Painted on or worn?

So, there's all this controversy about Mexican Sports reporter Ines Saintz attire the day she was "allegedly" sexually harassed by some of the Jets players in their locker room.

She has now provided a picture of what she was wearing that day. Her jeans look like they were painted onto her body, they're incredibly tight (is that a pimple on her left ass cheek?) and her blouse is very form fitting as well. Now, I'm all for looking good but, this is your job. Your job is to interview and work around some very macho/adrenaline infused men. Unless you're going to a dance club, strip club, or bar with your girl friends to pick up men, this attire is in no way shape or form appropriate for a work environment.

I don't feel she was "Asking for it" or any of that, but, most women know that if you dress that way, you're going to get attention. That's why women dress that way! So, if you DON'T want to be hit on or have lewd comments made about you, dress appropriately.

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Roselynn Darkstone September 21, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

I've posted this here because I feel, it's a fashion related topic :) Enjoy!

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