Suite’s Blogger Challenge - 001

I know right, pretty hard to follow up after a STELLAR post by my sister, but it made me stop for a moment and think.  Blogs that can do that are very powerful, and if one of them can make you change something about how you conduct yourself in this SL and RL, then wow it really made a difference.  Kilo reminded me that I should stop, and take a moment to thank each person who has enriched my SL.  Most of whom have become like my very own RL family.  Letting them know how much I love and appreciate them, really felt good :)  So thank you Kilo, I love you sissah.

Now out of her blogger challenge, I breed my own.  Recently, I have had a few major changes in my SL and some in my RL too, also, being a mild sufferer of S.A.D., I tend to get in funks, where I wander off to be alone, gather my thoughts, and sometimes vent that frustration in a good cry.  There really isn’t anything I can do to stop it, it just happens.  However!!!  What has ALWAYS cheered me up in SL specifically is finding new looks for my avi.   I get so much joy being inspired either by a skin maker, clothing maker, or quite possibly making a character by being inspired off a set of eyes (I know that sounds weird but you get it).  So I thought I would share a few with you *smiles*

The Kittah:

First born was the kittah.  Sure I have been Neko before, and I have about 10, yes 10 avi’s from De La Fae, but this one was different.  Something about being a cat is very calming, curling up nice and tight, purring the days away, sheesh, sometimes I wish I could live like that, but then am reminded that I would be quite bored with that prospect…LOL  So here is my NEW  Feline

*click for larger image*

Shirt – Kijara Freebie SLUrl

Skirt – sevennoir  thassacreations– no longer on the grid.

Skin - $350L Bounce SLUrl

Neko Parts – Ova Hauled – got them free on the Neko hunt last year. SLUrl


The Panda:

There has been a lot of news about the DC Panda’s going back to China.  Hence my thought process and a ton of notices about Needful Things new released Panda ears and tail.  I opted for bamboo just cause it was hella cute.  Plus, you don’t see many panda’s roaming the grid these days.

* click for larger image*

Clothing: One of my first purchases in world.  I cannot honestly remember how much it was.  Stripes STC  SLUrl

Skin - $350L Bounce SLUrl

Parts: Needful Things SLUrl




Last but certainly not least I bring you the EPIC CHANGE!

The Wiccan ELf

This by far has got to be my FAVORITE AVI I have created to date.  The clothing from Delirium inspired the entire look. 

*click for larger image*

Clothing - $500 Wiccan SLUrl

Skin - $300L Sil’ly SLUrl

Ears - $250L Sil’ly SLUrl





Wow this post is epically long.  Well if you have made it this far, here is my challenge to you Bloggers:

When your world just isn’t as it should, and you find yourself sad, alone, not connected to anyone, lost, trying to find your way back to being you, WHAT helps you do that?  For me as I have stated is getting lost in new avi’s, stepping back, decompressing if you will.  What in SL brings you so much joy that in the deepest of funks it is able to bring you back to being yourself?  What is your SL comfort mechanism?

So with that I bid you adieu, happy shopping, creating, and being UNIQUE!!!

I love you all, for being YOU!   xoxo  Suite


Kilolo Jenkins February 8, 2010 at 4:25 PM  


Well lil sissah:

1 - love you too :P
2 - that's a good question! seeing as ofhow music is my world, i'm not really sure i have a good answer for this. having had no net since friday...i couldn't even find solace for the stir craziness of not having net in my own music.

when i'm in sl however and i feel that way, i'm a lot like you (big surprise there :P) and pretty much haul off to myself. for the most part, i put on my auto-response, let my tears go, and sit next to the cancer memorial of my dad of late. it's offered me the most comfort. the creating new looks thing is a bonus and maybe one day (idea sharer) i'll share mine as well LOL

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