my own spin on these puppies.  So what started as an "eh" relationship with the new Kalnins has turned into "What fun can I have styling around my shoe??"  Wonderful job, Maris and team!!

<3 Kilo


Hair: Dura-EMO01 FAT-unisex hair (pink x black & pink x white) [SLurl]
Jewelry: erratic/hoop earrings/silver (small) [SLurl]
Outfit #1:Bitchtail No More [SLurl]
Outfit #2: Jumpsuit Lissy white - Pink Butterfly - Earth & Sky Designs [SLurl]
**SHOES!!: Kalnin's Lizette Fat Pack [SLurl]
Poses: Behavior Body & LA Productions (I forgot the slurls!)
** Promotional Item


::.DIENASTY.:: & !STARE! have joined together for a party of epic proportion, starting NOW!  We are having our joint store GRAND OPENING with none other than our very special quest DJ LELAND ANTON.






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