Pigs in Space – Lady Gaga guest stars?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call, inspiration. I’m not entirely sure if Miss Piggy and crew were the inspiration or if it was the rising pop icon, Lady Gaga with her Quasimodo shoulder pads, “The bells… The Bells!!”… but either way, I’m not sure I can stand behind this particular trend.

           At any rate, I’ve been out shopping, nothing new right… and I came across a LadyGagainspired_001store I’ve never been to before, Alpestyle. I have a multitude of issues with the “Cross red” outfit I purchased from there… but I couldn’t help notice the resemblance between Pigs in Space and Lady Gaga with this outfit. I’m all about showin’ the respect for Lady Gaga and her music. It’s catchy and popular. Great. Wonderful, but there is seriously something wrong with rollin’ out in these big ass shoulder pads!!! Let us not even begin to get into the issue with Swedish singer September callin’ out Gaga over stealin’ her style… I for one wouldn’t have laid claim to it but hey, to each their own I suppose…


ANYWAY! back to the Alpestyle outfit and it’s issues -

GagaNumbered              It’s got 10 prim attachments, aside from the 1 earring, they are all labeled 1-10 with no other description. Makes it very difficult to figure out what exactly you’re putting on. The items are no modify so you can’t rename it either. I didn’t like the necklace that came with the dress so, I wasn’t going to wear it, however, it’s a problem when I don’t know which number is the necklace. *sighs*

The skirt prim piece, doesn’t seem to blend well with the texture either. The belts resizer also is poorly done. when you click the belt and the menu comes up, it reads on three buttons - Larger +, Larger ++, Larger +++. Now, I’m all for resizers. They’re wonderful when done properly, but this resizer is insane. and doesn’t work very well at all once you figure out how to navigate through to find the smaller –, smaller - -, smaller --- menu buttons. please designers, Don’t USE THIS MENU ANYMORE! It’s HORRIBLE!!!

GAGA  If you’re totally into the shoulder pads that are worse than power suits from the 80’s – have at it and head in to Alpestyle for this outfit, but be prepared to hunt and peck for the attachments you’re wanting to wear. Oh, I should mention the outfit is offered in Red, Black, and Silver, and you can also purchase the coordinating boots to go with it. The outfit was an, in my opinion, over priced 400 linden. I must admit, I do like the outfit a little. Although I’m a little confused by the high glow shoulder pads, thus channeling pigs in space :)

*I don’t normally do scathing blogs like this, as I really don’t like putting down individuals work or singling folks out, but I can’t see letting our readers cross this outfit and waste 400 linden without first knowing what they’re getting into. I also suspect that the resizer issue and the unlabeled items isn’t a new thing to this designer. Mind you, that’s speculation as this is the first, and likely the last I will purchase from Alpestyle.*


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