Bruno's Girl/Week 11: Indigo...

I wonder if this is how he got his start: sitting in front of his piano, thinking of his muse..his one who got away before he penned "grenade," "just the way you are," or "talking to the moon...." Yes, I am talking of Bruno.

I have enjoyed this man's voice when he appeared on "Nothin' on You'" and even more on Travie McCoy's "Billionaire," but he claimed me when he released "Just the Way You Are".  I think I played it nonstop for a week straight (which might explain my iPods deteriorating charging ability).   When the album dropped I was a cheery as a girl getting asked on a date by her dream boy *le sigh* I have yet to stop listening to him.

Anyway, on a night when I was toiling away on a special project (and squeeing because I had just got my new updated ears from Mynerva (the scripted elf ears now come in white for easier texturing for us drow/dark elves)), this awesome hat was bestowed upon me along with an outfit from one of my favorite makeup places A.E. and I tossed them on and immediately felt I was channeling my fantasy boo, Bruno. I love that this hat from Couture Chapeau is simple. It's not overdone with a million miniprims of bling and jewels that will take forever to resize or worse, telelport.  And the fact that it's denim made it nice and workable into anything  (in my opinion).

I'm used to AE making makeup. So when I saw that they made clothes and the outfit was cute...I HAD to put it on.  To my surprise I rezzed and thought I was standing in front of the man himself. Since I wasn't really feeling the leggings that come with the shirt, I slipped into a pair of capris from Urbanista and started listening to the cd...falling all over again for Mr. Mars.  To round out the look, I put on mah favoritist nails from Studio Nails (I love Anastasia Magic for making nails that fit my hands YAY! Size 27...what what??) and that is all. :)

Well it's late and I'm fading fast. I think I shall pop in my super secret (well not so secret) celeb crush lova Mista Mars and drift off to his digits tickling the ivories and telling me how I'm amazing just the way I am.  And since I'm nice...I'll even share the tune with you ;)

da 'fit:

Mynerva Stretched elongated Elven Ear Backflop (now with a white base for easier coloring ^.^)

SIM-I-LAR: Cariddi Shoes Black

Couture Chapeau: MAH Sinatra Fedora (Short Brim) - Denim & Red

**Dura-Boys&Girls**07 (Crowshead)

*Urbanista* Denim Capris - dark denim (love design)

[AE] Casually Perfection Shirt

SN: Moons & Stars - WITHOUT RING


/.tea/ missing my jeanie (corner shot)

lostdog - the pianist


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