Calling All "Posers" ... Calling Alllllllll Posemakers!!

(to the tune of "Soulja" by Destiny's Child)

We like them boys who be leanin' on the blue ball!
The girls who stand and sit when we call
Group shots wit alla my peeple
And all them poses be the poses that we liiiiike

If the poseball ain't piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink
I ain't sittin' fo' ya
Betta be green when ya sittin wit me
I need a posa...ball that's gonna look good on me
Snap da shot, switch the look ... come and pose wit me...

Ok...I know I know...bad Kilo for bastardizing one of THE most awesome Destiny's Child songs of the 21st centur....yeah...whaaaaaaaatever...I've deviated!!  This is just a quick lil announcement to let YOU know...


This awesome event is gonna be AMAZING!!! Posemakers from across the grid will unite to put on this here fair!!!  I don't know who's participating yet...but POSEMAKERS!!! (this is where you say 'yessssssssss Kilolo?')...if you want your stuff in this here event of a lifetime, please follow the instructions on the pick and IM Katey Coppola or Shana Pizzaro to grab more info. 

Photogs, Modeling Agencies, or just recreational shutterbugs...this event is for YOU. Need a new AO?  You'll be able to find some new ones here!!  Want a new anim for your bed....THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!

This fair will be working to benefit the charity Motivation - a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. A mobility charity is so appropriate to the work we do within Second Life, and we hope you agree!

I'm sure more info will be hitting the feeds as the fair draws closer...but I got so excited I had to post prematurely ;)

Ciao for now kids....I gotta find more songs to obliterate...and work on striking a pose *Vogues*


~ Miss K


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