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It never ceases to amaze me how those of you in SL can help. It may not seem like much, 100 linden here and there to a donation board, but every single linden donated that is being sent off to the red cross or some other agency to help with Haiti relief efforts is truly a blessing. I know that the people there desperately need your aid. We hear so much about the efforts being made in Port-Au-Prince and how things are still dire, what the media doesn’t inform us of is that, the aid is being trickled outward, slowly. There are people still living in nothing more than a few sticks with sheets tied over them to create a shade from the sun. With the hurricane season vastly approaching, time is critical in getting these people some proper shelters, basic necessity, and health care. BlacklaceHaiti_001

That being said, I wanted to show case another designer, the proceeds all being donated to the red cross for Haiti aid. Blacklace has created a beautiful light pink & satin set to reward you for your help in assisting those who have nothing remaining. For the small price of  $98L you can not only own this beautiful set, but do some humanitarian good as well. 

BlacklaceHaiti_003 When I see such selfless displays across the grid, such good will towards people they’ve never met, it gives me hope. Hope that there are still good people in the world willing to assist their fellows in a time of crisis.

I know that the media coverage of Haiti is beating you all up, making you tired of hearing it, but I can’t stress to you all enough how important it really is to help them. Keep up the good work, 2L & thank you Blacklace for the beautiful set!


Blacklace advertisement photography by Mariska Simons

Worn on Roselynn:

Skin:  shhh it’s a secret.

Hair: ETD: Laine – Black

Clothing: Blacklace: Miguelina: Light Pink Satin & Velvet

Shoes: Bax: Prestige Boots – Black

Jewelry: Dahlinks: Gothic Vial blood drop pendant

                skream!: The beauty mark piercing

On Suitelady:

Skin: Not telling :P

Hair: ETD:  Sofia

Clothing: Blacklace: Miguelina: Light Pink Satin & Velvet

Shoes: Bax: Prestige Boots - Black


Kilolo Jenkins February 11, 2010 at 7:42 PM  

maaaan i ALWAYS miss out on the three way shots! LOL

lookin' good my sissahs...look G-O-O-D!!!

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