Get Out The Shades…


Hello again fellow Shop*Gasmers!  I know I know, I have been lax at blogging.  I have been deluded in RL drama, SL drama, and priorities of an adult (go figure that one *smiles*).  So I haven’t been getting in my reasonable amount of shopping to share with you *sadz face*  But now I R BACK!

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Ashe!  Thank you darlin, I have checked out your suggestions and I will be making a post on them next week! 

See folks, this is interactive blogging at it’s finest!  If there is a store that you just want and need to be checked out, just leave a comment.  It’s simple.  Who knows you might see one of us at your favourite stores ;)

OMG off topic!  See what lack of coffee does to me in the morning.  So anyways, I was saying, I went and decided that I was going to give myself a lil makeover of sorts.  Got a new shape, tweaked it a lil bit and BAM, Ms. Suite bad ass with a booty was born!

*click for larger image*    This look all revolved around the hair and sunglasses.  The hair was a quick purchase at DK, I LOVE LOVE her punk looking hair.  It’s not just for Neko’s ya know.  Then I was boggled on sunglasses for the LONGEST time.  I eventually stumbled back where I had started at FNKY, and picked up these awesome large lens shades.

The top is to-die-for!  I caught a glimpse of it from Sasypants (zomg LOVE her blog), and had to run over to Son!a and get it tout suite.  If you are a more “chesty” avartar, this tease of a shirt is totally for you!  It came in about 4 colours, and also had the option of purchasing the matching skirt or doing a mix and match.  The last part of my outfit was the jeans.  I am an ADMITTED JEAN SNOB.  They have to look a certain way, be a certain colour or I just won’t buy them.  I picked these up over at *SL* , and immediately impressed, and fell in love with them (and yes it comes with an off the ass version too :p).  My avi’s general staples being the Kalnin Orchids, and Delirium Kelle’s glove layer all made a sexy-punk look that I was TOTALLY inspired to put together.  So much so, that this is like day 3 and I am STILL wearing these clothes!

Outfit Details:

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Neopunk II red pack (bought during her uber sale)
Sunglasses: FNKY - Freebase black 
Gloves:  Delirium - Kelle 
Top: Son!a - Unfaithful in Black
Jeans: *SL* Lowrise Cut Jeans 
Shoes: Kalnins Orchids


Kilolo Jenkins March 6, 2010 at 1:29 PM  

RAWR baby sis. You WILL be teaching me those photo tricks as well :P

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