Kickin' it Back

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Past. Present. Future....

At some point you will be inspired to do something. Today's example, I'm inspired to do a floral arrangement for my fireplace mantle to decorate for the approaching holidays. But you don't really care about my florals. In fact, I'd be surprised if you actually read this stuff and didn't just flip through the pictures and look at the details at the bottom. At least, that's what a friend said people do...

I've also been inspired by a song today... to do this blog. I'll be honest, I've been less than inspired lately with Secondlife fashion choices. But once in a while, something bites and says "This is pretty cool, I should share this"... And so we have this retro inspired look.

Nothin' like a pair of combat boots to gussy up an outfit! Teamed with some wool/skull stockings and matching arm length gloves. Some finger tapes from and a REALLY short leather dress .. it's a VERY simple outfit, the "conversation" piece as it were, is the Artilleri Trixie hair/headscarf... without it... it'd be just another hoochie look. I dunno, Somethin' a little "don't #!^! with me" about this outfit... maybe it's me... Pair it with a killer Leather jacket from grasp and you've got a complete look!! (not shown)

I found the cutest little retro drive in, unfortunately I forgot to landmark it and now I can't find it again :( but here we are. if you can find it, please comment and leave the slurl!!

~Much Luv- Rose

~Items Featured~

Artilleri - Trixie - Ebony - Hair

Linc - Finger Tapes

DeeTalez - Leather Mini Dress

Latex Station - vmac stockings & gloves

TheAbyss - NAU Combat Boots

Dahlinks - Mistress Custom Twin Dog Tags

STARE - Custom Roselynn Shape

LAQ - Tasha2 - Peach - Skin


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