Happy Boxing Day!

If your Holiday season has been anything like mine, the last thing you want to do it go shopping on Boxing day.  Retail sucks this time of year, and I'm speaking as a consumer and as a person who works retail IRL.  Just sucky all around.

However, what does not bite me in the butt is tossing on some of the most comfy clothes I have in my inventory and spending the day just lounging around in my very own personal Christmas Present.

Yay and a sigh of relief is what I feel now that the season is over.  So I get some of my trusty clothes and rock them like only I know how....  Amerie and their lovely black fur textured hoodie, Admiral Spicy with their off the hip jeans, my trusty Baxies, and of course it would not be complete without an uber cute off to the side pony from Magika.

2012 is fast approaching and I for one and making a couple of promises to myself this year.  I refuse to call them resolutions as I will just end up getting discouraged, but if they are promises I am sure that I will have no problem making them come true.

This will probably be my last post of 2011.  It has been a wonderful year.  Full of tears, joys, sorrows, laughter, and support.  I like many, have learned a few lessons, some, in the hard way.  I have seen relationships tested, friendships made and broken.  Trust given and taken away.  I think 2011 was definatly a year that "most" of us woke up and opened our eyes to things surrounding us.  It has been an amazing journey in self-discovery, one with many experiences I will hold true to my heart, even if some were bad.  This year, opened my eyes to many things I have been blinded to in the past.  2012 is a new chapter.  One I am very much looking forward to see.

So to you and yours, Peace, Love, Success and happiness in the New Year.  We made it!  We rocked it, and hell we made it LOOK Good!


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