Feeling Pretty in Vintage Vassnia

Wow...it's been a while! Hi there! I've been so busy with work and school (made Dean's List babehhhhh YEAH!!) that I haven't had as much time to devote to blogging and dressing up as I would like.  But for this dress, I drooled.  I droooooooooooooooooled.  In part because it was gorgeous, but also because not much had caught my eye to inspire me to try something different of late. Presenting Vassnia's Steampunk Sephia:

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See...I have never really been one for period pieces, but when I saw this dress...I couldn't resist.  It...called to me..."Kilooooooooooooo...weaaaaaaaaaaar me!! Shoooooot me!!!" and BAM ideas sparked!

What I love love LOVE about this dress is the details (deeeeeeeeetails).  The intricate attention to the layering of the bustle and skirt of this dress. The train...OMG the train!!  I swear I felt like an aristocrat. Then a couple of friends who saw me in it thought I was going to a wedding (HA!). That did make me giggle.  Anyway...back to the dress! The added emphasis it seems to have on the back of the corset  including the slightly undone bottom of it at the small of the back; it's like this thing KNEW my big butt was gonna wear it and said "GIVE THAT BACKSIIIIIDE SOME ROOM!"  For me, that slight detail added a little spice to such a lady-like design and made me go *RAWR*! 

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Even the collar while, when close up you can see all of the primwork, looks so wonderfully textured and you can tell a lot of time was taken to make this piece.  I love the lace in the center of the collar (seen above ). It's incredibly delicate and the look overall is VERY classy.  Add that it comes with its own shoes (not shown) and all you really have to worry about is accessories and hair! And that's actually what took me so long to shoot this thing!  I had two very specific additions I felt I could wear this without: the perfect hair style to offset the veil and a parasol.  Why a parasol? WHY NOT?? I felt like a Lady, an Aristocrat and I'm almost positive that in the time that this dress would have been worn IRL...the lady wouldn't be caught dead without one.

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So after a good month of searching updos, I finally saw this beauty in a blog and lo and behold: the hair was on sale! I couldn't find my tp fast enough!  And the parasol, I lucked out and stumbled upon it on the marketplace! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  With everything assembled, I found the perfect spot at home and shot away.  Thank you Vassnia for such a wonderful dress!!  I have never felt prettier!

Much love and see y'all soon :)

<3 Kilo


* Outfit - Vassnia: Steampunk Sephia [SLurl]
   Hair - Exile Love Song 2 (on sale and final clearance RIGHT NOW!) [SLurl]
   Parasol - TVC 1860's Victorian Parasol - brown [marketplace link]

* Promotional Item


Anonymous December 10, 2011 at 9:56 PM  

Saw this dress on Kilo in person and I can assure everyone, the pictures do not convey how truly stunning this dress is. She actually pulled off "elegant".

Kilolo Jenkins December 10, 2011 at 10:33 PM  


You're lucky I know who you are, trouble maker :P

Thank you for the compliment :)

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