Classic Black & Classy Names

When I saw her face, I thought, "timeless and statuesque".  When I saw the dress, I was immediately reminded of Audrey Hepburn and her movies "Sabrina" and "Breakfast and Tiffany's". So when I had the opportunity to blog them, I immediately knew together Artemis, Unique Megastore's newest skin & "Carrie" by Alloro would be the perfect fit.

What I like about Artemis outside of the full lip she conveys on every makeup are her freckles.  I know that seems silly, but on such an elegant oval face they really draw attention to themselves. The hairline isn't too jagged nor is it too straight so it has a very natural feel to it. I would have used the eyes that come with the skin, but I didn't feel the gray really did this skin justice.  Instead I used a wonderful set of eyes I picked up from Fashism, one of SL's newest and hottest eye designers.  The brown pulled some of the brown highlights of the hairbase out (for some reason the hairbase looked more black to me) and when I added the chignon (not seen here) from YS & YS, it made the look that much more pulled together.

What I liked about the Carrie is while it's a simple black shirt/skirt combo, it has two options for how to top it.  I wasn't feeling just the black top and bottom combo by itself, reason being the top lacks texturing in my opinion. It's a wonderfully constructed piece, but there was nothing I could draw my eye to.  I really like the texture on the skirt; made it look that much more sleek to me. Enter the lovely red scarf and the houndstooth pashmina shawl options.  Both are wonderful offerings and while they are both scuplties, they're adjustable. As old school as this will sound, I'm actually glad Laurel didn't put a resizer in the scarf and shawl.  Don't get me wrong, I love me a good resizer, but I have found that they don't always adjust to fit the contours of your body, so you either end up with this outrageously huge sculpty or an addition you simply can't wear. The fact that one can adjust in one direction and it make it perfect was just the amount of awesome that I needed when I put on my shawl. Now to figure out what else I can wear it with :) *wiggles in her chair with ideas*

So simple, classic, elegant...just like Audrey: introducing both Artemis and Carrie. Ni ni :)

<3 Kilo

P.S. Now, if any of the Lindens are reading this..Imma need y'all to work out this skirt layer issue.  I am one whose shape has a more erm... prominent posterior.  And when I put on a skirt layer (like the one shown above), the 3 sizes too big theory that was used to make the skirt mesh goes HAYWIRE!! Looks like a bar room brawl is taking place in an area where my butt should be! O.O (ok...maybe that's a bit of a hyperbole...but it makes mah butt look HUGE!) Do you have any idea how hard it is to shrink a booty and make it look curvy and decent in less than five minutes when you don't typically mess with shapes and have to learn sliders all over again??  I.didn'! :P

That is my only rant for the evening.  Byez!

da fit:

earrings: dahlinks morrigan black pearl & diamond earrings
hair: *ys & ys* big chignon brown
skin: unique megastore - artemis dark 07 w/ hair base, artemis dark 09 w/ hair base
outfit: alloro - carrie houndstooth
eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Brown Deep

poses : *GA* Smoking Girl AO

Bruno's Girl/Week 11: Indigo...

I wonder if this is how he got his start: sitting in front of his piano, thinking of his muse..his one who got away before he penned "grenade," "just the way you are," or "talking to the moon...." Yes, I am talking of Bruno.

I have enjoyed this man's voice when he appeared on "Nothin' on You'" and even more on Travie McCoy's "Billionaire," but he claimed me when he released "Just the Way You Are".  I think I played it nonstop for a week straight (which might explain my iPods deteriorating charging ability).   When the album dropped I was a cheery as a girl getting asked on a date by her dream boy *le sigh* I have yet to stop listening to him.

Anyway, on a night when I was toiling away on a special project (and squeeing because I had just got my new updated ears from Mynerva (the scripted elf ears now come in white for easier texturing for us drow/dark elves)), this awesome hat was bestowed upon me along with an outfit from one of my favorite makeup places A.E. and I tossed them on and immediately felt I was channeling my fantasy boo, Bruno. I love that this hat from Couture Chapeau is simple. It's not overdone with a million miniprims of bling and jewels that will take forever to resize or worse, telelport.  And the fact that it's denim made it nice and workable into anything  (in my opinion).

I'm used to AE making makeup. So when I saw that they made clothes and the outfit was cute...I HAD to put it on.  To my surprise I rezzed and thought I was standing in front of the man himself. Since I wasn't really feeling the leggings that come with the shirt, I slipped into a pair of capris from Urbanista and started listening to the cd...falling all over again for Mr. Mars.  To round out the look, I put on mah favoritist nails from Studio Nails (I love Anastasia Magic for making nails that fit my hands YAY! Size 27...what what??) and that is all. :)

Well it's late and I'm fading fast. I think I shall pop in my super secret (well not so secret) celeb crush lova Mista Mars and drift off to his digits tickling the ivories and telling me how I'm amazing just the way I am.  And since I'm nice...I'll even share the tune with you ;)

da 'fit:

Mynerva Stretched elongated Elven Ear Backflop (now with a white base for easier coloring ^.^)

SIM-I-LAR: Cariddi Shoes Black

Couture Chapeau: MAH Sinatra Fedora (Short Brim) - Denim & Red

**Dura-Boys&Girls**07 (Crowshead)

*Urbanista* Denim Capris - dark denim (love design)

[AE] Casually Perfection Shirt

SN: Moons & Stars - WITHOUT RING


/.tea/ missing my jeanie (corner shot)

lostdog - the pianist

52 Weeks of Color: Week 17 - Electric Lime

I'm out of order and way behind. But when my wife snapped this picture I was supposed to use it for this.  I thought the outfit was adorable...even if only a hunt item. I do believe she still has this cute little number for sale in her store though! ^.^  If she doesn't, still look around. All of Sassy!'s items are cute, affordable and some are damn sexy.  She goes from casual to formal and hits just about everything in between (including some sci-fi). To round out the look, I chose Kalnins shoes (though one of my friends feels they have "sausage toes" lol) and Mandala for the jewels because, well? MANDALA ROCKS!!  Topping things off, I had to rock Dura. They are the awesome and one of my two favorite hair places to shop.  For some reason, I rock their male hair better than their female hair...go figure! LMAO

So I give you electric lime for week 17 with a little sass to boot. <3 Kilo

Photo by Areanna Andrew of Unique Photography

hair/hat: Dura x ARAI Braid(Chocolate) [SLurl]
dress: sassy! seduction in lime from the vvdh hunt [SLurl]
jewelry: [MANDALA]Rocking Friday![SINRA jewelry set/moss green [SLurl]
shoes: kalnins prima sandal [SLurl]


I got tired of all the fussy clothes.

I wanted to find something that *I* the woman behind the keys MIGHT Actually chill out in. Now, while I wouldn't probably wear the mid-drift baring top IRL, I can totally rock it in SL... Those pants, I'd DEFINITELY wear. They just look so comfortable and Chic... Like Kim Kardashian in her velor warm up suits.

Anyway, Point being I really liked it... Then of course I was futzing around and found the makeup with the buck teeth. LUFFED it... it's quirky and fun...

The hair I've had from a hunt a while back, I think you can purchase it in the store still but, I really like the up do, it's not over stated like some can be. I'm sorry to say though, You can't buy the nose bridge ring. It is Mariposa who, sadly, closed shop.

You CAN however get the skin and shape! Both of which helped this whole look along. I was sort of going for glamour meets lazy dayz... What do you think?

The Stats:

outfit: The Sea Hole: Weekender Linen Baggies - Lava

makeup/teeth: DAMNED - DarkDolly Makeup

skin: LAQ- Vilda [nougat]

Shape: ~!STARE!~ Kara

hair: Raspberry Aristocrat: Jess Hair - Blonde Flax

"Wicked" Ways...

I'm dealing with a lot. So I've been in full out turtle mode. Speak very little, go out even less, I haven't even done my regular job (yus...blogging is the side gig...heh).  One of my friends saw a post about me not being able to sleep and talked to me for a lil bit. Knowing I was restless, they handed me a large chunk of linden and said, "go shopping. Make something awesome, post about it on your blog and I'll read it." So...step 1? I updated my drow look (which for now is my every day look til...I'm back to "me").  I really loved my old drow look (see previous rockabilly post), but I needed darker.  So...after buying my new skin...behold a new me:

Sponsored Makeover: Big Shout to my buddy Matthieu *hugs*

Then as I soaked up the sun in my shiny new skin, another friend...more specifically my favorite female DJ, Miss Sofia Diage im'd and asked me "do you like pink?"  "Yes.  Except Pepto...that's just ewwww" was my response (or something like that).  Over the course of our conversation, she dropped some buckets of awesome on me and said, "alright girly...get to it!"  I looked in my bags and yes...I squeed. New yummies from the land of Wicked Gear!

Presenting Rockabilly Style by Wicked Gear: If you're not familiar with the Wicked Gear name by now, you've been living under the proverbial rock.  Bringing you high fashion grunge/street wear with a hint of polish is the best way I can describe the amazing that is this store. That...and they're affordable!

Anywho, let's talk about these hot little numbers above. On the left is the Rockabilly Mini Tank and Panty Set. Yes it is a little faded back there on the poster. But the pale pink coupled with the skulls that dominate this outfit still stand out as both pattern and outfit are epic win and totally yummy.  Up front (and on the right) is the Rockabilly Henley and skirt set). Isnt' it gorgeous???  I slipped into it and immediately felt at home. THIS was My outfit. *grumbles having to share it with the world*  What I love about it is that even though it's a's cute without being skanky and it's pink but not overwhelming, which is something that tends to happen when I see pink outfits on the grid. The secret is to put in just enough...never too much. Sufficed to say, the pink rockabilly henley and skirt are my favorite thing out of this set of three.  It's soft, pink and totally made for me and my skin.  I think I only changed out of it once since I got it LOL

Anyway, after squeeing some more over my awesome pink & white mini tank and kini, Sofia said "try the'll LOVE the dots" and so I did...and I DID (see above)!  LOL Naturally, I needed to go outside. I wanted to show off my pretty new stuff, so...I decided to get up out of my lily pad and go for a stroll on another beach...LOL. So I packed up myself, grabbed my awesome new Shield sunglasses from newcomer shop Sin & Virtue and head out. Next stop: Day Break Brasil on the Gold Mine Sim.

I was hoping to find a decent beach party. What I found was peace and quiet, solitude...things one doesn't usually find here (SL) and it was refreshing. The moan and creak of the boards under my feet, the soft sounds of the water crashing against the shore line. I could totally live there.When I arrived at this beach, it was light and empty. And I think that was a sign that I needed more time before coming out of my shell. So...

I think I dozed off because when I woke up...NOT SO LIGHT!  But still very beautiful.  The moon hit the water just so and in the background were the low whistle of bird calls, dolphinspeak, bubbles and I could have laid there forever.  I may be turtling still, but with a new look, my nifty shades from Sin & Virtue and my awesome clothes from Wicked Gear...I can style ;-)

Ta for now!

<3 Kilo


Piccie #1:

hair - baby by analog dog
top - Sylph by Solange/The Silk Raven
*skin & eyes locations removed on account of well...they're mine!

Piccie #2-4:

Outfits: !WG! Pink Rockabilly Henley and Skirt
!WG! Mini Tank & Panties - Spring Dots
!WG! Mini Tank & Panties - Rockabilly Skulls

shoes: Sim-I-Lar Shoes - Cariddi Shoes White
  dura -  **Dura-Boys&Girls**07 FAT-unisex hair
  Truth hair - >TRUTH< Madison - chocolate
  booperfunk: BooPerFunK Perfect Hyper Poofs

  [:S&V:] i-Shield Sunglasses No1 - Ultra by Chrome Runner
  Gem & Kisses - Rich Handcuffs - Plat by Deliziosa Vendetta
  moon & stars by studio nails
  Custom DJ Tattoo (MINE MINE MINE LOL) by Tre Mills of Tink Tattoos (contact for rates)

  magnifique - scarlet chandrayaan
  vista animations (photo session series) – vista barnes -
  diesel works – rogan diesel

day break brasil on the gold mine sim

Water & A Rockabilly Drow...

I've always loved the water. How it feels when it slips between my fingers, washes over my skin; how it sounds when it plays against shingles, pavement, tin roofs and rocks. It's nature's most amazing musician having so many settings in its voice.

So...Ive been spending a lot of time by it...listening. Today...I went to a place known for its waterways and its entire build being set on the water...Venice.

It's beautiful...even if only in here. Maybe someday I'll get there iRL.  So I can stand on one of their bridges, look over it and watch the sunset.

Then...I think I want to take a ride in a gondola, eat gelatto and finally rest in a room by the waves and sleep for a while with nothing but the lull of the water kissing rocks and the sides of my building as my lullaby. Yeah...

But for virtual wanderings will have to do :)  *nestles into her gondola and coasts through Venice*


Hair: .ploom. Kanja - Project Fur Edition
Outfit: [SE*Designz] Rockabilly Outfit
Skin, Eyes & Ears: Mynerva - Platinum
Nails: Mandala - Milky Way Nails and Ring
Boots: [:S&V:] "Andromeda" Ankle Boots - Black

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