A Wonderful Exchange…

I wake up this morning thoroughly excited to start my day off with a wander around Pose Fair.  Sadly, my many attempts to TP in were thwarted by that nasty little message of “The Sim is Full – Please try again in a few moments”.  UGHS

So I grab my coffee and grogily head to my desk.  Wondering what I am going to do for the day, when I pop on the feeds as per usual, and start checking out the fashions of the day.  Mind you it’s been a few weeks since I have actually had time to do that, but I digress.

I came across a posting that was highlighting the new “Homme” poses from NSA (No Strings Attached).  Since I have been searching high and low for some great male poses, this was perfect.  I wandered over expecting to pay a fortune for these sets, and realized that they are only 150L per set!  Although in my excitement, I failed to see the photo at the top that offered a bonus pose if you buy it as a “fat pack” and not separately.  Kinda bummed about that, but not generally the type of person who “stalks” content creators. 

So just as I am about to TP out of the store, I get a lil “ding” in my IM’s.  *PAY ATTENTION CONTENT CREATORS, YOU COULD LEARN SOMETHING HERE! *

I look up and it’s Milli Santos of NSA.  She explained that she usually doesn't do this sort of thing, and that I should have bought the big pack, and then offered to send it my way since I had just purchased both packs.   I head desked in complete embarrassment as I had JUST seen the bonus on the wall.  I thanked her for being awesome, and then received the Pose Fair gift from her.  I bounced, happy happy.  We spoke for just a brief moment about our addictions to subcribo’s and laughed at the similarities about that.  She was really sweet and UBER helpful.  Not sure if she realized I was a blogger, as I was not wearing my tags, nor did I have it showing in my groups.  Either way, it was a GREAT customer service experience that I HAD to blog about.  Now on to the poses.

BUY THE BIG PACK  $300L and you get a bonus pose!  Otherwise they are $150L each pack separate if you don’t want the two, although I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

Here is Hayden showing off the lovely pose goodness!  YUM :)  And again, THANK YOU Milli for being completely wonderful, and making my shop experience something to write about :)  I wish you much success!


Sera April 2, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

Milli is a doll!!!

Evie April 3, 2010 at 9:27 AM  

Milli is one of the best people I know in all of Second Life, and I'm so glad to see her recognized. :) What a great blog post!

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