It's All About the Kalnins (Shoes) ... and Pink :P

I have to admit, when I first got these puppies for review, I wasn't feeling the new Lynette Sandals from Kalnins.  They were a bit different in that the bottom of the foot pad in the back is such a blunt square and a sharp contrast to the curvy structure of the shoe.  This threw me off so much so that I was gonna chuck the damn things.  Then...I saw Maris Kanto's (creator of the shoe) ads for this marvelous sandal and saw color after color of beauty and fell in love.

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Meet Kalnin's newest pretty: The Lynette Sandal.  Stylable in 10 primary colors with 3 places to select color, the possibilities are endless with this amazing shoe.  Aaaand the toe polish colors are even pretty!! Some of my friends say that Kalnin's has sausage toes for the toes. But you know what? I'm okay with that when the shoes look THIS good!  Every detail of this shoe = YUM. And the best part: if you have a difficult skin color to match with this shoe, but know your RGB codes, you simply type in /76 RGB r/g/b and hit enter and voila, your skin color will match perfectly so long as you type in the right numbers. On top of that, they have wonderful presets and sliders on the off chance you don't know that info and would rather muck around til you have the right combo. Talk about an easy to use HUD! this shoe as much as I do, I actually had some trouble styling an outfit around it in order to work the SHOE. I was flipping through color combinations, I was listening to Aerosmith and it hit me..."that's the color!!" to assemble I went!

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I immediately started with hair.  Why?'s your topper of sorts...your shoes your bottom and you are the filling in the sandwich of hair and feet :D  Grabbing my trust Dura hair, the looks were finally coming together.  Next, I paired it with Bitch Tail's "No More" ensemble (1st piccie). It was just the kick of pink without being Pepto look I was going for! While the outfit comes with its own shoes, I was not taking these puppies off...they paired so nicely together!  Next, unable to try to find more things to wear this with, I remembered I had a jumpsuit with a pink butterfly from Earth and Sky (look #2) and voila!! Off to shoot I went. Cranking the following vid in the background, I simply couldn't stop lovng my new pressie and had so much fun I think I played it about 5 times before I stopped! LOL

I've since tried other color combos, mimicking the ads and just putting my own spin on these puppies.  So what started as an "eh" relationship with the new Kalnins has turned into "What fun can I have styling around my shoe??"  Wonderful job, Maris and team!!

<3 Kilo


Hair: Dura-EMO01 FAT-unisex hair (pink x black & pink x white) [SLurl]
Jewelry: erratic/hoop earrings/silver (small) [SLurl]
Outfit #1:Bitchtail No More [SLurl]
Outfit #2: Jumpsuit Lissy white - Pink Butterfly - Earth & Sky Designs [SLurl]
**SHOES!!: Kalnin's Lizette Fat Pack [SLurl]
Poses: Behavior Body & LA Productions (I forgot the slurls!)
** Promotional Item


Leri Miles December 4, 2011 at 11:08 AM  

I have always loved Kalnin shoes, but I was completely turned off by the fact that they recently changed their pricing. What used to cost 799L for all colors now costs 1475 and to add insult to injury I have to PAY for a demo! I unsubscribed from their group and won't be a customer there anymore. Greed is ugly!

I am a creator myself so this is not just a cheap customer talking.

Kilolo Jenkins December 9, 2011 at 12:45 PM  

I feel you on that Leri.

And that does suck, but when you take into account that the global economy is suffering I can understand the price hike.

Never understood the paid demo thing, but that's just me LOL

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