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Okay so, I’m trying to figure out exactly how to word this blog post without attacking the one person who triggered the thought process. I’m better than that and will rise above my annoyance with said content creator. In fact, I thank them for getting me on this subject.

This blog will be a sort of calling out of content creators who think their “Artistic vision” shouldn’t be compromised by their clients needs. To those folks I say, “watch an episode of Project Runway where the designers have to talk with a client and create for them”. No, I’m not asking for custom stuff here. What I’m asking for is that people listen to the people who are spending their hard earned lindens on their products.

DareDesigns_001I had purchased an outfit from a store which I will not mention by name for multiple reasons, the first being that I don’t want to call attention to any one content creator. This is not just about them. This is about all content creators out there who create clothing and don’t bother to consider that people have other layers taken up for their own personal style. As many of you have seen in past blogs, I wear tattoos. It is not custom, but I like them and they work well for me. I’ve tried having customs made and so far, no one has come up with something I like or risen to the challenge. Aside from that, I also have my arm bracers which include some gloves that I have from another outfit. Gloves not really being a major issue for me, I simply opt to not wear them, but when a content creator makes an outfit that I have no other option but to wear both the pant and panty layer for, otherwise my yaya hangs out for the grid to see, I fall into a little trouble, as my tattoos, which I own multiple layers of, then get taken off, taking a way a little bit of my own persona which I’ve developed. No, they’re not custom done so, no I’m probably not 100% unique but, it is an element that when you see Roselynn Darkstone on the grid, you know, it’s me.

Anyway, rant over.. No really, I’m gonna get back on subject here. I purchased an outfit. It uses every single layer on your body available in order to create the look without having yourself over exposed to the populace. I appreciate that at certain times, there are ways you simply can not combine layers to place them on a single layer instead. This particular outfit, as I’ve spoken to other content creators as well about it, is not the case. Which brings me to the subject at hand: Content Creators. I appreciate that you have a vision. Most of us LOVE it; but don’t get so lost in your own visions and ways of dealing with things that you don’t take the time to consider the people who will actually be purchasing the items. I know that this particular subject has been broached before me by this particular content creator as he DareDesigns_002 himself admitted he’s told others before that “it can not be done”. Whether it can’t or he simply doesn’t want to, I don’t know. But I feel that where possible, content creators should consider combining and offering multiple options for their items. Especially when the mass population of the grid wears tattoos on their underwear layers. Some of whom, HAVE to wear said tattoo due to their Domme's branding. It not only makes you more accommodating as a designer, but makes you more appealing to the greater grid.

All that being said, I purchased the shown outfit for 550 linden from the store. It is of no use to me and is No Copy/ No Mod, but transferable. So, I offer this: the first person who doesn’t mind using all their layers or having their yaya hanging out to IM me (Roselynn Darkstone in world), will be able to purchase this outfit from me at half the cost 275L. I only have one. The one shown. So it’s first come first serve. It really is a lovely outfit. Shame really.

***UPDATED 2/2/10: The outfit was purchased by a lovely avi who I'm sure will wear it well as she hasn't tattoos!***


v3 Tattoo, Khurt Vhargon February 1, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

Stockings and panties can easily be combined into either of the lower body layers you can have them both on the pants layer, or the underwear layer. It is simple and easy. I know in all of the clothing I sell I try and combine things as well as offer them in as many layers as I possibly can.

Simple customer service.

Kahana Rexen February 2, 2010 at 6:06 AM  

It is puzzling to me why a creator wouldn't want to make a simple modification to accomodate you. It would make the product more marketable, since many avis do have specific items that identify their persona, and it would encourage repeat sales from you.

Roselynn Darkstone February 2, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

Not even just from me Kahana, Think about all those avi's out there who wear tattoos for varrius reasons... How much happier would you make them by providing an option that doesn't include the underwear layer for them to continue to wear their tattoos?

v3 Tattoo, Khurt Vhargon February 2, 2010 at 10:13 AM  

You know after some thought, what is even more distressing to me, is the fact that he encouraged you to support content theft. His solution of have your tattoos put directly onto your skin involves the ripping of the skin and the tattoo. As a content creator I am just left going ... REALLY?

Suite Lady February 2, 2010 at 10:55 AM  

Khurt, I voiced the SAME opinion yesterday. Bad enough that he suggested Rose altering her own kick ass style, one she has made her own, but to even hint at the fact that she should do that to her skin. For a content creator to suggest that is just plain ludicrous! SL is about ORIGINALITY! How can we be original when a creator is turning a blind eye to theft and basically saying its ok, when it's so not! *shakes my head*

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