Rose is found - Deviance

Yep, I was missing. Well, according to those who know me and I speak to on a DevianceBlood_001regular basis, I was missing. But I knew where I was all along, My butt was in bed. No really, I was! I’ve been sick, and recovering and just generally feeling like poo. What does poo feel like you ask? Well, I could explain it but someone might be eating and then we’d have complaints and well, lets just leave it as I feel that way :P

That being said on a recent shopping trip I decided I needed a new sumpin’ sumpin’ so I hit the first LM I found and voila – Deviance! So yeah, I DevianceBlood_003stumbled around a bit and turned and found, what I am pretty sure to be an older design but, really hawt none the less. And we’re all about the University of Hawt here at Shop*Gasm so… ONWARD! CHA CHING … and here we have, The Deviance Blood Countess gown. It’s Fantastic!! Meant to be a vampire gown but, quite stunning without the high back thingy. I have pics! See for yourself. It’s hawtness.


The stunning crimson rouched fabric along the bust, combined with the striped corset bodice and the full black skirt is a beautiful pairing.

And speaking of beautiful pairings, I’m also wearing the stunning stacked pearls necklace from Dahlinks jewelry in blood. I thought it’d look good with the gown and sure enough, wow!DevianceBlood_004

…so with that I leave you with a wink and smile…

~Also worn:

Bracers: MEIN!

Gloves: part of an outfit from Latex Station

Tattoos: ALSO MEIN!

Skin: LAQ bishes – MEIN TOO!Hey at least I provided the location!


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