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I'm dealing with a lot. So I've been in full out turtle mode. Speak very little, go out even less, I haven't even done my regular job (yus...blogging is the side gig...heh).  One of my friends saw a post about me not being able to sleep and talked to me for a lil bit. Knowing I was restless, they handed me a large chunk of linden and said, "go shopping. Make something awesome, post about it on your blog and I'll read it." So...step 1? I updated my drow look (which for now is my every day look til...I'm back to "me").  I really loved my old drow look (see previous rockabilly post), but I needed darker.  So...after buying my new skin...behold a new me:

Sponsored Makeover: Big Shout to my buddy Matthieu *hugs*

Then as I soaked up the sun in my shiny new skin, another friend...more specifically my favorite female DJ, Miss Sofia Diage im'd and asked me "do you like pink?"  "Yes.  Except Pepto...that's just ewwww" was my response (or something like that).  Over the course of our conversation, she dropped some buckets of awesome on me and said, "alright girly...get to it!"  I looked in my bags and yes...I squeed. New yummies from the land of Wicked Gear!

Presenting Rockabilly Style by Wicked Gear: If you're not familiar with the Wicked Gear name by now, you've been living under the proverbial rock.  Bringing you high fashion grunge/street wear with a hint of polish is the best way I can describe the amazing that is this store. That...and they're affordable!

Anywho, let's talk about these hot little numbers above. On the left is the Rockabilly Mini Tank and Panty Set. Yes it is a little faded back there on the poster. But the pale pink coupled with the skulls that dominate this outfit still stand out as both pattern and outfit are epic win and totally yummy.  Up front (and on the right) is the Rockabilly Henley and skirt set). Isnt' it gorgeous???  I slipped into it and immediately felt at home. THIS was My outfit. *grumbles having to share it with the world*  What I love about it is that even though it's a mini..it's cute without being skanky and it's pink but not overwhelming, which is something that tends to happen when I see pink outfits on the grid. The secret is to put in just enough...never too much. Sufficed to say, the pink rockabilly henley and skirt are my favorite thing out of this set of three.  It's soft, pink and totally made for me and my skin.  I think I only changed out of it once since I got it LOL

Anyway, after squeeing some more over my awesome pink & white mini tank and kini, Sofia said "try the dots...you'll LOVE the dots" and so I did...and I DID (see above)!  LOL Naturally, I needed to go outside. I wanted to show off my pretty new stuff, so...I decided to get up out of my lily pad and go for a stroll on another beach...LOL. So I packed up myself, grabbed my awesome new Shield sunglasses from newcomer shop Sin & Virtue and head out. Next stop: Day Break Brasil on the Gold Mine Sim.

I was hoping to find a decent beach party. What I found was peace and quiet, solitude...things one doesn't usually find here (SL) and it was refreshing. The moan and creak of the boards under my feet, the soft sounds of the water crashing against the shore line. I could totally live there.When I arrived at this beach, it was light and empty. And I think that was a sign that I needed more time before coming out of my shell. So...

I think I dozed off because when I woke up...NOT SO LIGHT!  But still very beautiful.  The moon hit the water just so and in the background were the low whistle of bird calls, dolphinspeak, bubbles and I could have laid there forever.  I may be turtling still, but with a new look, my nifty shades from Sin & Virtue and my awesome clothes from Wicked Gear...I can turtle...in style ;-)

Ta for now!

<3 Kilo


Piccie #1:

hair - baby by analog dog
top - Sylph by Solange/The Silk Raven
*skin & eyes locations removed on account of well...they're mine!

Piccie #2-4:

Outfits: !WG! Pink Rockabilly Henley and Skirt
!WG! Mini Tank & Panties - Spring Dots
!WG! Mini Tank & Panties - Rockabilly Skulls

shoes: Sim-I-Lar Shoes - Cariddi Shoes White
  dura -  **Dura-Boys&Girls**07 FAT-unisex hair
  Truth hair - >TRUTH< Madison - chocolate
  booperfunk: BooPerFunK Perfect Hyper Poofs

  [:S&V:] i-Shield Sunglasses No1 - Ultra by Chrome Runner
  Gem & Kisses - Rich Handcuffs - Plat by Deliziosa Vendetta
  moon & stars by studio nails
  Custom DJ Tattoo (MINE MINE MINE LOL) by Tre Mills of Tink Tattoos (contact for rates)

  magnifique - scarlet chandrayaan
  vista animations (photo session series) – vista barnes -
  diesel works – rogan diesel

day break brasil on the gold mine sim


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