Copybot Vigilante – An Informative Post

This morning having a bit of time to myself, I decided to drop some groups and find a few that make a difference in enhancing my time in secondlife.  Along with that I did some profile perving too, and yes, I came across an amazing group via my sister’s profile :)  (Yep, I perved you Rose… *laughs*)

As an AVID shopper, nothing pisses me off more then spending my linden at a store only to find out that they are accused of and/or suspected of being a ripper.  So not cool, especially when I have sunk a good chunk of change into their supposed livelihood on SL before finding out.  These people NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Copybot Vigilante is the brain child of Ivy Maverick, founder, and content creator of Maverick Designs.   As soon as I saw this group I quickly joined.  Being a blogger isn’t just about buying and writing about pretty outfits from where ever, its about having some sense of responsibility to our readership to put forth a QUALITY product just as it is for a content creator to do the same.  Personally I see the two hand in hand.  A blog can make or break a content creators business.  Sure sometimes we think - “No one reads our blog” but for those who do, its up to US to make sure that the products and stores we endorse are not guilty of being fraudulent.

Copybot Vigilante Mission Statement:

Are you sick of seeing Creators who have poured heart and soul into their creations only to be Ripped off  in minutes from hackers and botters.  This is the group to go out looking for these thieves and turn them in. We are looking at objects, at creators, at owners. And will turn in the names of all associated. Its not cool..
Join us and help make a difference in here. We need to help educate the new people to secondlife.  Please help us make a difference:-) 

I hope to see my fellow bloggers and SL’ers in this group.  Not only to be a more informed shopper, but also to support the wonderful people who make quality items from hand, who are original, who ROCK, and who make it possible to BE A FASHION BLOGGER.  We as a community have to be more vigilant at paying attention to what we buy, and where we buy it from.  Let’s put an end to copybotting!!!

p.s. open groups in world and search – Copybot Vigilante, free to join!




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