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So here is the thing about me.  I am not exactly “Gothy” but I do enjoy that particular style of clothing, so as always I try to make it my own, putting a little sexy, sassy, classy spin on it and voila, there is Suite Goth.  Sorta like a Romantic Goth if you will :p
So yesterday my sister Kilo and I were wandering the grid, and we came across this store at an amazing location that we have both been to a million times over, except we never ventured to the other stores on location via the teleport.  I kid you not folks, shopping ADD like WOAH!
The store we came across is called  PurpleMoon.  This store is wonderfully set out, very easy to navigate, and WOW just so pretty.  Their store motto -- "Tell your eyes it's true what they see, high quality and detailed outfits at affordable prices".  I can tell you that once you descend on PurpleMoon you will LOVE their clothing.  They have classy, elegant, casual, and maybe a couple wedding items too *winks*
My fellow Shop*gasm readers, I give you the “Lola” in Red.

*click for a larger image*
$375L gets you this cute knit baby doll in a variety of colours (of course I had to get the red).  The details on this dress are amazing, it comes with optional sleeve and mini skirt prims, but I fell in love with this combination I have been walking around like this since yesterday ^.^

I paired it up with a lovely jewellery set from SiSSi called “Cross Choker and Necklace” very affordable and beautiful at $199L, and it really made this ensemble pop.  I totally enjoyed wandering around and putting this look together.  Nothing is better than being INSPIRED by shopping, and supporting stores that aren’t necessarily well travelled.  These two places are worth the visits trust me :)
Dress – PurpleMoon : Lola in Red
Necklace – SiSSi : Cross Choker and Necklace
Bracelets - +grasp+ : Leather bracelet (group gift a couple months back)
Boots – J’s : Thigh high Boots (Med Length) in Black


Poulet Koenkamp February 1, 2010 at 4:05 PM  

Omg! Thank you so much for this review. I'm glad you appreciate my work. I've been following this blog for a while and I never thought I was going to posted here! I'm delighted.Thank you and Kilolo for visiting my store, hugs!

Suite Lady February 2, 2010 at 8:31 AM  

Poulet, thank you! Your store is wonderful. I have been to the sim many many times over the last year, and never ventured up to the shops until my sister mentioned it. I am so glad she did! Yours is most definitely a hidden gem :) I look forward to what you will put out next :) We may have urf'd your walls ;)

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