Rose is found - Deviance

Yep, I was missing. Well, according to those who know me and I speak to on a DevianceBlood_001regular basis, I was missing. But I knew where I was all along, My butt was in bed. No really, I was! I’ve been sick, and recovering and just generally feeling like poo. What does poo feel like you ask? Well, I could explain it but someone might be eating and then we’d have complaints and well, lets just leave it as I feel that way :P

That being said on a recent shopping trip I decided I needed a new sumpin’ sumpin’ so I hit the first LM I found and voila – Deviance! So yeah, I DevianceBlood_003stumbled around a bit and turned and found, what I am pretty sure to be an older design but, really hawt none the less. And we’re all about the University of Hawt here at Shop*Gasm so… ONWARD! CHA CHING … and here we have, The Deviance Blood Countess gown. It’s Fantastic!! Meant to be a vampire gown but, quite stunning without the high back thingy. I have pics! See for yourself. It’s hawtness.


The stunning crimson rouched fabric along the bust, combined with the striped corset bodice and the full black skirt is a beautiful pairing.

And speaking of beautiful pairings, I’m also wearing the stunning stacked pearls necklace from Dahlinks jewelry in blood. I thought it’d look good with the gown and sure enough, wow!DevianceBlood_004

…so with that I leave you with a wink and smile…

~Also worn:

Bracers: MEIN!

Gloves: part of an outfit from Latex Station

Tattoos: ALSO MEIN!

Skin: LAQ bishes – MEIN TOO!Hey at least I provided the location!

Blogger Stumpage!

Hello my fellow Shop*gasmers.  Today will be no epic postings, instead I come to you for a source of inspiration, word of mouth if you will sorta deal.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been in a real funk lately.  Visiting the same stores over and over (which is NOT a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination), but I have yet to find anything to blog.  Perhaps its because of the moon, the stars, or the fact that RL has been sooo busy it doesn't seem like its ever going to end, who the hell knows.

So this is what I want to know from you, our readers.  Where do you shop?  Is there a place that you swear by that you just-cant-stop—spending-linden-at-this-store-OMGIMGONNAGOBANKRUPT gasm over.

Leave a comment, or drop me a note card.  I would love to check out some new places I haven’t seen before.  So I encourage you, to let me know, so I can help get the word out there about YOUR favourite store.

Gothic Princess

Today I had some free time on my hands, so what better thing to do then do a little SHOPPING!

I am a huge fan of Lapointe & Bastchild, so I headed over to Gothic Obsession to see what was new.  I came across this dress and fell in love.  The details to this outfit are soooo amazing the photos I will post do not do them any sorts of justice what so ever.

Lapointe & Bastchild "Morbid Exotique" Evening Gown Set at $499L is worth ever damn penny in gold.  The outfit comes with skirt, underwear and shirt layers, as well as a skirt prim attachment, and a bodice attachment, which gave me a bit of a hassle.

If you buy this outfit you must read the resizing instructions to the T!!!!  MAKE A COPY, so as to not completely bork your prim.  If your avatar is like mine, and is relatively big chested, you will need to individually size each piece separately as I had to.  It was a bit of a pain, but I got it to fit just right and I LOVE LOVE it.

So I got all gothed up and headed over to *NO SALVATION* to take some in world shots for you all.  Enjoy :) *Click pics for an enlarged image*  Bax boots, black leather updated versions are worn with this outfit.

hope given from Blacklace

It never ceases to amaze me how those of you in SL can help. It may not seem like much, 100 linden here and there to a donation board, but every single linden donated that is being sent off to the red cross or some other agency to help with Haiti relief efforts is truly a blessing. I know that the people there desperately need your aid. We hear so much about the efforts being made in Port-Au-Prince and how things are still dire, what the media doesn’t inform us of is that, the aid is being trickled outward, slowly. There are people still living in nothing more than a few sticks with sheets tied over them to create a shade from the sun. With the hurricane season vastly approaching, time is critical in getting these people some proper shelters, basic necessity, and health care. BlacklaceHaiti_001

That being said, I wanted to show case another designer, the proceeds all being donated to the red cross for Haiti aid. Blacklace has created a beautiful light pink & satin set to reward you for your help in assisting those who have nothing remaining. For the small price of  $98L you can not only own this beautiful set, but do some humanitarian good as well. 

BlacklaceHaiti_003 When I see such selfless displays across the grid, such good will towards people they’ve never met, it gives me hope. Hope that there are still good people in the world willing to assist their fellows in a time of crisis.

I know that the media coverage of Haiti is beating you all up, making you tired of hearing it, but I can’t stress to you all enough how important it really is to help them. Keep up the good work, 2L & thank you Blacklace for the beautiful set!


Blacklace advertisement photography by Mariska Simons

Worn on Roselynn:

Skin:  shhh it’s a secret.

Hair: ETD: Laine – Black

Clothing: Blacklace: Miguelina: Light Pink Satin & Velvet

Shoes: Bax: Prestige Boots – Black

Jewelry: Dahlinks: Gothic Vial blood drop pendant

                skream!: The beauty mark piercing

On Suitelady:

Skin: Not telling :P

Hair: ETD:  Sofia

Clothing: Blacklace: Miguelina: Light Pink Satin & Velvet

Shoes: Bax: Prestige Boots - Black

Copybot Vigilante – An Informative Post

This morning having a bit of time to myself, I decided to drop some groups and find a few that make a difference in enhancing my time in secondlife.  Along with that I did some profile perving too, and yes, I came across an amazing group via my sister’s profile :)  (Yep, I perved you Rose… *laughs*)

As an AVID shopper, nothing pisses me off more then spending my linden at a store only to find out that they are accused of and/or suspected of being a ripper.  So not cool, especially when I have sunk a good chunk of change into their supposed livelihood on SL before finding out.  These people NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Copybot Vigilante is the brain child of Ivy Maverick, founder, and content creator of Maverick Designs.   As soon as I saw this group I quickly joined.  Being a blogger isn’t just about buying and writing about pretty outfits from where ever, its about having some sense of responsibility to our readership to put forth a QUALITY product just as it is for a content creator to do the same.  Personally I see the two hand in hand.  A blog can make or break a content creators business.  Sure sometimes we think - “No one reads our blog” but for those who do, its up to US to make sure that the products and stores we endorse are not guilty of being fraudulent.

Copybot Vigilante Mission Statement:

Are you sick of seeing Creators who have poured heart and soul into their creations only to be Ripped off  in minutes from hackers and botters.  This is the group to go out looking for these thieves and turn them in. We are looking at objects, at creators, at owners. And will turn in the names of all associated. Its not cool..
Join us and help make a difference in here. We need to help educate the new people to secondlife.  Please help us make a difference:-) 

I hope to see my fellow bloggers and SL’ers in this group.  Not only to be a more informed shopper, but also to support the wonderful people who make quality items from hand, who are original, who ROCK, and who make it possible to BE A FASHION BLOGGER.  We as a community have to be more vigilant at paying attention to what we buy, and where we buy it from.  Let’s put an end to copybotting!!!

p.s. open groups in world and search – Copybot Vigilante, free to join!



Suite’s Blogger Challenge - 001

I know right, pretty hard to follow up after a STELLAR post by my sister, but it made me stop for a moment and think.  Blogs that can do that are very powerful, and if one of them can make you change something about how you conduct yourself in this SL and RL, then wow it really made a difference.  Kilo reminded me that I should stop, and take a moment to thank each person who has enriched my SL.  Most of whom have become like my very own RL family.  Letting them know how much I love and appreciate them, really felt good :)  So thank you Kilo, I love you sissah.

Now out of her blogger challenge, I breed my own.  Recently, I have had a few major changes in my SL and some in my RL too, also, being a mild sufferer of S.A.D., I tend to get in funks, where I wander off to be alone, gather my thoughts, and sometimes vent that frustration in a good cry.  There really isn’t anything I can do to stop it, it just happens.  However!!!  What has ALWAYS cheered me up in SL specifically is finding new looks for my avi.   I get so much joy being inspired either by a skin maker, clothing maker, or quite possibly making a character by being inspired off a set of eyes (I know that sounds weird but you get it).  So I thought I would share a few with you *smiles*

The Kittah:

First born was the kittah.  Sure I have been Neko before, and I have about 10, yes 10 avi’s from De La Fae, but this one was different.  Something about being a cat is very calming, curling up nice and tight, purring the days away, sheesh, sometimes I wish I could live like that, but then am reminded that I would be quite bored with that prospect…LOL  So here is my NEW  Feline

*click for larger image*

Shirt – Kijara Freebie SLUrl

Skirt – sevennoir  thassacreations– no longer on the grid.

Skin - $350L Bounce SLUrl

Neko Parts – Ova Hauled – got them free on the Neko hunt last year. SLUrl


The Panda:

There has been a lot of news about the DC Panda’s going back to China.  Hence my thought process and a ton of notices about Needful Things new released Panda ears and tail.  I opted for bamboo just cause it was hella cute.  Plus, you don’t see many panda’s roaming the grid these days.

* click for larger image*

Clothing: One of my first purchases in world.  I cannot honestly remember how much it was.  Stripes STC  SLUrl

Skin - $350L Bounce SLUrl

Parts: Needful Things SLUrl




Last but certainly not least I bring you the EPIC CHANGE!

The Wiccan ELf

This by far has got to be my FAVORITE AVI I have created to date.  The clothing from Delirium inspired the entire look. 

*click for larger image*

Clothing - $500 Wiccan SLUrl

Skin - $300L Sil’ly SLUrl

Ears - $250L Sil’ly SLUrl





Wow this post is epically long.  Well if you have made it this far, here is my challenge to you Bloggers:

When your world just isn’t as it should, and you find yourself sad, alone, not connected to anyone, lost, trying to find your way back to being you, WHAT helps you do that?  For me as I have stated is getting lost in new avi’s, stepping back, decompressing if you will.  What in SL brings you so much joy that in the deepest of funks it is able to bring you back to being yourself?  What is your SL comfort mechanism?

So with that I bid you adieu, happy shopping, creating, and being UNIQUE!!!

I love you all, for being YOU!   xoxo  Suite

When Bloggers Inspire (an Open Letter to a Blogger) & a Challenge...

*NOTE:  The images contained here in this post belong to the subject of the piece.  They have been borrowed with permission from the owner.

Last week I lost a RL friend to cancer.  And the community I know her from is still reeling.  She was a light like no other.  A friend from that same community once told a group of us to always give flowers before the funeral, because once they're gone...they're gone.

So an unusual post for me.  Not because I don't want to do it. But more like I'll kick myself six ways to Sunday if I don't.  Consider this a letter of adoration to a fellow blogger. I'm sure that when I asked her if I could borrow some of her photos with promises of linkbacks that she had no idea as to why I needed to do this, but was that or not do this post any justice.

Meet Bubbles.  She is the owner of the Super Gangster blog. She is the reason this post is going up today. I don't know her personally. I have no details of her personal life, SL or otherwise. I have only read her blogs, commented on her posts and once ran into her during a Hump Day Happiness run.  But hangout friends, we are not.  On each other's friends list? Nope.  She's just an awesome blogger that I felt deserved a moment of notice and thanks :)

I've been reading the feeds (Fashion Feed, I Heart SL and the like) off and on since my little sister first told me about back over the summer. And while there are some blog posts that help me add (and/or subtract) from my wardrobe and those that just give me epic lawlz, some have truly inspired and have helped round out and revolutionize my style.

So this blog is a huge big up and thank you to her for the awesome laughing til my face aches blog posts that have been sprawled across feeds like and

It started with this picture and blog post here:

I didn't discover this wonderful blogger until October 10, 2009.  I had been blogging for almost two months and while I had read & noted different blogs to read or links to note, nothing had really stood out until THIS post. The afro is what caught my attention first...LOL (and the title of the post sums up my reaction when I saw it...YUP YUP)!  I had been in SL for almost two years by then and tried on several afros, none to my liking. This one just made my jaw DROP.  After gasming over the fro, I went on to continue reading the style notes and looking at the outfit as a whole to see what I would or wouldn't wear, what I didn't have but could make do with and what simply was mandatory in order to duplicate the look or get as close to it as humanly possible.  I laughed out loud LITERALLY at the commentary, watched the music video (which I immediately added to my playlist after I was done shaking my booty) and started shopping. When I went to the store for the afro I got lost and lag was not a forgiving mistress, so I im'd Bubbles.  And to my delight she answered, pointing me in the right direction and voila! the rest is history.

After an unceremonious reformatting of my pc wiped my bookmarks at the end/beginning of the year, I lost the lovely blogger's website and sighed sadly thinking I'd never see her site again.  Now...before you point out the obvious that she is on the feeds, understand ... the above post had been deleted and I couldn't remember for the life of me what her name was or the name of the blog until I ran into her again recently...actually during a Hump Day Happiness run ("not a nerd" glasses anyone? *winks*)!  I had commented on her "I Should be Snowboarding" post and remembered the style, but my sometimey memory forgot to bookmark her site and then all came back to me and once again I found myself giggling, shaking my booty and taking note of more things to buy.

In reading through her blog, I found posts that made me go hmmm (like her haiti post), posts that made me laugh til my face leaked (like "beggin" and "ugh aka boys") and posts that simply made me go buy the look and/or drool with envy when the items were no longer available (Last Call anyone?). Fan girl much, Kilo?  HELL YES...AND PROUD OF IT.

This blog...and blogger are faaaaaaaaabulous!! No seriously!!  She really is!!  She mixes personal commentary, wickedly HOT picks and music videos to make not only a kick ass look, but a blog that simply put, fun to read. Add to that she is uber helpful and you've got one hell of a person at your fingertips, speaking to your heart and mind when you least expect it.

So thank you, Bubbles.  You've got moxie and a style all your own and you are one hell of an inspiration.  Keep blogging woman!! Oh...and LL is MINE!! muahahahahahahahahaha

As for the challenge that this blog title indicates, here it is:  Never presume that someone knows they're special, knows their worth or has done something wonderful to influence you or a group of your peers.  TELL THEM.  And you don't have to tell them in a blog. You can do so randomly.  But pick someone you ordinarily don't speak to on a day to day basis. Pick the person you think would least expect it. Or...pick someone you do speak to on a day to day basis ... I don't care LOL But tell them what makes them the rock star(s) they are and let them know they've influenced you or that you appreciate something they've done. You never know who might need to hear that...or when.

Ciao kiddies.

Pigs in Space – Lady Gaga guest stars?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call, inspiration. I’m not entirely sure if Miss Piggy and crew were the inspiration or if it was the rising pop icon, Lady Gaga with her Quasimodo shoulder pads, “The bells… The Bells!!”… but either way, I’m not sure I can stand behind this particular trend.

           At any rate, I’ve been out shopping, nothing new right… and I came across a LadyGagainspired_001store I’ve never been to before, Alpestyle. I have a multitude of issues with the “Cross red” outfit I purchased from there… but I couldn’t help notice the resemblance between Pigs in Space and Lady Gaga with this outfit. I’m all about showin’ the respect for Lady Gaga and her music. It’s catchy and popular. Great. Wonderful, but there is seriously something wrong with rollin’ out in these big ass shoulder pads!!! Let us not even begin to get into the issue with Swedish singer September callin’ out Gaga over stealin’ her style… I for one wouldn’t have laid claim to it but hey, to each their own I suppose…


ANYWAY! back to the Alpestyle outfit and it’s issues -

GagaNumbered              It’s got 10 prim attachments, aside from the 1 earring, they are all labeled 1-10 with no other description. Makes it very difficult to figure out what exactly you’re putting on. The items are no modify so you can’t rename it either. I didn’t like the necklace that came with the dress so, I wasn’t going to wear it, however, it’s a problem when I don’t know which number is the necklace. *sighs*

The skirt prim piece, doesn’t seem to blend well with the texture either. The belts resizer also is poorly done. when you click the belt and the menu comes up, it reads on three buttons - Larger +, Larger ++, Larger +++. Now, I’m all for resizers. They’re wonderful when done properly, but this resizer is insane. and doesn’t work very well at all once you figure out how to navigate through to find the smaller –, smaller - -, smaller --- menu buttons. please designers, Don’t USE THIS MENU ANYMORE! It’s HORRIBLE!!!

GAGA  If you’re totally into the shoulder pads that are worse than power suits from the 80’s – have at it and head in to Alpestyle for this outfit, but be prepared to hunt and peck for the attachments you’re wanting to wear. Oh, I should mention the outfit is offered in Red, Black, and Silver, and you can also purchase the coordinating boots to go with it. The outfit was an, in my opinion, over priced 400 linden. I must admit, I do like the outfit a little. Although I’m a little confused by the high glow shoulder pads, thus channeling pigs in space :)

*I don’t normally do scathing blogs like this, as I really don’t like putting down individuals work or singling folks out, but I can’t see letting our readers cross this outfit and waste 400 linden without first knowing what they’re getting into. I also suspect that the resizer issue and the unlabeled items isn’t a new thing to this designer. Mind you, that’s speculation as this is the first, and likely the last I will purchase from Alpestyle.*

Contented Content

Okay so, I’m trying to figure out exactly how to word this blog post without attacking the one person who triggered the thought process. I’m better than that and will rise above my annoyance with said content creator. In fact, I thank them for getting me on this subject.

This blog will be a sort of calling out of content creators who think their “Artistic vision” shouldn’t be compromised by their clients needs. To those folks I say, “watch an episode of Project Runway where the designers have to talk with a client and create for them”. No, I’m not asking for custom stuff here. What I’m asking for is that people listen to the people who are spending their hard earned lindens on their products.

DareDesigns_001I had purchased an outfit from a store which I will not mention by name for multiple reasons, the first being that I don’t want to call attention to any one content creator. This is not just about them. This is about all content creators out there who create clothing and don’t bother to consider that people have other layers taken up for their own personal style. As many of you have seen in past blogs, I wear tattoos. It is not custom, but I like them and they work well for me. I’ve tried having customs made and so far, no one has come up with something I like or risen to the challenge. Aside from that, I also have my arm bracers which include some gloves that I have from another outfit. Gloves not really being a major issue for me, I simply opt to not wear them, but when a content creator makes an outfit that I have no other option but to wear both the pant and panty layer for, otherwise my yaya hangs out for the grid to see, I fall into a little trouble, as my tattoos, which I own multiple layers of, then get taken off, taking a way a little bit of my own persona which I’ve developed. No, they’re not custom done so, no I’m probably not 100% unique but, it is an element that when you see Roselynn Darkstone on the grid, you know, it’s me.

Anyway, rant over.. No really, I’m gonna get back on subject here. I purchased an outfit. It uses every single layer on your body available in order to create the look without having yourself over exposed to the populace. I appreciate that at certain times, there are ways you simply can not combine layers to place them on a single layer instead. This particular outfit, as I’ve spoken to other content creators as well about it, is not the case. Which brings me to the subject at hand: Content Creators. I appreciate that you have a vision. Most of us LOVE it; but don’t get so lost in your own visions and ways of dealing with things that you don’t take the time to consider the people who will actually be purchasing the items. I know that this particular subject has been broached before me by this particular content creator as he DareDesigns_002 himself admitted he’s told others before that “it can not be done”. Whether it can’t or he simply doesn’t want to, I don’t know. But I feel that where possible, content creators should consider combining and offering multiple options for their items. Especially when the mass population of the grid wears tattoos on their underwear layers. Some of whom, HAVE to wear said tattoo due to their Domme's branding. It not only makes you more accommodating as a designer, but makes you more appealing to the greater grid.

All that being said, I purchased the shown outfit for 550 linden from the store. It is of no use to me and is No Copy/ No Mod, but transferable. So, I offer this: the first person who doesn’t mind using all their layers or having their yaya hanging out to IM me (Roselynn Darkstone in world), will be able to purchase this outfit from me at half the cost 275L. I only have one. The one shown. So it’s first come first serve. It really is a lovely outfit. Shame really.

***UPDATED 2/2/10: The outfit was purchased by a lovely avi who I'm sure will wear it well as she hasn't tattoos!***

Romantic In Red ♥

So here is the thing about me.  I am not exactly “Gothy” but I do enjoy that particular style of clothing, so as always I try to make it my own, putting a little sexy, sassy, classy spin on it and voila, there is Suite Goth.  Sorta like a Romantic Goth if you will :p
So yesterday my sister Kilo and I were wandering the grid, and we came across this store at an amazing location that we have both been to a million times over, except we never ventured to the other stores on location via the teleport.  I kid you not folks, shopping ADD like WOAH!
The store we came across is called  PurpleMoon.  This store is wonderfully set out, very easy to navigate, and WOW just so pretty.  Their store motto -- "Tell your eyes it's true what they see, high quality and detailed outfits at affordable prices".  I can tell you that once you descend on PurpleMoon you will LOVE their clothing.  They have classy, elegant, casual, and maybe a couple wedding items too *winks*
My fellow Shop*gasm readers, I give you the “Lola” in Red.

*click for a larger image*
$375L gets you this cute knit baby doll in a variety of colours (of course I had to get the red).  The details on this dress are amazing, it comes with optional sleeve and mini skirt prims, but I fell in love with this combination I have been walking around like this since yesterday ^.^

I paired it up with a lovely jewellery set from SiSSi called “Cross Choker and Necklace” very affordable and beautiful at $199L, and it really made this ensemble pop.  I totally enjoyed wandering around and putting this look together.  Nothing is better than being INSPIRED by shopping, and supporting stores that aren’t necessarily well travelled.  These two places are worth the visits trust me :)
Dress – PurpleMoon : Lola in Red
Necklace – SiSSi : Cross Choker and Necklace
Bracelets - +grasp+ : Leather bracelet (group gift a couple months back)
Boots – J’s : Thigh high Boots (Med Length) in Black

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