Strike a Pose, Revive & Revitalize!!

You know...running a shopping/fashion blog can sometimes be construed as a rather big ... job.  You want to put looks together that not only express your personal style, but also want to bring things to the general public that are palpable.  And in doing end up spending ... a lot. And sometimes, you can't go and get the latest outfit...or sweater, dress, jeans...what have you. So you have to pimprovise (as a RL friend of mine likes to put it) by reviving an old look and revitalizing it with new accessories and/or new hair.

So...while pimprovising my favorite free kimono from an old hunt at Sassy Kitty, I found in my inventory some Native American-esque jewelry that I bought ages ago, put them together and even nabbed my brand new Kalnins just to round out the look and see if it worked out. While I did that...I surfed the web and came across a plus sized teen model that won some competition on Tyra Banks' website.  Well in looking at this stunning young lady, her scroll had some very cute poses I hadn't seen before, so I figured...oooh....let's find new poses too!! LOL

Enter Kurt Mortensen, owner of WDK, a new pose maker whose star is clearly on the rise.  This guy makes couples poses...good couples poses and while he has a few indy poses, he focuses more on his couple/group shots.  When I first happened upon his store, I immediately fell in love with it.  I mean c'mon...his group tag is called "dork"!  How can you not love a place like that? ^.^

Anyway, I asked if he did customs and ... HE DOES!! So I sent him the link, told him what I wanted and off he went.  24 hours later....he tells me it's ready. Forty eight hrs later, he was gracious enough to ask me to shoot with him for the ad and I got to bring one of my besties, specifically...the wifey...with me for the ride!! Such great fun!! Thanks Kurt for the pose...and the pick...and extra time w/ the awesome Quinny aka "Wifey".  Style notes below...

(click to enlarge - photo credit: kissez4u gossipgirl)

Zee looks

Kilolo (left) is wearing:

Hair: Jade in Black from Cake
Skin, shape and eyes: NOPE sowwy
Earrings & Necklace: Nayeli - set// sapphire / female from [ JP ]:dsg.
Dress: Sassy Kimono in Black from Sassy Kitty Designs (old hunt gift)
Shoes: Rhapsody Sandal from Kalnins

QuinnElizabeth (WIFEY...yaaaaaaaay!!) is wearing:

Bra: Zaara
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled
Boots: Redgrave
QuinnElizabeth Minotaur: ummm I think I am going to nunya the hair, tatts and accessories (hence why wifey rox! lol)

POSE (get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...and many others!!): "Forever" by WDK Designs


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