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SL is a wonderful place, somewhere that we can all be individuals and have our own unique sense of style.  However, after travelling around these parts for what seems an eternity (since 2007), I have come to see very little uniqueness when it comes to ones shape.   Now I don’t mean to offend all the “skinnier” avies on the grid, but there is a definate lack of curve in SL, more specifically a more fuller figured avi.  I have seen a handful, and of those their asses are usually bigger than the back of a flat-bed truck.  Now with that said, I introduce you to Stare!

Talah Magic, is the owner /operator and shape maker extraordinaire for “Stare”.   Stare By Talah Magic  - Located on the Second Floor of the Dahlinks main store, just released her newest shape called “Brie”.  

This is one of the very few “Curvy” or fuller figured shapes I have seen starting to pop up on the grid.  The proportions are spot on (read key word PROPORTIONATE) so that your shape does not look all janky and unrealistic, and the face is absolutely stunning.  I love how each detail of the body curvature is delicately sculpted on this shape.  She is a shorter avie shape than most, however it suits the overall final product that Talah was aiming for.  If you are on the hunt for a new curvier shape, or a new shape in general, I suggest popping over to Stare!  She caters to both men and women, and has a variety of shapes to choose from.  Each with their own uniqueness.  A high quality shape, customized with love from the gorgeous kittah herself. 


Painted on or worn?

So, there's all this controversy about Mexican Sports reporter Ines Saintz attire the day she was "allegedly" sexually harassed by some of the Jets players in their locker room.

She has now provided a picture of what she was wearing that day. Her jeans look like they were painted onto her body, they're incredibly tight (is that a pimple on her left ass cheek?) and her blouse is very form fitting as well. Now, I'm all for looking good but, this is your job. Your job is to interview and work around some very macho/adrenaline infused men. Unless you're going to a dance club, strip club, or bar with your girl friends to pick up men, this attire is in no way shape or form appropriate for a work environment.

I don't feel she was "Asking for it" or any of that, but, most women know that if you dress that way, you're going to get attention. That's why women dress that way! So, if you DON'T want to be hit on or have lewd comments made about you, dress appropriately.

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Kilo's Goin' To The Go-Go (well...out dancing at least :P)

So I was out and about looking for the new jeans from Swansong (ZOMG...droooooooooooooooool) and as I was walking around the store, I saw this saucy lil number out of the corner of my eye. all her wonderfulness was the Breeze Kaftan advertisement (shown at the store in the blue that I ultimately purchased) and I just had to have her.  I may have urfed the wall (it was sort of a blur, really...). Now...I know y'all are probably thinking, "Kilo...why are you referring to an inanimate object as a her?" BECAUSE I CAN!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  And...because it's a dress!  A really pretty dress!! O.O

So I buy the dress...I wearrrrr the dress and I'm looking at it thinking, "this is some vintage type awesome deal, Kilo!! You know what you must do"  So DIVING into my inventory of over 50K items I went!! Paired it up with my Baxies (which, if you haven't been by lately, they are now offering a FREE Alpha layer for all Prestige boots - just remember to remove the foot attachment part of the boot after you apply the Alpha Layer to your avi), some hoop earrings, a classic half bundt updo and voila!  Instant go-go dancer! The details on this dress are light, but gorgeous and crisp. And this blue against my skin went POP like woah. I am DEFINITELY happy with this look.

So I am hanging out and talking with my friend, Xeph the Cowboy (ooh he's cute...anyway....) and I honestly don't recall what about. I remember showing him my nifty piano from LostDog Productions (blog coming soon for THAT) and making plans for another day because he was getting ready to go.  Either way...I tooled around the house a bit, played the piano, dropped stuff all about my land and STILL couldn't shake the "gotta shake my butt" feeling I had.  So naturally....when the 2nd of three tp's to the exact same place came my way...I bounced, baby...YEAH!!

Off to Hot M.E.S.S. I went.  Apple was DJing and lo and behold a whole rack of my friends were there!  So shakey shakey went the my pretty new dress!! HOO!! Now as of the time I landed, I had yet to perform the now infamous "dance test" on this little number and honestly wasn't paying attention when I loaded the folder.  Be careful folks...there's TWO prim attachment options for the skirt: one for stomach and I think the other for pelvis. I can't remember.  No matter.  It made for a much fuller and flowy look when I hopped on a huddle and started wigglin!!

The music was right, the beach was gorgeous, my friends looked hot and I in my relatively vintage looking go-go dancer meets mod squad-esque dress were rockin' out!! Now...that being said, I love, Love, LOVE this dress.  BUT...something about when it moves, depending on how you're moving and the prims jut out of your body.  A small price to pay for the flowy disposition of the skirt...and dancing in it (did I mention I went out dancing? :P).  Either way, I had a blast!  New dress and a night out with good peeps made for one happy Kilo.  Now to figure out where else I go to shake my groove thang...hmmm...

Either way, I leave you beautiful people with a throw back video (yup....copying my favorite blogger Bubbles for the moment): Smokey Robinson & the Miracles "Going to a Go-Go" [man this song is way older than ME....but I LOVE it!! LOL] and bid y'all a fond farewell for now.  Oh yeah...GO TO SWANSONG!! GET THE DRESS!!


Skin: no no...not til I'm done with it :P
Shape: custom shape I've had since my 2nd week inworld
Dress: [[[SWANSONG]]] Breeze Kaftan in Blue
Hair:  Phoebe in Obsidian from ETD (damn damn damn why are they not back yet??)
Boots: Bax Prestige White Leather (w/ the new Alpha layer for viewer 2.0)
Earrings: Opium - Free Classic Hoop Earrings

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