Oh The Sparkles!

To me nothing is better than putting on something sparkley at New Years.  This year we have something that is dressy, yet casual at the same time and comes in 3 amazing colours!  Plastik has put out another new release! 

For only $99L you can get all 3 colours (Red, Green, and Silver) of Swallow's Flight Tanks

Top: :[P]:-Merry Christmas-Swallow's Flight Tanks  [ S L U R L ]
Hair: Point B Holiday Gift Washu [ S L U R L ]
Pants: ::.DN.:: Tha Boss Female  - Silver Pinstripe [ S L U R L ] *NEW LOCATION!

Content Creators Beware: Loyalty DOES Mean something...

Especially in SL clientele loyalty means your longevity in the virtual world.  We are all creatures of habit and if you have an amazing product, then we are more than willing to follow you, support you, give you ideas just so long as we are not taken advantage of.  Case and point: Purrfect 10 Shoes.  

For the last year I have been mulling over spending the HORRENDOUS price of $510L to join their VIP.  Why you ask? Well because I have seen these shoes all over the grid and they are in fact NICE shoes.  But to gouge people right from the start?  Not so much.  Claiming to be gifting their VIP clientele with "new" product, which ends up being re-colored versions of what is already out there. No so much.

So tonight I am sitting with 2 of my favorite ladies as we are madly working on our own projects, one screamed in my ear with a loud "OH HELLLLL NAH"  and this is what she was speaking of....

Purrfect 10 VIP Group Changes
Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 00:50:39 GMT

We have some exciting changes in store for Purrfect 10 in 2012 which includes reworking our group system and closing our VIP group.  This is not the end of gifts and special events, just a change to how we will be offering them to our valued customers.  More info attached.

Don't miss our special Thank You event for our VIP customers, 50 percent off EVERYTHING until Friday :)


To Our Valued VIP Members,

Thank you to our valued VIP members for supporting the first year of Purrfect 10! We hope you have enjoyed the many VIP gifts, discounts, and specials.  As we head in to 2012 we have decided to rework our group system and will be closing our VIP group.  As a final thank you for your support we will be offering a special 50% discount on ALL OF OUR FULL PRICED ITEMS to our VIP members only until end of day Friday.  Also, our previous VIP gifts from this past year, including our holiday releases are still free for VIP members for the next few days.  Make sure to pick them up before Friday.  After that day our VIP release shoes will be available to everyone for 99 L.

We encourage  you to join our regular Purrfect 10 group (free to join) to hear about our new discounts and special events in the New Year. Find our standard group below.... (you can copy and paste it onto chat and click to join :) )

Now, to tell that to your 1000+ VIP members who have spent $510L to join your group to get some not so amazing deals in the end.... SLAP IN THE FACE.  Sorry Purrfect you kinda "put your shoe in your mouth".

Do the math....  $510L x 1000 = $510,000, and I know the group was fast growing to 2000 members.  I am happy to say that I am glad my first instinct paid off in not joining the group.  Because as it stands now, as you will see your customer base who is aleady not happy, will be even more so.

Customer Loyalty is everything.  In SL it is easy to want to make a quick buck, but learn a lesson, greed is not the way to go, and this is just as greedy as they come.  My apologies to all those who love Purrfect 10 shoes, but in my honest opinion ya'll just got hosed.

Happy Boxing Day!

If your Holiday season has been anything like mine, the last thing you want to do it go shopping on Boxing day.  Retail sucks this time of year, and I'm speaking as a consumer and as a person who works retail IRL.  Just sucky all around.

However, what does not bite me in the butt is tossing on some of the most comfy clothes I have in my inventory and spending the day just lounging around in my very own personal Christmas Present.

Yay and a sigh of relief is what I feel now that the season is over.  So I get some of my trusty clothes and rock them like only I know how....  Amerie and their lovely black fur textured hoodie, Admiral Spicy with their off the hip jeans, my trusty Baxies, and of course it would not be complete without an uber cute off to the side pony from Magika.

2012 is fast approaching and I for one and making a couple of promises to myself this year.  I refuse to call them resolutions as I will just end up getting discouraged, but if they are promises I am sure that I will have no problem making them come true.

This will probably be my last post of 2011.  It has been a wonderful year.  Full of tears, joys, sorrows, laughter, and support.  I like many, have learned a few lessons, some, in the hard way.  I have seen relationships tested, friendships made and broken.  Trust given and taken away.  I think 2011 was definatly a year that "most" of us woke up and opened our eyes to things surrounding us.  It has been an amazing journey in self-discovery, one with many experiences I will hold true to my heart, even if some were bad.  This year, opened my eyes to many things I have been blinded to in the past.  2012 is a new chapter.  One I am very much looking forward to see.

So to you and yours, Peace, Love, Success and happiness in the New Year.  We made it!  We rocked it, and hell we made it LOOK Good!

Oh My Booooootay!

When I got the notice that Plastik was back with a NEW release I almost jizzed myself.  No seriously, I almost did.  I love love love love Plastik, and all Aikea’s original and “out of the box” texturing, patterns, ideas etc.  So it was no surprise to me that she took the plunge into mesh.

Now I have been a bit hesitant to try mesh, because of a bunch of reasons… Sizing, look, ability to modify to your shape and the list goes on and on.  Not to mention, you look really weird to all those SL users who have yet to upgrade to a mesh enabled viewer, but I digress.

This morning, MESH PANTS from Plastik!!!!!!   And I must say, it’s screaming booty werk!  I have not stared at my ass for this long since I gave my avi a lil junk in the truck a year ago.

Here are some things that I do like about the mesh…. It looks smooth, clean, crisp.  It bends nicely with your avatar when you move.  The movements are fluid with your avi, and it is just better than to have to wear a pant layer and add prim cuffs all the time.

So try them out, try them from Plastik, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!  Oh and please note, that unless they are patterned related, all new releases from Plastik will be in colour packs!


Pants: :[P]:-Elizabeth Mesh Pants://Electric [ S L U R L]  $399L

Hair:  TRUTH Hair – Harlow

Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boots

Top: PARADISIS Santa pop girl

Headphones: PARADISIS Santa pop girl

Glasses: [Gos] Custom Eyeware – INTUITION

*yes I am being bad, no linkies today, well except for PLASTIK *

Reach for the Stars… Fashion that is…

The crew over at Stars Fashions is at it again.  Today we see the new PROMO Release of “Curiosity” and this ENTIRE outfit can be yours for just $99L!  I know, I sound like one of those infomercial goofballs…. *hey can I slap your nuts o.O* 

This cute little dress comes with a great brown leather coat, and some pretty damn snazzy shearling boots.  The belt adds the finishing touch to this lovely ensemble, and I have to say, this might be my favourite outfit from them yet. 

Keep up the great work guys!


Suiteums Goodie List: 

Hair – ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mayar -Dark Reds- [ S L U R L ]  

Outfit:- *Stars*Fashion* Curiosity * [ S L U R L ]  

Feeling Pretty in Vintage Vassnia

Wow...it's been a while! Hi there! I've been so busy with work and school (made Dean's List babehhhhh YEAH!!) that I haven't had as much time to devote to blogging and dressing up as I would like.  But for this dress, I drooled.  I droooooooooooooooooled.  In part because it was gorgeous, but also because not much had caught my eye to inspire me to try something different of late. Presenting Vassnia's Steampunk Sephia:

click to enlarge

See...I have never really been one for period pieces, but when I saw this dress...I couldn't resist.  It...called to me..."Kilooooooooooooo...weaaaaaaaaaaar me!! Shoooooot me!!!" and BAM ideas sparked!

What I love love LOVE about this dress is the details (deeeeeeeeetails).  The intricate attention to the layering of the bustle and skirt of this dress. The train...OMG the train!!  I swear I felt like an aristocrat. Then a couple of friends who saw me in it thought I was going to a wedding (HA!). That did make me giggle.  Anyway...back to the dress! The added emphasis it seems to have on the back of the corset  including the slightly undone bottom of it at the small of the back; it's like this thing KNEW my big butt was gonna wear it and said "GIVE THAT BACKSIIIIIDE SOME ROOM!"  For me, that slight detail added a little spice to such a lady-like design and made me go *RAWR*! 

click to enlarge
Even the collar while, when close up you can see all of the primwork, looks so wonderfully textured and you can tell a lot of time was taken to make this piece.  I love the lace in the center of the collar (seen above ). It's incredibly delicate and the look overall is VERY classy.  Add that it comes with its own shoes (not shown) and all you really have to worry about is accessories and hair! And that's actually what took me so long to shoot this thing!  I had two very specific additions I felt I could wear this without: the perfect hair style to offset the veil and a parasol.  Why a parasol? WHY NOT?? I felt like a Lady, an Aristocrat and I'm almost positive that in the time that this dress would have been worn IRL...the lady wouldn't be caught dead without one.

click to enlarge

So after a good month of searching updos, I finally saw this beauty in a blog and lo and behold: the hair was on sale! I couldn't find my tp fast enough!  And the parasol, I lucked out and stumbled upon it on the marketplace! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  With everything assembled, I found the perfect spot at home and shot away.  Thank you Vassnia for such a wonderful dress!!  I have never felt prettier!

Much love and see y'all soon :)

<3 Kilo


* Outfit - Vassnia: Steampunk Sephia [SLurl]
   Hair - Exile Love Song 2 (on sale and final clearance RIGHT NOW!) [SLurl]
   Parasol - TVC 1860's Victorian Parasol - brown [marketplace link]

* Promotional Item

Dis Is LUff!

My girl Suiteums made me a penguin shirt. She knows I have a love of all things guin. No really, I do. I visit the zoo almost weekly to see my buddy whom I've named Bob.
Anyway... Here's the shirt which I encouraged her to put up for sale, because I know I am not the ONLY one with a love of Penguins :)
So check it out....

The skinny~
Skeleguin Shirt - ::.DieNastY.::
Red Highwaisted Jeans - ::.DieNastY.::
Noir Pump - HOC Industries
Amacci Helen Skin
Esmerelda Shape - ~!STARE!~ (2nd floor or marketplace)

I *HEART* $50L Fridays & League!

Some of my favourite designers of all time love to take part of events such as $50L Fridays, Lazy Sundays, Themory, Colab88 and more…  League is no exception.  Over the years I have become quite the avid fan of Nena Janus.  Her creations are unique, well thought out, and executed with the greatest care to texturing, price, and fashion forward thinking.

Today for $50L Friday she has released the cutest dress!  Just in time for the winter months, a short suede wrap dress is what is on the docket.  Available in black or brown just inside the doors at League’s Mainstore is where you will find it. 

I had to do very little in terms of adjustments with the prims.  The arm cuffs provided a bit of a pain, but I blame that on my lack of caffeine not on the creator.  Call it user error *winks*

While there I noticed a poster for League taking part in the Zombiepopcorn Dark Winter Magic event.  There is a GREAT winter coat available at the store, and just a reminder…. PLEASE DE-PRIM to keep lag to a minimum, this way we can all enjoy some lag free shopping *smiles*


Suiteums Goodie List:

Hair – Truth – Lucinda [ S L U R L ]

Outfit:- *League* Suede Wrap Dress –Black  [ S L U R L ]

Boots - [Gos] Curvaceous Boots [ S L U R L ]

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