Confession of a Blogger...

I am a bad, bad blogger. I have a hoard of pictures I have taken...and haven't had time to blog them.

I have gone shopping, looked at the outfit and said to myself "blogworthy" then immediately said "no MEIN!! muahahahahaha".  *Hangs head in shame*  I have been greedy with my new discoveries of places to enjoy and make my own.

I have shopped the Maitreya sale, seeing some of my blogging brethren and sistren in the foray for a good sale and not acknowledged that I too am one of them.

I have sat here on more than one occasion to write an awe inspiring blog about something I witnessed, or people I've met in my search for the ultimate purchase only to blank as soon as the "new post" window opens. It took a while to figure out, but between my dj computer dying, a RL vacation that was sorely needed, dealing with RL as issues have come up in general, going through the highs and lows of SL "dating", exploring SL with my new shiny comp and better graphics card (HOLY WATER, BATMAN!) or honestly reading the feeds, subscribo notices, group notices and finding myself uninspired along with a few other things I haven't blogged my purchases because well..lately, I've been needing a little me time.

I'm blocked, my fellow Shop*gasmers.  And that's the worst thing a writer can be.  It's like taking all the air out of their car/truck tires and expecting them to drive anyway.

"But Kilo, you can do a photo blog!" some have said.  HAVE YOU BEEN READING THIS THING?? Shop*gasm girls don't just show you the yay...they show you the boo, why it's boo and whether or not we'll accept said boo in leiu of historical value.

"But Kilo, I'm sure have SOMETHING you can do a quick write up about" some have said. I'm not big on quickies (don't...go anywhere with that >.>). I like to take things nice and slow (gahhhhhhhhhhh...I'm going to stop typing!!).

The last blog I wrote I think was while ALL of my friends were going through some stuff And it took a very contemplative and sentimental turn.. I found it sappy and figured...y'all get enough emo musings inworld.  Do you really want them on a fashion blog? Nay.  So I've just been taking time to find that spark again for doing the other something inworld that I enjoy outside of DJing.  This is my first step back into that :-)

So apologies to my crew for not writing more (sissahs...ya'll can stop bugging me now :P) and to our readership for remaining silent so long.  I'll be back soon, I promise.

xo Miss K

p.s. a photo...

One of the pictures from my new computer!! Amazing what SL looks like with a better graphics card ^.^ one of my favorite places to reflect.  Some days I can just sit here all day and think.

Shirt: Top of the Zaara : Calangute *sunshine* dress [Zaara SLurl]
Jeans: I don't even remember :-/

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